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Luhan (EXO)

Weight: 60 kg
Height: 178 cm
Real name: 鹿晗 / Lù Hán
Date of Birth: April 20, 1990

Luhan (EXO)

About Luhan (EXO)

Luhan (EXO) Facts

  • Ex-Kpop Group: EXO
    • Ex-Sub Group EXO-M
    • Symbol: Telekinesis.
    • Voice type Lyric tenor.
  • Ex-Project Group:
    • Younique Unit (2012-2014)
  • Education:
    • Beijing Shida High School.
    • Shi Yan Foreign Language School.
    • Exchange student at Yonsei University in South Korea.
    • Seoul Institute of the arts.
  • Languages Mandarin (mother tongue), Korean (fluent) and English (fluent).
  • Religion: Catholic.
  • Hobbies Soccer, video games.
  • Official Fanclub name: LuFan/LuWei
  • Official color: Gold / yellow
  • Skills Animation, art, video games, computers, water sports, racquet sports, outdoor sports, basketball, baseball, soccer, and Rubik’s cube.
  • In 2008 Lu Han failed the audition for JYP entertainment company at its global audition in China.
  • In 2008 he sang “I’m Letting You Go” and also “In Love With The Future You”.
  • He was part of Hyundai’s promotional sub-unit, the SM “Younique Unit” together with Henry Lau, Eun Hyuk from Super Junior M, Taemin from SHINee his former bandmate Kai, and Hyoyeon from Girls’ Generation.
  • He participated in the Asian Dream Cup 2013 in the Shanghai team.
  • In a survey conducted by Mnet: “Idol King” he came in first place.
  • He is a shareholder in a Chinese company called Daling, which offers online shopping services.
  • He entered the “Guinness Book” for having the most comments on a post on his Weibo account.
  • He submitted a report for the cancellation of his contract with SM Entertainment October 10, 2014.
  • On September 25, 2015 he had his first Showcase for the release of his first digital mini-album “Reloaded I”.
  • Lu Han won the award for The most valuable star along with Li Bingbing in 2014 at the Baidu conference. The award is past in esteem and popularity on the Internet in searches, mentions and votes. He also won the award as a Popular idol of Asia at iQiyi’s year-end ceremony.
  • It was revealed on May 27 that Lu Han was to collaborate with David Tao to record one of the songs for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.
  • Lu Han has been listed as one of the 5 faces of China on and in Forbes China Lu Han is ranked 37th in terms of income for China in 2014 and as the most influential person.
  • At the age of 12 (2002) he began to dream of becoming a soccer player.
  • Luhan was selected as one of the 5 male gods of China.
  • In March 2016, his first mini variety show in which we can see aspects of his life and learn more about him began airing on YouKu Tudou/YouTube.
  • He has won 3 Guinness World Record decorations, 2 for having the most comments on a Weibo post (2014 – 2015) and 1 for the most fans to wear deer antlers in one place (his first concert in Beijing- 2016).
  • His first concert tour in China kicked off with the first concert in Beijing on March 26, 2016, the 2nd in Guangzhou on April 2 and the 3rd in Shanghai on April 9, titled “RELOADED.”
  • He became the first artist from Mainland China to receive Platinum Record recognition (which is only awarded to top album sales worldwide), for his first album Reloaded, which was awarded to him at the 2016 YinYueTai 4th V-Chart Awards.
  • He was on the cover for the first launch edition (April 2016) of the new Vogue Me magazine (a youth version of Vogue), also accompanying him for the magazine’s content were models Pyper America and Kiko Mizuhara.
  • For his birthday on April 20, 2016 in conjunction with the clothing brand Izzue, he released a special line that included cap, backpack and beanie with his official logo, titled “Lu Han x izzue.”
  • In the court’s ruling in the Luhan lawsuit and Kris Wu against his former company SM Entertainment it was ruled that both are free to promote in China and others with the exception of South Korea and Japan as any events in those 2 countries mentioned would be managed by SM Entertainment, in addition to the fact that their contract with that company remains in force until 2022 which is what was planned from the beginning when he debuted with EXO and because of this they have to continue to give a certain percentage of their profits to the company, however they will not be recognized as members of the company EXO again, but as part of SM Entertainment.
  • He assisted in the production of his new single “Catch Me When I Fall.”
  • He was on the list of the 100 most beautiful faces in the world made by TopBeauty World in 2015, ranking 9th
  • He was among the 100 most beautiful faces in the world made by the magazine TC Candler of 2016, ranking 69th
  • In July 2015 during the film’s press conference The Great Wall matt Damon revealed that he was impressed with Luhan’s popularity, saying, “I think the first night we started shooting there were about 400 flower arrangements that came to Luhan along the hotel corridor.”
  • He became the first Chinese celebrity to appear on the covers of Elle China, GQ Style, Forbes China, Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan.
  • It broke the record for having more than 200,000 people buy a limited edition of 20,000 of a magazine cover in one second
  • He has a wax figure in the wax museum, Madame Tussaud’s, in Beijing.
  • He became the first celebrity born after the 1990s to be named the “Artist of the Year” by China Newsweek.
  • On Oct. 8, 2017 via his Weibo account, he revealed that he is dating Chinese actress Guan Xiao Tong.
  • Ranked #45 on “THE 100 MOST HANDSOME FACES OF 2017.”
  • He is ranked #59 in The 100 Most Handsome Faces Of 2018
  • It is ranked #71 among the 100 most handsome faces “The 100 Most Handsome Faces Of 2019.”


