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Mina (AOA)

Weight: 43 kg
Height: 160 cm
Real name:
Date of Birth: September 21, 1993

Mina (AOA)

About Mina (AOA)

Mina (AOA) Facts

  • Ex-K-Pop Group: AOA (2012-2019)
    • Ex-Sub-Unit AOA Black
    • Position: Vocalist, Dancer, Rapper and Bassist.
  • Fanclub: MINAtion
  • Education:
    • Jaesong Girls’ High School (dropped out)
  • Languages Korean (native) and English (basic).
  • Favorite color White, black and red.
  • Favorite food Yukhoe and creamy paste.
  • Motto “Don’t think too much.”
  • Religion: Atheism
  • She was a very popular ulzzang on the internet before she made her debut.
  • Auditioned at FNC Entertainment in 2009.
  • Her idol is Lee Junghyun, because ever since she saw her performing the song “Wa” she wanted to become a singer.
  • Her favorite international artist is a Japanese band named Mr.Children.
  • She worked as a clothing model; it was her part-time job.
  • During her adolescence she learned to play the piano.
  • She studied bass guitar for 2 years and said it was very difficult to learn to play it because she had short fingers.
  • In the MV “Get Out ” embodies Holly Golightly from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
  • Participated as MC in “SBS MTV Best of The Best” along with Dong Hyun from BOYFRIEND.
  • She was a model for Hosishop.
  • She loves to write, and in the future she would like to have the opportunity to write a fiction novel.
  • Her father passed away on November 29, 2014.He had been battling cancer for three months until she was finally unable to overcome it. Although she was working on the drama “Modern Farmer” she spent all her free time at the hospital with her father. After the loss of her father Mina put on hold the recordings of her drama and also all the important promotions of the group.
  • In Weekly Idol it was revealed that Mina is the smallest of the group and that her waist only measures 17.9 inches, making her the smallest waist of the girl groups”.
  • Mina and the Neoz School trainees, were confirmed for the Web Drama of FNC Entertainment “Click Your Heart” she took the female lead role, a friendly high school student, who begins to receive attention from four different students. It is currently available on Netflix.
  • On May 13, 2019, it was announced that after concluding her contract with FNC Entertainment fNC representatives explained in a statement: “After a long and thorough discussion with Mina, she has decided to follow a different path from AOA and we respect Mina’s decision to terminate her contract and leave the team. The five remaining AOA members have agreed to maintain their team and renew their contracts. The relationship between FNC and AOA is based on a foundation of mutual faith and trust, and we will provide full support to the five members who have renewed their contracts to continue their activities as a unit.
  • On July 3, 2020, through her Instagram account, Mina decided to open up to her fans and talk about a dark episode in her K-pop career. The idol admitted that she made an attempt on her life due to the situation she experienced with AOA. Mina explained that her father died and since then she has had to be strong for her mother. The singer started a career due to her family’s economic situation, however, her dream was thwarted due to alleged bullying and harassment within her group and company. Mina worked with the agency FNC Entertainment for 10 years. Mina admits that she suffered bullying and intimidation from AOA’s eldest member, namely Jimin. The idol said that her mood was not the best while her father was hospitalized for cancer, but that her “unnie” scolded her for ruining the mood and locked her in a closet while crying. Mina confessed that since then, she takes sleeping pills, her father died, but she had to keep up with the group’s schedules and her projects as an actress, besides, she was afraid of being scolded again for her mood, but her fear continued, so to forget about it she sometimes takes medication. The artist also shared images of a chat where she lets the company know about the situation, but they did nothing about it by questioning her accusations. Although Mina wanted to continue with her musical career, in the end she made the decision to leave the group.
    • Hours later, Mina shared on Instagram that Jimin, and the rest of the AOA members along with her manager went to visit her at her house and that Jimin had apologized, to which she said “Honestly, I couldn’t see her ready to apologize sincerely to me (To Jimin).It could be an inferiority complex or maybe she was too angry with Jimin. She could have been sincere, so I can’t draw my own conclusions. From now on I will organize this incident… I will now calm down and strive to get better while receiving treatment. I will make sure there is no more commotion. I’m really sorry.”
    • The other day, Jimin posted public apologies to Mina on her Instagram. She said that she lacked skills to develop as a leader, regrets everything and feels guilty for what she did. Mina responded by saying that Jimin is lying, and also brought a man to her dorm (when they were AOA classmates) to have sex. Mina says that she knows that Jimin hates her and didn’t want to apologize until the end. “I’ll never forget the look in your eyes when you walked in, I’ll give you back the same thing you did to me when I die.” Mina also mentioned all the other AOA members, “all the other eyes and ears in my house yesterday are the same as Jimin’s.” “Jimin, you won, I lost.”
    • Jimin left AOA and retired for an indefinite period from the entertainment industry following this scandal.

Mina (AOA) Advertisement

  • 2018: CLIO Professional
  • 2016: Glory Arden

Mina (AOA) Drama

  • Loss:Time:Life (UMAX/MBN, 2019)
  • Wind-Bell (Naver TV, 2019)
  • Revenge Note 2 (Oksusu TV, 2018)
  • Mystery Queen 2 (KBS2, 2018)
  • Hospital Ship (MBC, 2017)
  • Click Your Heart (Naver TVcast and MBCevery1, 2016)
  • All About My Mom (KBS2 2015 from ep. 33)
  • Modern Farmer (SBS, 2014)
  • Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit (tvN, 2014, cameo)
  • Wonderful Days (KBS, 2014)
  • Adolescence Medley (KBS2, 2013)

Mina (AOA) Awards

  • 10th Korea Drama Awards: Hallyu Star Award (Hospital Ship)

Mina (AOA) Radio Programs

  • 2013: MBC Shimshimtapa (11.12.2013)
  • 2013: MBC Hope Song at Noon (08.12.2013, besides Jimin)
  • 2013: MBC ShimShimTapa (27.09.2013, next to choa)

Mina (AOA) TV Programs

  • 2019 (SBS) Running Manchapter 436
  • 2018: (KBS) The Return of Superman (01.07.2018) with Seolhyun
  • 2016: (JTBC) Hidden Singer (16.01.2016) besides Jimin
  • 2015-2016: (MBCevery1) Weekly idol MC (TBA)
  • 2015: (SBS) Star King (23.05.2015, with Jimin)
  • 2015: Y-Star Shiksin Road (Ep, 234)
  • 2015: (Mnet) Unpretty Rapstar (Ep. 7)
  • 2014: Escaping Crisis No.1 (04.08.2014, besides Hyejeong and Jimin)
  • 2014 Tasting Road (together with Yuna and Hyejung)
  • 2014: KBS Let’s Go! Dream Team (besides Yuna and Chanmi)
  • 2014: Star King (26.07.2014, together with Yuna and Hyejung)
  • 2014: KBS2TV Quiz Show (04.05.2014)
  • 2014: MBC Quiz to Change the World (03.05.2014)
  • 2014: Tooniverse Nangam School 2 (28.03.2014, besides Yuna and Jimin)
  • 2013-2014: Cheongdam-dong 111 (tvN)
  • 2013: (Y-Star) Shikshin Road (besides Jimin and Yuna)
  • 2013: SBS Star King (09.02.2013, together with Jimin)
  • 2013: House of Wealth (besides Choi Jong Hun)
  • 2013: (KBS) 1 vs 100 (together with Yuna)

Mina (AOA) Music Videos

Mina (AOA) is a member of:


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