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Min (Triple T)

Weight: 49kg
Height: 161cm
Real name: 이민영/Lee Min Young
Date of Birth: June 21, 1991

Min (Triple T)

About Min (Triple T)

Min (Triple T) Facts

  • Ex K-Pop Group: miss A (2010-2017)
    • Position: Vocalist, Rapper and Dancer.
  • Project Group: Triple T
  • Education: Repertory Company High School (in Manhattan USA).
  • Specialties She is good at all types of dance, especially Pop pin and Hip-Hop.
  • Languages Korean (native language), English, Spanish (basic) and Mandarin (basic).
  • Fanclub: M&M’s.
  • Before her debut, she worked as a dance teacher and as an English teacher for 18 months.
  • She was scheduled to make her debut in a group in the JYP Entertainment together with Song Ji Eun, Hyolyn and U-JI however, plans did not go well and her debut was cancelled.
  • She lives next to her grandmother, not in the dormitory of Miss A.
  • Min is part of the 91 line with Key (SHINee ), Nam Woo Hyun (INFINITE ), So You, Nicole Jung Jin Woon (2AM) , Nana, Jae Jin (FTISLAND ) , Mir (MBLAQ), among others.
  • She & Lee Min Hyuk star in Reckless Family 2.
  • She confessed that she was grateful to have been MC together with Kris Wu & Taecyeon from 2PM.
  • In one of the presentations of Miss A when they were dancing and singing their song “Breathe”, her slipper came off, but she didn’t take any notice and continued with the song.
  • Despite what many people think, Min has spoken on TV about her mother and father, but since her debut she has been living with her grandmother who has a house in Seoul and to take care of her health since she is already middle-aged.
  • Ki Kwang said for the first time on a show that she liked Min. The second time was when the MCs of Oh My School called her on the phone, when she was a guest on the show. she mentioned that she was starting to like Hyosung from Secret, but when she Miss A made her comeback with “I Don’t Need a Man” started to like Min again “since she looked better”.
  • Jia said in We Got Married that Min and Lee Min Hyuk (who was Min’s co-star in Reckless Family 2) had gone on a real-life date causing the two to get on each other’s nerves.
  • Min wrote for the first time on her twitter something in Spanish, causing her (Spanish speaking) fans to be very happy, some of them even taught Min how to write in Spanish and she very gratefully retweeted several of them.
  • She is one of the most prepared idols since she was training for 8 years before her debut.
  • At the 2013 inkigayo awards, she was accidentally hit by a dancer, but she went on with the performance showing her professionalism.
  • Amber I nominate her for “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”.
  • On August 25, she made her debut on the M! Countdown program along with Jo Kwon (JYP Entertainment ) and Hyo Yeon (SM Entertainment ) in the project group Triple T to promote the single “Born To Be Wild”, which is part of SM Station
  • On Nov. 7, 2016, it was confirmed that the singer was in a romantic relationship with rapper g.Soul they were both from the same company so they became very good friends before they began to develop feelings for each other.
  • On March 08, 2017, her rupture was confirmed with G.Soul.
  • On November 9, 2017, a source from JYP Entertainment confirmed that although they had discussed a new contract, Min decided not to renew.



Min has an incredible ability for Hip Hop, Jazz, Poppin and Tap. From a very young age she was considered a prodigy for her great talent. Then she debuted at the age of 13 years old with Hyo Yeon (Girls’ Generation ) forming the dance group “Little Winners”, which received very good reviews for the talent they demonstrated. In December 2003, she won a dance competition on television, and also shared the stage with Rain.

This contest gave her the opportunity to showcase her talent even more. Let’s remember that at that time she had already worked for 2 years with JYP Entertainment she was supposed to make her US debut in 2007 with the song “Go Ahead” accompanied by Lil’Jon (who produced her songs), but due to the Lehman Brothers crisis her debut did not take place.


In 2010, Min finally made her debut in the all-female group of JYP Entertainment Miss A after having trained hard for 8 years.