Born in Beijing, China, in 2010 he participates in the annual auditions of SM Casting System and finally becomes an apprentice of SM Entertainment he was a trainee for 2 years, and on April 8, 2012 he made his debut with the group EXO being the second member revealed.

On October 10, 2014, Lu Han filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to cancel his contract, the reason presented in the case was because of health problems and because Korean members received more special and different treatment than Chinese members. Thus he finally starts his solo career.

In the summer of 2016, the trial against SM Entertainment is completed, in which both he and his former groupmate Kris reach an agreement that their contracts will continue to run until 2022, as they had established prior to their departure from the company EXO and although it can sign with third parties, as long as it is outside Korea, from now on it will have to share its profits with HM.

Luhan (EXO) Advertisement

  • 2017: Live X20
  • 2017: Adidas Tubular (with Angelababy)
  • 2017: QQ Browser
  • 2017: Louis Vuitton
  • 2017: Adidas
  • 2017: KFC (Chizza)
  • 2017: Coca-Cola
  • 2017: Bazaar (L’Occitane)
  • 2017: Canon EOS M
  • 2016 SonyH.ear Series (CF)
  • 2016: SoHu News App
  • 2016: Volkswagen – The Beetle series
  • 2016: KFC
  • 2016: JiuJiuAi
  • 2016: LENOVO (CF)
  • 2016 lANCÔME (CF)
  • 2015: BALMAIN x H&M
  • 2015: Crest
  • 2015: L’oreal Paris (CF)
  • 2015: Puma (CF)
  • 2015: Meilishuo (CF)
  • 2015: Cavytech (CF)
  • 2015: Oppo (CF)
  • 2015: Coach
  • 2015: Yi Li Wei Ke Zi (CF)
  • 2015: Baidu Maps (CF)
  • 2015: One Leaf
  • 2014: DaLing
  • 2014: Kans (CF)

Luhan (EXO) Collaborations

  • MAXSTEP – PYL Younique Unit (Younique Album) for Hyundai (2012).
  • To the Beautiful You (teaser images).

Luhan (EXO) Drama

  • Light on Series: Sisyphus (iQiyi, 2020)
  • Cross Fire (Tencent, 2020)
  • Sweet Combat (Hunan TV, 2018)
  • Fighter of the Destiny (Hunan TV, 2017)
  • To the Beautiful You. (SBS, 2012) Cameo

Luhan (EXO) Films

  • Shanghai Fortress (2019)
  • The Founding of an Army (2017) Cameo
  • The Great Wall (2016)
  • See You Tomorrow (2016)
  • Time Raiders (2016)
  • 12 Golden Ducks (2015) Cameo
  • The Witness (2015)
  • Back To 20 (2015)

Luhan (EXO) Awards

  • 2018 iQiyi Scream Night 2019: Top Artist of the Year
  • 2017 Asian Music Gala: Album of the year
  • 201:7 Fresh Asia Chart Festival top 10 Songs / Best Music Video
  • 2017 Asia Influence Awards: Most influential artist in Asia
  • 2017 Asia Music Awards: Album of the year
  • 2016 Tencent’s Asian Star Awards: Asia Complete Artist Award
  • 2016 iQiyi All-Star Carnival Asian All-Round Artist
  • 2016 YinYueTai 4th V-Chart Awards Mainland China Album of the Year (Reloaded)/Platinum Album of the Year
  • 2016 YinYueTai 4th V-Chart Awards Best Male Singer of the Year in Mainland China
  • 2016 Music Radio Global Chinese Golden Chart: Multifaceted Artist of the Year
  • 2016 Music Radio Global Chinese Golden Chart Media Recommended Album of the Year (Reloaded)
  • 2016 Music Radio Global Chinese Golden Chart Top 20 of Golden Melody of the Year (Medals)
  • 2016 QQ Music Awards – best Male Singer of the Year in Mainland China
  • 2016 QQ Music Awards – best Digital Album Seller of the Year.
  • 2015 GQ Men of the Year Awards – New Idol of Asia.
  • 2015 Beijing College Student Film Festival Student Film Award Ceremony – Most Popular Male Actor.
  • 2014 Weibo Night – Male God of the Year.
  • 2014 Weibo Night – Most Popular King on Weibo.
  • 2014 Baidu Recorder of History – Popular King of the Year.
  • 2014 Young Choice Awards – Artist of the Year.
  • 2014 IQIYI Night – Most Popular Asian Idol Award.
  • 2014 Baidu Moments – Top Male Artist.

