Real name: 김재호 / Kim Jae Ho

Stage name: Unknown

Gender: Male

Age: 30 years

Date of birth: September 17, 1992

Height: 174cm

Weight: 60kg

Bloodtype: B

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Bun

NANO Profile

About NANO


  • Ex-Kpop Group HISTORY
    • Position Rapper and Vocalist
  • Motto: “If a man does something, he must do it to the end.”
  • Training: 3 and a half years.
  • Favorite color: Black and yellow.
  • His name means “always shining among people”.
  • During a live performance of “QUEEN” JaeHo slips and falls on the stage breaking his thumb because it was raining.
  • He did a collaboration with D.A.L on the MV “Fireworks” under the name Big Nose.
  • He composed and wrote the lyrics for Liar (HIM), and the rap for Blind (Just Now).
  • He composed the lyrics and music (together with HSND) of his debut song as a soloist.


“He has the ability to become the main protagonist with his dancing, singing and rapping skills. He has a positive mindset, believing in ‘I can do it’. He has a bright personality where he is always smiling, and he is the Happy Virus that gives happiness. You are not going to be able to run away from his appeal that will capture you little by little.”.

NANO (HISTORY) Collaborations

  • 2016: 달 (D.A.L) – Fireworks Ft. Bignose


NANO (HISTORY) Radio Programs

  • 2014: Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School (12.07.2014, besides Yijeong and Dokyun)


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