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Weight: 55kg
Height: 174cm
Real name: 장용준 / Jang Yong Jun
Date of Birth: January 29, 2023


About NO:EL

NO:EL Facts

  • Education:
    • Seoul High School – Saint Paul
  • On March 15, 2018, he signed a contract with Indigo Music agency.
  • He is part of a Hip-Hop Crew called WYBH together with APRO, Coa White, ChoiLB DJ SQ, OLNL, Cosmic Boy,, Fisherman, Giriboy Jwork, DNOPPF, Hayake, Kid Milli Justin, George, Han Yo Han JJANGYOUand Kim Seung Min.
  • On January 10, 2020, the Seoul Public Prosecutors’ Office revealed that it prosecuted NO:EL without detention on charges of dangerous driving, drunk driving and obstruction of investigation. Three months ago, police began investigating NO:EL after his car hit a motorcycle on September 07. His blood alcohol at the time was 0.12%, enough to cancel his driver’s license. Afterwards, the artist confessed that he tried to arrange for someone else to serve as the cause of the incident.
    • On June 02, the Seoul Western District Court sentenced NO:EL to a prison term of two years’ probation, with the possibility of a prison term of one year and six months if he breaks his probation. He was also ordered to undergo 40 hours of driving law courses.
  • On September 19, 2021, Yonhap News reported that rapper NO:EL had been arrested during his probation on suspicion of driving without a license and assaulting a police officer. According to the report, on September 18 NO:EL was driving a Mercedes Benz in the Banpo-dong neighborhood of Seocho-gu in Seoul when he had a collision. When a police officer arrived at the scene to check his blood alcohol level and license, he refused to comply and hit him on the head.
  • He created an agency called Glitched Company on April 15, 2021.
  • He left Glitched Company on September 28, 2021.

NO:EL Collaborations

  • Han Yo Han – I’m Not Okay (Feat. NO:EL) (2021)
  • YongYong – Don’t Worry, Dear (Feat. NO:EL) (2021)
  • En – Baby (Feat. NO:EL) (2021)
  • Yawwa – I don’t need drugs (Feat. NO:EL) (2021)
  • Jhnovr – Hit Me Up (Feat. NO:EL) (2019)
  • Swings & Kim You Han – Fake Rock Star (Feat. NO:EL) (2019)
  • Giriboy – 아퍼 (Feat. Kid Milli, LIL TACHI, Kim Seung Min, NO:EL, CJamm) (2019)
  • Jhnovr – OS 0.2 (Feat Young B, NO:EL) (2019)
  • Han Yo Han – TO ALL THE FAKE RAPSTARS Remix (Feat. NO:EL, JUSTHIS Young B, Kid Milli) (2019)
  • Bumkey & Hanhae – 유기농 (Feat. Reddy, NO:EL) (sucozy mix) (2018)
  • Bumkey & Hanhae – 유기농 (Feat. Reddy, NO:EL) (JVillian mix) (2018)
  • Kash Bang – Broke boi (Feat. NO:EL) (2018).
  • DAKSHOOD – 그림 (Feat. Tommy Strate, Coogie, NO:EL) (2018)
  • Young B – 머리 스크래치 (Feat. NO:EL) (2018).
  • Han Yo Han – BABY I`M A ROCKSTAR (Feat. NO:EL, Kim Seung Min) (2018)
  • Nuol – Finder (Feat. NO:EL, Hash Swan, Huckleberry P) (2018)
  • Kim Seung Min – Dollar Sign (Feat. NO:EL) (Prod Minit) (2018).
  • Han Yo Han – Helicopter (Feat Kid Milli, NO:EL) (2018)
  • Cosmic Boy – Fxxk The Police (Feat. NO:EL, OLNL) (2018)
  • Nuol – Finder (Feat Basick, Kid Milli NO:EL, Hash Swan, Huckleberry P, DJ Tiz, Snacky Chan, Coogie Olltii, Kebee, ODEE nuttyverse, JUSTHIS) (2018)
  • Swings – Octagon (Feat. No:El) (Prod. By Ioah) (2018)
  • Hanhae – 유기농 (Feat. Reddy, NO:EL) (2018)
  • Kid Milli – CORPORATE ESPIONAGE (Feat. NO:EL) (2018)
  • Kana Bathe – Like We (Feat. NO:EL) (2018).
  • Han Yo Han – 범퍼카 (Feat. NO:EL, Young B) (2018).
  • XION – True (Feat. No:el, Okasian, Rick Bridges) (2017).
  • New Champ – Training Zombie (Feat. 죄와 벌, Sleepy, Luda, Woodie Gochild, NO:EL) (2017)
  • Young Thugs Club – 쩐.다 Remix (Feat. KillaGramz, J Moon, NO:EL) (2017)
  • Primeboi – Money Talk (Feat. NO:EL, Hash Swan) (2017)

NO:EL Music

NO:EL Awards

  • 2019 Korean Hip-hop Awards: Collaboration of the Year – Indigo (besides Kid Milli, JUSTHIS Young B)
  • 2019 Korean Hip-hop Awards: Hip Hop Track of the Year – Indigo (besides Kid Milli, JUSTHIS Young B)

NO:EL TV Programs

  • Show Me The Money 777 (Mnet, 2018)
  • Show Me The Money 6 (Mnet, 2017)
  • School Rapper (Mnet, 2017)

NO:EL is a member of:


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