Luhan (EXO) Radio Programs

  • 2013 KBS-R 2 ‘o’Clock’ (17.12.2013, together with D.O, Baekhyun and Chen).
  • 2013 MBC-R Live on Air (17.12.2013, besides D.O, Baekhyun and Chen).
  • 2013 (SBS) Cultwo Show (16.12.13, besides D.O, Chen and Baekhyun).
  • 2013 Midday Hopeful Song (08/29/2013, Luhan, Chanyeol, Kris, Suho, Baekhyun, Chen, Tao and Kai).

Luhan (EXO) TV Programs

  • 2020: Produce C& 2020 (Tencent)
  • 2018: Hot Blood Dance Crew (17.03.18 – 02.06.18, as a regular member)
  • 2018: Running Man China Season 6 (13.04.18, as a regular member)
  • 2017: Running Man China Season 5 (14.04.17, as a regular member)
  • 2016: Back to School 2 (26.06.16, as a regular member)
  • 2016 Running Man China Season 4 (16.04.16 , as regular member)
  • 2016: Ace Vs Ace, also known as “The Negotiator”. (16.01.29, together with Kris Wu, Running Man China team VS Challengers Union team)
  • 2015 Running Man China Season 3 (15.10.30 – 16.01.15, as a regular member)
  • 2015 Happy C& (31.10.2015, together with the cast of The Witness)
  • 2015 Real Hero (10/02/2015)
  • 2015: Dream Star Partner (02.01.2015).
  • 2014: MBC Idol Futsal Championship (12.06.2014, together with Xiumin and others).
  • 2014: Idol Star Championships (30.01.2014, besides Xiumin and Tao).
  • 2014: Showbiz Korea – Simply Kpop (06.01.2014, besides Chen, D.O and Baekhyun).
  • 2013: (Mnet) MPD’s MVP (21.12.2013 together with Baekhyun, Lay, Chen, D.O, interview).
  • 2013: (Mnet) Super Hit (20.12.2013, together with D.O, Baekhyun, Lay and Chen).
  • 2013 : MBC Quiz to Change The World (02.11.2013, together Baekhyun).
  • 2013: The human conditio (05.10.2013 together with Xiumin, Suho, Sehun and Kai).
  • 2013: Idol Championship (18.09.2013, besides Suho, Baekhyun, Kai, Sehun, Kris, Xiumin and Tao).
  • 2013: Star Diving Show Splash (13.09.2013, besides Tao, Suho and Sehun).
  • 2013: Immortal Song 2 (14. 09. 2013, besides Kai, Lay, Sehun, D.O, Baekhyun, Chen and Xiumin).
  • 2013 Immortal Songs 2 (17.08.2013, together with Chanyeol, Chen, BaekHyun and Suho).
  • 2013: KBS Super Dog (17.08.13, together with Xiumin, Kris, Suho, D.O, Baekyun and Kai).
  • 2013: SBS Running Man (14.07.2013, besides Xiumin).
  • 2013: Star King (06.07.13, besides Xiumin, Suho, Baekhyun, Kai and Sehun).
  • 2013: Beatles Code 2 (01.07.2013 together with Chen, Chanyeol, Suho and Kai).
  • 2013: The Voice of Korea (31.05.2013 besides Sehun).
  • 2013: Asian Dream Cup (besides Xiumin).

Luhan (EXO) TV Drama’s

  • Person in the Maze (剧中人) theme for Light on Series:Sisyphus (2020)
  • Time Stopped (时间停了) theme for Cross Fire (2020)
  • Dream Land (梦寐之地) theme for Cross Fire (2020)

Movie Themes

  • Let Me Stay By Your Side theme for See You Tomorrow (2016)
  • Medals theme for The Witness (2015)
  • Tian Mi Mi theme for Comrades, Almost A Love Story (2015)
  • Our Tomorrow theme for Back To 20 (2014)
  • Love Moving Forward subject for Back To 20 (2014)

Luhan (EXO) Music Videos&

  • G.E.M. – 好想想你 (Missing You) (2021)
  • Kim Min Kyo – The Last Game (Remake of EXO 90: 2014)

Luhan (EXO) is a member of:


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