Min (Triple T) Collaborations

  • Baro – (Just The) Two Of Us (2012)
  • G-20 – Let’s Go (2011)
  • San E – Tasty San (2010)

Min (Triple T) Advertisement

  • Low Carbon Products Song
  • Ani Place
  • Samsun China’s Anycall
  • Edwin
  • LesMore
  • Free Style Football
  • Skin anniversary Korea Tourism Organization
  • Roem (besides Miss A)

Min (Triple T) Drama

  • L.U.V Collage (2015)
  • Dream Knight (Youku Tudou, 2015)
  • Reckless Family (MBC every2, 2012)
  • Dream High 2 (KBS2, 2012) Cameo ep. 15
  • Dream High (KBS2, 2011,) Cameo ep, 16

Min (Triple T) Musicals

  • 2017: Boys Over Flowers

Min (Triple T) Films

  • Suni (2017)
  • Touch Korea (2012)
  • Countdown (2011)
  • Annyeong (2011, interactive film)

Min (Triple T) Radio Programs

  • Boom’s Young Street (12/07/13, besides Raina , Soohyun and Ara)
  • Shimshimtapa Radio (2/11/12 together with Miss A )
  • CulTwo Show Radio (1/11/12 together with Miss A )
  • Younha’s Starry Starry Night Radio! (10/26/12 besides Miss A )
  • MBC FM4U Music Party Radio (23/10/12 besides Miss A )
  • Jeong Seonhee A Night Like Today (10/23/12 besides Miss A )
  • 107.7 Power FM (10/22/12 with Miss A )
  • Sukira Kiss the Radio (19/10/12 besides Miss A )
  • SBS Radio Cultwo Show (03/22/12 besides Miss A )
  • Boom the Youngstreet (20/03/12 besides Miss A )
  • MBC FM4U Radio (15/03/12 together with Miss A )
  • MBC Radio (06/03/12 with Miss A )
  • MBC Radio (01/03/12 with Miss A )
  • Sukira Kiss the Radio (28/02/12 besides Miss A )
  • SHIM SHIM TAPA (31/12/11 together with Miss A )
  • Danny Ahn Music Show (15/04/11 besides Jia)

Min (Triple T) TV Programs

  • 2015: SBS Star King (04/25/15, besides Jia)
  • 2015: MBC King of Mask Singer
  • 2015: KStyle TV (02/01/15, as MC) Tthird temp.
  • 2014: MBC Good Person (09/13/14)
  • 2014 I★GOT7
  • 2014 Countdown Vocal War 100 Seconds Before (06/20/14)
  • 2014: Global We Got Married 2 (cameo ep. 12 with Shin Won Ho )
  • 2014: Happy Together (02/19/14)
  • 2013: All The KPOP (07/16/13, together with Fei )
  • 2013: All The KPOP (09/07/13, together with Fei )
  • 2013: SBS Challenge 1000 Songs (06/30/13, besides Fei )
  • 2013: Zhejiand TV China’s Dream Show: Dream Ceremony (06/21/13, besides Fei and Jia)
  • 2013: TVN 3 idiots Ep 35 (02/06/13)
  • 2013: We Got Married World Edition (19/05/13, ep 7 together with Jia)
  • 2013: JTBC Miracle Korea (12/04/13)
  • 2013: All The K-pop (09/04/13, as special MC)
  • 2013: All The K-pop (02/04/13, as special MC)
  • 2013: MBC Every1’s ‘Reckless Family 2 (22/01/13-21/05/13)
  • 2012: Music Triangle (12/12/12 besides Jia)
  • 2012: Quiz to Change the World (01/12/12 besides Suzy )
  • 2012: Dancing Golden Mic (14/11/12 besides Fei and Jia)
  • 2012: Show! Music Core (10/11/12 as special presenter)
  • 2012: Touch Korea Tour with 2PM & Miss A !
  • 2012: Show Asian Star (08/09/12 as host)
  • 2012: Asian Show Star (07/25/12 as host)
  • 2012: @ Show Me the Money (07/14/12)
  • 2012: @ Beatles Code 2 (22-03-12 together with Fei and Jia)
  • 2012: Crisis Escape No. 1 (19-03-12 together with Suzy )
  • 2012: Our Sunday Night (16-03-12 besides Fei and Suzy )
  • 2012: Strong Heart (12/02/12 with Suzy )
  • 2012: SBS 100 Million Quiz Show (2 episodes)
  • 2012: The Crown Princess Project
  • 2011: Happy Together (09/22/11)
  • 2011: Korean Music Wave (09/15/11 as presenter)
  • 2011: Oh My School
  • 2010-2012: Strong Heart
  • 2010-2011: Star King
  • 2010: Love Pursuer (10/28/10)
  • 2010: Bouquet (3 episodes)

Min (Triple T) TV Drama’s

  • Let It Bleed (besides ABOUT) theme for Bite Sisters (2021)
  • Living Like a Fool theme for Bachelor’s Vegetable Store (2012)

Min (Triple T) Music Videos

Min (Triple T) is a member of:

Triple T (Collaboration group)

Triple T (Collaboration group)

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