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Max Chang Min (TVXQ)

Weight: 61 kg
Height: 185 cm
Real name: 심창민 / Shim Chang Min
Date of Birth: February 18, 1988

Max Chang Min (TVXQ)

About Max Chang Min (TVXQ)

Max Chang Min (TVXQ) Facts

  • Kpop Group: TVXQ
  • Project Group S.M. The Ballad
  • Education Kyung Hee University (Postmodern Music)
    • Konkuk University
  • Hobbies Music, singing, games, reading.
  • Specialty: Singing, dancing.
  • Religion Buddhist.
  • Languages: Korean and Japanese.
  • Debut 2004 album TVXQ Hug
  • In January 2008, ChangMin and his father voluntarily cleaned up the beaches in South Korea’s worst oil spill in history.
  • He began military service on November 19, 2015, as did Choi Si Won from Super Junior and completed it on August 18, 2017.
  • On December 30, 2019, SM Entertainment confirmed that Changmin is currently dating a non-celebrity girl.
  • On June 12, 2020, it was confirmed that Changmin will marry his fiancée on September 06, the statement reads “MAX Changmin will marry his current girlfriend on September 5.To respect the fiancée, who is not a celebrity, as well as the families on both sides, we will keep specific details such as the location and time of the wedding private; We ask for the understanding of fans and journalists. Changmin will continue to promote as a member of TVXQ and artist of our agency without change. Please send your congratulations towards Changmin, looking forward to a new start in his life.Thanks you. “Thanks.”
  • On August 27, SM Entertainment confirmed that Changmin, decided to delay his wedding date following the recent increase in COVID-19 cases. On September 28, the agency reported that Changmin’s wedding was rescheduled for October 25. It also stated that the ceremony will be held privately.


Changmin was born and raised in a Buddhist family Seoul, South Korea.He has two younger sisters and both of his parents are teachers.When he was fourteen, a talent scout from SM Entertainment spotted Changmin while singing and playing badminton at the same time during gym class.The talent scout suggested that he audition for SM, but Changmin had no interest in becoming a singer.His mother, wanting a chance to meet BoA, urged Changmin to attend the casting auditions anyway.Three days after the audition, SM called him for a second audition, which he passed.After winning the Best Singer and Best Artist award at SM’s 6th Annual Best Young Artist Contest, Changmin signed with the company.

Debut in TVXQ

The group officially debuted on December 26, 2003 with the single “Hug”, during a performance by BoA and Britney Spears. It debuted under the stage name “Choikang”, a word that means “the best” in Korean and whose counterpart in Western names is Max, as it is known internationally.

Debut Actor

Changmin made his acting debut with TVXQ in the mini-series Vacation he also participated in several episodes of Banjun Drama, a popular mini-series that aired on SBS.

In 2010, Changmin had a cameo in the action-thriller drama Athena: Goddess of War playing an NIS explosives specialist.

In 2011, Changmin took on his first lead role in the romantic comedy drama Paradise Ranch together with Lee Yeon Hee and he also provided his own voice for the Japanese release of Paradise Ranch.

In 2012, Changmin made his big-screen debut in the Japanese movie Fly With the Gold based on the novel by Takamura Kaoru. He plays Momo, a North Korean spy disguised as an engineering student. He has been praised for his fluent Osaka dialect in the film by director Izutsu Kazuyuki. Changmin was nominated for the Newcomer Award at the prestigious 37th annual Hochi Film Awards in Japan, becoming the first Korean artist to be nominated. On January 21, 2013, it was announced that Changmin had won the Rookie of the Year award at the 36th Japanese Academy Awards.

In 2014, Changmin starred in the four-episode drama Mnet, Mimi he went on to star in the historical fantasy drama Scholar Who Walks The Night as Crown Prince Lee Yoon.

S.M. The Ballad

In 2014, he joined the project group S.M. The Ballad in the group’s second album “Breath”, he sang the Japanese version of the song “Breath” with the Japanese version of the song “Breath”. Krystal from f (x).

2015: Debut as a solo artist in Japan with his first mini-album “Close to You”.

On November 18, the day before his enlistment, it was confirmed that Chang Min would release his first solo mini-album in Japan, “Close to You” the album also includes the full music video, a behind-the-scenes DVD and a photo essay.

The track listing that was also revealed and included a couple of songs that fans had previously been able to hear at their concerts, “Rock With U” and “Gold Dust” on the other hand, “The Journey” , “Oh No!” , “Admit It, You Love It” and “When the Cold Winter Wind Comes” are new songs.

On October 16, Avex Trax opened a special website for the fan-club exclusive album and shared a series of teaser images, as well as a teaser video of the title track “Into the Water”.

“Into the Water” is a rock ballad with a flowing melody that perfectly showcases Changmin’s rich and sweet voice, and the beautiful imagery of the music video is a special treat for his fans.

Military Service

On July 7, 2015, Changmin applied to join the Military Police to fulfill his compulsory national service.He was inducted into the ROK Armed Forces as an enlisted police officer on November 19, 2015.Changmin received five weeks of basic training at Chungnam Nonsan Military Training C& and was the leader of his squad.He was honorably discharged from service on August 18, 2017.

