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Moon Kim (Royal Pirates)

Weight: 65 kg
Height: 178cm
Real name:
Date of Birth: September 2, 1988

Moon Kim (Royal Pirates)

About Moon Kim (Royal Pirates)

Moon Kim (Royal Pirates) Facts

  • K-rock group: Royal Pirates
    • Position: Vocalist, guitarist.
  • Education:
    • Walnut High School; Mt.
    • Mt. San Antonio College
  • Residence West Covina / Diamond Bar
  • Languages English, Korean, Japanese and Spanish
  • He is known for being the “pretty boy” of the band, mysterious, cool, with a great sense of fashion.
  • One of his dreams is to play at Wenbley Stadium.
  • He was a barista despite his dislike of coffee.
  • He has Arachnophobia (fear of spiders), blatophobia (fear of cockroaches) and Entomophobia (fear of insects).
  • He describes himself as adventurous, sarcastic and wicked. He also says he smiles a lot more in person.
  • James Lee describes it as “Half man, half perfect, he has all the sex appeal – the voice of an angel and the thighs of an ox.”
  • The first thing he does when he wakes up is stay in bed.
  • Likes to drink milk and eat cookies
  • His worst subjects were math and science, he says he was really good at history and literature.
  • His worst haircut he says was being bald.
  • He doesn’t care if the girl he’s dating is older or younger than him.
  • He says that James Lee is the strongest of the three, then it’s him and then Sooyoon.
  • He would like to be called Mozart Kim.
  • He says he never makes jokes, but people find him funny because he is sarcastic.
  • Phrases “Fans are friends” “Stay in school” “Everything is funnier when you’re not allowed to laugh” “Keep on Rock n Rollin'”
  • His most memorable vacations were, riding a boat in Canada along with sooyoon.
  • He was the only one who brought his dog with him from America when he returned to Korea.
  • Of the members of Royal Pirates, Moon is the one who eats the most, but he doesn’t like to eat fish or food like that.
  • The most special people in his life are his family and his band.
  • If he feels bad or sad he goes to play with his dog, he says it is the best thing for those moments.
  • If the other members were girls I would decide to go out with Kim Soo Yoonhe explained “because he’s so beautiful, inside and out with that blond hair and that hat.”
  • He was elected by Kim Soo Yoonas the Alpha leader mentally.
  • His band mates say that he has a very bad mood, however he is not scary, because when he is in that state he looks like he is smiling. They also say that Moon has a lot of aegyo, they say he does it all the time, but Moon is not aware of it.
  • If he had a super power it would be mind control, he wants to control everyone.
  • Would you like to collaborate with Busker Busker and exchange songs.
  • If he were someone else, he would like to be Jesus and Iron Man.
  • Moon is really good at seeing disgusting things like injuries and accidents but he really hates armored bugs like praying mantises and cockroaches, he hates them, it’s his worst fear.
  • He said that at school he was called “Octopus”.
  • He says if he had to take a member of another band for his group it would be CNBLUE’s Lee Jonghyun because he is good at composing and playing guitar.


Born in Incheon, South Korea on September 2, 1988, he moved to California, USA with his family when he was about 10 years old. He has been singing since he was 13 years old and has been a guitarist since he was 14 years old. He can also play piano, bass and drums. He attended Walnut High School in Walnut California and graduated in 2007. He went to San Antonio College in Walnut for the Music program, but dropped out in the middle of 2010 to meet the company he would be affiliated with in Korea. From elementary school Moon learned to master hard rock, modern rock, alternative, psychedelic, electronic, J-Rock, Brit-pop, and other genres of music, forming his own style in the process. A musician who can be regarded as a musical genius, with a unique and distinctive tone of voice, Moon has a central position in Royal Pirates, whose charm is to have a mysterious look.

Moon Kim (Royal Pirates) Music


Radio program

  • (KBS) SukiraKis The radio (10.01.2015)
  • (KBS) SukiraKis The radio (03.01.2015)
  • (KBS) SukiraKis The radio (01.01.2015)
  • (MBC) ShimShimTapa (26.12.2014)
  • (KBS) SukiraKis The radio (22.12.2014)
  • (MBC) ShimShimTapa (19.12.2014)
  • (KBS) SukiraKis The radio (15.12.2014)
  • (MBC) ShimShimTapa (11.12.2014)
  • (KBS) SukiraKis The radio (08.12.2014)
  • (MBC) ShimShimTapa (04.12.2014)
  • (MBC) ShimShimTapa (21.11.2014)
  • (KBS) SukiraKis The radio (17.11.2014)
  • (MBC) ShimShimTapa (12.11.2014)
  • (MBC) ShimShimTaPa (09.10.2014)
  • (KBS) SuKiRa Kiss The Radio (06.10.2014)
  • (MBC) ShimShimTaPa (01.10.2014)
  • (MBC) ShimShimTaPa (17.09.2014)
  • (MBC) ShimShimTaPa (11.09.2014)
  • (MBC) ShimShimTaPa (09/04/2014)
  • (KBS) SuKiRa Kiss The Radio (29.08.2014)
  • (MBC) ShimShimTaPa (28.09.2014)
  • (MBC) SimSimTapa (08/27/20147)
  • (MBC) SimSimTapa (01.08.2014)
  • (MBC) SimSimTaPa FM (11.07.2014)
  • (Arirang Radio) K-poppin (05/09/2014)

Moon Kim (Royal Pirates) TV Programs

  • 2015: Star King (01.31.2015)
  • 2014: After School Club (12.11.2014)
  • 2014: Laws of the City; New York (11.06.2014 at TBA)
  • 2014: After School Club (09.07.2014, with Sooyoon)
  • 2014: After School Club (05.03.2014) (Ep.48)
  • 2014: & After School Club (12.02.2014, as MC)

Moon Kim (Royal Pirates) is a member of:

Royal Rirates (Rock band)

Royal Rirates (Rock band)

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