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Megan Lee (XO-IQ)

Height: 157cm
Real name: Megan Hyerin Lee
Date of Birth: September 18, 1995

Megan Lee (XO-IQ)

About Megan Lee (XO-IQ)

Megan Lee (XO-IQ) Facts

  • She became known for her covers of songs on her Youtube account.
  • She officially began her professional career in acting, singing and dancing at the age of 10.
  • Prior to her debut, she had already appeared in several commercials of different important brands such as McDonalds , Verizon , Nintendo and Wal-Mart.
  • In 2012, it won a contest sponsored by Jason Mraz & Warner Music Korea, and collaborated with Mraz in a duet for her song Lucky.
  • She participated in MBC Star Audition with her best friend.
  • She was trained in professional martial arts at the XMA World Headquarters in North Hollywood, CA.
  • She starred in a Nickelodeon series called “Make it POP “.
  • During the second half of 2018, it was reported that a song, titled ‘Psycho,’ which was sung by Baek Hyun from EXO exclusively during the recent Elyxion concert of EXO the original piece, written solely by Lee and produced by Zayson, went viral.
  • In 2018, she auditioned for season 14 of the U.S. series The Voice. In an episode aired on March 6, 2018, she performed “Killing Me Softly with her Song”, with Alicia Keys turning her chair.
  • Lee also co-wrote “HORIZON” for the Japanese mini-album by Kim Tae Yeon Voice.


Born and raised in Southern California, Megan Lee is a rising young superstar. First displaying artistic talents at a young age, Megan officially began her professional career in acting, singing and dancing when she was 10 years old. She has appeared in several national commercials including McDonalds, Verizon, and Nintendo, as well as television shows such as the Crash TV series, Kidz Bop, Nickelodeon’s iCarly, Disney’s Get Connected, several independent film projects, and most recently, the immensely popular South Korean MBC star Audition on one of South Korea’s top television networks. Megan’s multiple talents are matched only by her incredible work ethic. With the relentless support of her beloved family, she aspires to work as an actor and singer-dancer-director in the entertainment industry. After high school, Megan plans to study Music and Film hoping to attend UCLA, the School of Cinematic Arts.


Megan debuted on May 14, 2014 under Soul Shop Entertainment with her single “8Dayz” and the English version of it, inspired by gypsies who live freely with their music and dance. Her debut combines the warmth of country music with fresh rock sounds, leaving listeners strangely intrigued.

On November 10, 2014, Megan filed a civil lawsuit in the Seoul District Court against Soul Shop Entertainment requesting the annulment of her 5-year contract; Megan, along with her representative, claimed that she was severely verbally abused by some of the management members, and that intimidation tactics were used to impose their will over her career. She also claimed that there were contracts that were signed in her name without her consent along with a fraudulent bank account in her name and that the financial activity regarding her career with Soul Shop was not transparent.

In March 2015, Megan Lee became a member of the group XO-IQ along with Filipino-Canadian Louriza Tronco and Singaporean-Canadian Erika Tham for the nikelodeon youth program Make It Pop.

Megan Lee (XO-IQ) Collaborations

  • Dive – DJ Friz feat MRSHLL
  • No Riddim & Megan Lee – Young & Broken (2017)
  • The Story of Our Lives – G.O.D. (2014)
  • Brother – Kim Tae woo. (2013)
  • Time Seemed To Have Stopped – Hyeokseong & Wooyeonseok. (2012)
  • Lucky – Jason Mraz (2012)

Megan Lee (XO-IQ) Music


  • Destiny (2011, cut)

Megan Lee (XO-IQ) Films

  • Anita Ho (2014)
  • Prophecy of Eve (2014)
  • Destiny (2011, cut)
  • L.A. Coffin School (2011, cut)
  • Love, Laugh, & Live (2011, cut)
  • The Case Against Jill (2010, cut)
  • Choson (2010, cut)
  • The Legend of Beaver Dam (2010. short)
  • Crush (2009)
  • A Quiet Little Marriage (2008)
  • My First Crush (2008, cut)
  • Tranquility (2008, cut)

Megan Lee (XO-IQ) TV Programs

  • Love Request (06/28/14)
  • Simply K-POP (06/23/14)
  • MashBox (2012)
  • Eye on Entertainment (2011)
  • Star Audition (MBC, 2011)
  • 3-Minute Game Show (2010)
  • BrainSurge (2009)
  • Kidz Bop

Series (U.S)

  • Make it pop (2015) as Sun Hi Song.
  • Lost Tapes (2009, 1 episode)
  • Crash (2008, 1 episode)
  • Disney Get Connected (2008, 4 episodes)
  • Battleground Earth: Ludacris vs. Tommy Lee (2008, cameo)
  • Eve (2008)
  • iCarly (2009) cameo in the credits

Megan Lee (XO-IQ) TV Drama’s

  • Ready For Love theme for Fated To Love You (2014)

Megan Lee (XO-IQ) is a member of:


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