2017: Participation in SM STATION with the single “In A Different Life”.

On September 18, the individual photo teasers of Yunho and Chang Min were released for his upcoming solo songs. The song “In a Different Life” chang Min was launched on September 28 at 6 PM KST.

“In a Different Life” is an acoustic song with emotional lyrics written by Chang Min himself. The singer dedicated the song to his fans, thanking them for standing by his side and waiting for him while he served in the army. The song’s lyrical melody blends perfectly with Chang Min’s sweet voice.

2020: Debut as a solo artist in Korea with his first mini-album “Chocolate”.

On March 13, reports surfaced that Chang Min was preparing to release a solo album. A source from SM Entertainment confirmed this and stated “Chang Min is currently hard at work, aiming to release his solo album in April, please anticipate it.”.

On March 23, SM Entertainment announced that Chang Min would be making his solo debut with his first mini-album “Chocolate” which would be released on April 6 at 6PM KST, and would consist of six songs of different genres, the song “Lie” has the collaboration of Chung Ha being “Chocolate” chang Min wrote the lyrics for the title song “Chocolate” and “No Tomorrow”.

“Chocolate” was composed by Yoo Young Jin and Thomas Troelsen, who previously created hits such as “Mirotic” of TVXQ and “NU ABO” ian Kirkpatrick, who wrote pop songs such as “Don’t Start Now” and “New Rules” by Dua Lipa and “Look at Me Now” by Selena Gomez, was also involved in the production. The lyrics use the craving for chocolate as a metaphor for his passionate attraction to someone.

“Chocolate” topped the national album charts, such as Synnara Records, as well as the iTunes Top Album charts in eight regions around the world, including Japan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Indonesia, Israel, Peru and Chile. The song “Chocolate” also ranked No. 1 on QQ Music’s music video chart in China.

Participation in SM STATION with the Single “All That Love”.

On November 10, SM Entertainment revealed that “All That Love” would be available on various music streaming sites such as Flo, Melon, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, QQ Music, Kogou Music and Kuwo Music on November 13 at 6PM KST.

“All That Love” is an R&B and indie pop song with a house beat and dreamy analog synth sounds that will create a modern mood. The lyrics were written by Chang Min and convey comforting words of hope that love can overcome the feelings of loneliness and abandonment brought on by time left alone.

2021: Return in Japan with his second mini-album “Human”.

Through TVXQ’s official website in Japan, his solo comeback with his second mini-album was confirmed. “Human” the album consists of six songs, with the title track being “Human”.

“Human” is a song that combines an intense sound and an attractive voice, Chang Min participated in writing the lyrics.

2022: Back with his second mini-album “Devil”.

On December 28, Sports DongA reported that Chang Miin was preparing to make his comeback in January 2022.

In response to the news, SM Entertainment, confirmed it, saying “Chang Min is scheduled to release a new solo album in January, please show much interest in it.”.

On January 4 at 12PM KST, his return with his second mini-album was confirmed. “Devil” which is scheduled to be released on January 13 at 6PM KST.

Of the six songs on the album, the title track being “Devil” he participated in the writing of the lyrics of the song “Devil” and, the b-side, “Alien”.

“Devil” is a slow R&B song that creates an overwhelming atmosphere with wonderful percussion, a superb bass riff and a heavy a cappella chorus. As a song, it expresses explosive emotions with a brilliant improvised and delicate vocal technique, and the lyrics contain a strong will to move forward without giving in to the devil’s whispers, even in the difficult reality.

January 14 by 10:30AM KST, “Devil” took #1 on the iTunes Top Albums chart in at least 14 different regions, including Japan, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Singapore, Turkey, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Colombia, Vietnam, Lithuania, Taiwan, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Max Chang Min (TVXQ) Drama

  • Scholar Who Walks the Night (MBC, 2015).
  • Mimi (Mnet, 2014)
  • Welcome to the Show (SBS, 2011)
  • Paradise Ranch (SBS, 2011)
  • Athena: Goddess of War (SBS, 2010)
  • Vacation (2006)
  • Banjun Drama (SBS, 2005)

Max Chang Min (TVXQ) Films

  • Fly With The Gold (2012)
  • Dating on Earth (2009)

TV-Internet Programs

  • No Prepare (14.01.2022) (Ep.11)
  • Kingdom: Legendary War (Mnet, 2021)
  • Cool Kiz On The Block (KBS2, 2013-2014).
  • Moonlight Prince (KBS2, 2013).
  • Running Man (SBS, 2011) Ep. 27


  • 2013 KBS Entertainment Awards: Best Entertainer (Variety) Cool Kiz On The Block
  • 6th Annual Best Competition SM Entertainment Awards – Best Singer.
  • 6th Annual Best Competition SM Entertainment Awards – Best Artist.

Themes for Drama

  • Can’t Say I Love You subject for The Night Watchman (2014)
  • Because I Love You (Acoustic Ver.) subject for Mimi (2014)
  • A Person Like Tears subject for Jeon Woo Chi (2012)
  • Confession subject for Paradise Ranch (2011)

Max Chang Min (TVXQ) is a member of:


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