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MinSung (Topp Dogg)

Weight: 61kg
Height: 172cm
Real name: 김민성 / Kim Min Seong
Date of Birth: June 15, 1993

MinSung (Topp Dogg)

About MinSung (Topp Dogg)

MinSung (Topp Dogg) Facts

  • Ex-Kpop Group: Topp Dogg
    • Position: Vocalist and Dancer
    • Kingdom: Sorcerer
  • Favorite artists: Gummy, P!nk, Drake, Marilyn Manson, Usher, Rihanna, Lyle Beniga and Shaun Evaristo.
  • Fanclub: Butterflies
  • He auditioned to join the JYP Entertainment during the auditions he was in a dance group called Big One .
  • Originally he had the nickname Mad Light (ML), but at the last moment he discarded it as there were already many members with English names.
  • His favorite sweet is chocolate.
  • Sangdo said Hansol gets too excited before going on stage.
  • In episode #2 of Topp Dogg: All Kill he said that he is Black Jack (a fan of 2NE1 )
  • People believe that Hansol and B-Joo look like a couple, that’s why they merged their names and gave them a couple name called ¨HanJoo¨.
  • He made a collaboration with Yano in a cover of the song THE MONSTER by Rihanna and Eminem.
  • In 2015 he made an AYABAMBI video, it is unknown if it was a collaboration.
  • He was working in a coffee shop. Many fans were frightened by the fact that this could mean the dissolution of Topp Dogg he made it clear that he was doing it because he wanted to try a new experience.
  • He has a personal Youtube account where he uploads choreographic videos under the name MARYKIKO.
  • Recently in June 2017, Hansol made a live broadcast on Instagram in which he said he wanted to die by showing cars passing by. In the video he was teary-eyed and seeing cars passing by as a chance to die, obviously his fans were very concerned and a dancer friend contacted Hansol to check if everything was okay.
  • Recently, in August 2017, Hansol made a live broadcast on Instagram in which he declared to be asexual. Some fans speculate that the reason why he was somewhat depressed in the past months could be the fact that he felt pressured, since apart from the fact that his sexuality is different from the norm, Hansol suffers from social phobia, which combined could have caused certain discomfort in Hansol’s mood.
  • It was announced on September 29, 2017 that he had left Topp Dogg and was planning to enlist in the military.
  • Through his Instagram account, he announced that he had changed his name from Hansol to Minsung.
  • He currently works as a teacher at his teacher’s dance academy, 1997.
  • On May 24, Minsung made a live broadcast in which he showed slashes on his wrists while crying, then stated that he has been very depressed, that his apartment rent was due and he had no money to pay it and that he currently lives at his mother’s and sister’s house, and they are the ones who support him. He paused the broadcast for a few moments and then showed on camera bandages stained with blood.

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