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Weight: 60kg
Height: 175cm
Real name: 방철용 / Bang Cheol Yong
Date of Birth: March 10, 1991


About Mir (MBLAQ)

Mir (MBLAQ) Facts

  • Kpop group MBLAQ
    • Position: Rapper and Dancer
  • Debut 2009.
  • Hobbies: Practicing jokes, singing, dancing and shouting.
  • Education:
    • Kyung Hee Cyber University
    • Department of Information and Communication Technology, majoring in Mathematics.
  • Interests Practice jokes and manga.
  • Family Father, Mother and 2 older sisters: Bang HyoSun and Go Eun Ah (actress).
  • Mascots a dog named Soju and a snake.
  • It bears a slight resemblance to Lee Hong Ki from FT Island.
  • In February 2011, he underwent surgery for a hernia in his back.
  • In the final episode of The Romantic & Idol paired with Jei from FIESTAR.
  • His family has a farm and owns 9 mountains in properties.
  • Mir means “Dragon” in Korean, a name given by the company’s owner Rain telling the story in the ” Strong Heart “in which he said that Rain he interrupted one of the rehearsals before making his debut, opened the door, pointed to it and said “you will be MIR” and then left the place.
  • He suffered an accident during the taping of the “Star King” program, he had a minor burn on his neck with fireworks. He was rushed to the hospital. Fortunately, he is fine.
  • Mir traveled to Peru as a volunteer with MBC of ‘The dream of KOICA”. While making bricks for a remodeled bathroom, Mir accidentally hit himself with a pickaxe and injured his knee. Mir was already working with a weakened back due to surgery he underwent for a herniated spinal disc, but despite his condition, Mir continued his volunteer activities with a smile, earning praise from those present.
  • On Beatles Code he was asked if he thought his sister was pretty, to which he replied “she’s the worst of the worst”.
  • He tends to like many female artists, and is always changing his ideal woman.
  • On July 14, he entered the military service.


Born on March 10, 1991 in Jang Seong, South Korea, he was the son of a farmer and actually farmed before his debut, worked with farm machines, took care of animals such as goats, and harvested crops such as peppers and apples. Mir is the younger brother of actress Go Eun Ah mir was hospitalized on February 7 due to a spinal injury, on February 9 he underwent surgery at a hospital in Gangnam, on February 21 Mir made an announcement on the official website in Japan of MBLAQ that he was not going to be able to participate in the promotions of MBLAQ however, on February 23, it was reported that Mir has had a strong desire to be on stage with the other members to present his new song.

Mir (MBLAQ) Collaborations

Mir (MBLAQ) Drama

  • K-POP – The Ultimate Audition (Channel A, 2012) cameo
  • Housewife Kim Gwang-ja’s 3rd Meeting (2010) cameo

Mir (MBLAQ) TV Programs

  • Yo’ Tokyo (2009)
  • MBLAQ’s Art of Seduction (2009)
  • Idol Army (2009)
  • MBLAQ Attack School! (2009)
  • Star Golden Bell (2010)
  • Invicible Youth (2010)
  • Happy Day With Family (2010)
  • Celebrity Goes To School (2010)
  • Korea Idol United (2010)
  • Shin PD (2010)
  • Infinite Girls (2010)
  • Maknae Rebellion (2010)
  • MBLAQ’s Making the Artist (2010)
  • Love Request (2011)
  • MBLAQ’s Sesame player (2011)
  • God of Cookery (2011)
  • Studio C (2012)
  • Hello Baby! (2012)
  • Weekly Idol (2012)
  • Jewerly House (2012)
  • Dream Team (2012)
  • The Voice Of Korea (2012)
  • MBLAQ Idol Manager (2012)
  • Strong Heart (2012)
  • MyIdol (2012)
  • The Romantic & Idol (2012)
  • Laws Of The Jungle 2 (2012)
  • Star King (2013)
  • Real Men (2013)
  • Hallyu Factory (Japan) (2013)
  • Magic Concert (2013)
  • Immortal Song 2 (2013)
  • Star Family (2013)
  • Star King (2013)
  • All The Kpop (MC) (2013)
  • Hidden Singer (2013)
  • Shinhwa Broadcast (2013)
  • First Day of Work (2014)
  • Star Video (2019)

Mir (MBLAQ) is a member of:



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