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Mei Qi (Cosmic Girls)

Weight: 53 kg
Height: 164 cm
Real name: 孟美岐 / Meng Mei Qi
Date of Birth: October 15, 1998

Mei Qi (Cosmic Girls)

About Mei Qi (Cosmic Girls)

Mei Qi (Cosmic Girls) Facts

  • K-Pop Group: Cosmic Girls
    • Sub-Unit Natural Unit
    • Position: Vocalist and Dancer
    • Sign that represents Libra
    • Birth: Basil (good hope)
  • Ex-Project Group Rocket Girls (2018-2020)
    • Position Vocalist and Dancer.
  • Fandom Name: O2 (Because the character ‘qi’ 岐 in its name shares the same character in the Chinese word 氧岐 Yang qi (The chemical symbol for oxygen is written as O2it means that she is the oxygen that helps us live and breathe, but it also means the chemistry between her and the fans).
  • Favorite color: Purple.
  • It was confirmed as part of Cosmic Girls December 31, 2015.
  • She did not show up at the showcase of the third album called “From WJSN” because she was in China filming the movie “Step Up 6”.
  • On March 15, 2018, it was confirmed to appear in the Chinese version of PRODUCE 101 as one of the participants, along with her colleague Xuan Yi.
  • She won first place in PRODUCE 101 China with 185,244,357 votes, making her the center of the group with 185,244,357 votes Rocket Girls.
  • Her first mini album has sold over one million copies and has been certified as a diamond album by QQ Music.
  • Her song “I Like You” was used for the QQLive application and can be found in the games section.

About the Artist

2016: Cosmic Girls debut

December 4, 2015, Starship Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment presented a 12-member Chinese-South Korean group, Cosmic Girls mei Qi was introduced as a member of the “Natural Unit“. The group officially debuted in February 2016 with their mini-album “Would You Like?” along with “MoMoMo” and “Catch Me” as the two lead singles.

Mei Qi and her partner Xuan Yi were active members of the group Cosmic Girls until early 2018 in the promotions of “Dreams Come True” from the mini album “Dream Your Dream.” Subsequently, her agency Yuehua Entertainment took them to China to carry out activities in that country.

2018: Participation in PRODUCE 101 China and Debut in Rocket Girls

Together with her partner, Xuan Yi participated in the Chinese survival program PRODUCE 101 China she came in first place with more than 185 million votes, debuting as the “Center” of Rocket Girls 101.

August 9, Yuehua Entertainment and Mavericks Entertainment launched a joint announcement indicating that they would retire Mei Qi together with Xuan Yi and Zi Ning from Rocket Girls 101 xuan Yi and Mei Qi will resume their activities with Cosmic Girls. However, on August 17, both companies confirmed that after reaching an agreement with Tencent, Mei Qi returned to the group with Xuan Yi and Zi Ning, until the dissolution of the group in mid-2020.

2019: Solo Debut with First Mini Album “Jiang” and Performance

On January 15, 2019, Mei Qi released her first promotional track titled “有种 (Helios)” for the movie, The Wandering Earth. Later in the year, she also released her first mini album 犟 (Jiang) on April 23, 2019 with a lead single with the same title. Within the first twenty minutes of the album’s release, it became the best-selling digital album on QQ Music in 2019 with over 1 million digital sales.

Mei Qi also appeared in the spin-off movie of the Step Up franchise, Step Up: Year of the Dance she was also cast as one of the lead actresses in the fantasy film, Jade Dynasty.

Mei Qi (Cosmic Girls) Collaborations

  • Sound in China – 无限 (Infinite) (ft. Anson HuBy Li Re Ba, RG101 Mei Qi, Ao Juan & Yamy, R1SE Zhou Zhen Nan, Liu Ye & Zhao Lei) (2019)

Mei Qi (Cosmic Girls) Advertisement

  • 2020 ELLEMEN Fresh

Mei Qi (Cosmic Girls) Films

  • Jade Dynasty (2019)
  • Step Up: Year of the Dance (2019)
  • Autumn Fairy Tale (2019)

Mei Qi (Cosmic Girls) Awards

  • 27th Chinese Top Ten Music Awards Popular Artist of the Year
  • 27th Chinese Top Ten Music Awards: Best Singing and Dancing Artist
  • BME Music Awards: Outstanding Pioneer Singer of the Year

Mei Qi (Cosmic Girls) TV Programs

  • Born to Dance (iQiyi, 2021) (As Mentor)
  • CHUANG2021 (Tencent, 2021) (Ep. 8)
  • Masked Dancing King (Jiangsu TV, 2020)
  • I Am Waiting For You at The Summer Palace (BTV, 14.08.2020)
  • Keep Running season 4 (Zhejiang TV, 24.07.2020)
  • Produce C& 2020 (Tencent, 2020) Special Invitation
  • I Am The Actor (Zhejiang TV, 2019-2020)
  • The Coming One (Tencent, 2019) Judge.
  • PRODUCE 101 China (Tencent, 2018)

Movie Themes

  • 折花 (Zhe Hua) theme for Jade Dynasty (2019)
  • 福氣拱拱來 (Blessings of Blessings) theme for Boonie Bears: Blast into the Past (2019) besides Xuan Yi Duan Ao Juan and Lai Mei Yun.
  • Don’t Wait Any More together with Justin Huang theme for Step Up: Year of the Dance (2019)
  • You Zhong theme for Wandering Earth (2019)
  • Venom Comes (Venom Comes) theme for Venom (China Ver.) (2018) together with Yang Chao Yue, Duan Ao Juan, Yamy and Sunnee Yang.

Mei Qi (Cosmic Girls) is a member of:


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