Member of: OH MY GIRL

Real name: 김미현 / Kim Mi Hyun

Stage name: 미미 / Mimi

Gender: Female

Age: 27 years

Date of birth: May 1, 1995

Place of birth: Jeju Island, South Korea

Height: 164 cm

Weight: 47 kg

Bloodtype: AB

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Pig

Mimi (1995) Profile

About Mimi

Mimi (OH MY GIRL) Facts

  • K-Pop Group: OH MY GIRL
    • Position Rapper, Vocalist and Dancer.
  • Education Changwon Girls High School (Graduate)
  • Hobbies Visiting fashion studios, writing and drawing.
  • Favorite colors: Red and Black.
  • Rolemodels: Drunken Tiger
  • Mimi has helped compose some of the songs on the mini album “Closer” as well as participated in writing the lyrics of her debut mini album “OH MY GIRL” with the song “Hot Summer Nights”.
  • Demonstrates excellent songwriting skills.
  • She was born in Jeju but grew up in Changwon City.
  • She has a different voice when singing, when she doesn’t sing, her voice is more “feminine”.
  • Her least favorite color is pink.
  • She is known for her beautiful legs.
  • It is said that her dream since she was a child was to be a singer. As a result, during her school days, she practiced her singing in nightclubs.
  • She likes rice cakes, but she also likes those that are sweet and have sesame seeds.
  • It is very flexible.
  • Mimi likes to listen to music, so she sometimes sings songs and dances when she showers.
  • She was recommended as a hand model because her hands are smooth and beautiful.
  • She has been dreaming of her debut since she was an apprentice, she has been concentrating on her internship and has not been able to study because she is concentrating on her studies and thought she would like to go to college afterwards.
  • Ji Ho said on Super KPop program that the animal that represents her is a bear.
  • She is very charismatic when she is on stage and yet very shy when she is in front of the cameras or dealing with people she has no relationship with.
  • Mimi is a nice girl with a great ability to rap, she is also a very good dancer.
  • She gained a lot of popularity thanks to her rap in the song “A-ing Listen to my word”.
  • Jan. 9, 2018, at the press conference for their fifth mini-album “Secret Garden.” They were asked which singers they would like to collaborate with, and Mimi said “It would be great to work with Zion.T we could create a very interesting sound if we did a hip-hop/R&B track with it.”

Live collaborations

  • 06/05/16: U Sung Eun – Jealous (feat. Mimi) (Music Bank Presentation)

Mimi (OH MY GIRL) Music


Mimi (OH MY GIRL) TV Programs

  • Weekly Idol (MBCevery1, 2021) (24.02.2021) (Ep. 500, besides hyo Jung )

Mimi (OH MY GIRL) TV Drama’s

  • Can’t Help Loving You theme for School 2021 (2021)
  • I Love You Teacher (besides Hyo Jung & Binnie ) theme for Racket Boys (2021)

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