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Lee Se Young (1990) (Cross Gene)

Weight: 64 kg
Height: 180 cm
Real name:
Date of Birth: February 8, 1990

Lee Se Young (1990) (Cross Gene)

About Lee Se Young (1990) (Cross Gene)

Lee Se Young (1990) (Cross Gene) Facts

  • K-pop group: Cross Gene
    • Sub-unit: X HEARTS
      • Position: Vocalist and Dancer
      • Gen: Miracle Gene
  • Languages: Korean and Japanese
  • Instruments: Piano
  • He is talented in songwriting, lyrics and composition.
  • He has already completed his military service.
  • He participated in the Japanese musical “Bachelor’s Vegetable Store” together with Ricky from TEEN TOP, Dong Hyun from BOYFRIEND and Min Woo from ZE:A.
  • Participated in Power Rangers Dino Force Bravetogether with Se Yong from MYNAME, Sung Ho and Se Hyun from Apeace, In Joon from The Boss, Taeheon from ZE:A, Lee Hyun from 8Eight and Lee Yu Jin (Participant of MIXNINE).
  • He has a flying deer (type of beetle) as a pet. He is very fond of insects, especially those that have shells and can fly.
  • In an interview with Arirang’s “Pops in Seoul” for Noona You’s promotions, he said that the most memorable gift he received from a fan was from a girl who gave his a flash drive and said it contained a video of the fan singing an acapella song.
  • He covered the song “Marijuana”.
  • Together with Yong Seok they did a cover of “Call you mine” by artist Jeff Bernat.
  • Together with Sang Min sang the theme “Butterfly” at the “Super Handsome Live,” a concert Amuse holds at the end of each year, featuring several of the company’s male artists.


  • Super Handsome Live 2016 the AMUSE ENT at the “TOKYO DOME CITY HALL”. (Participatory concert together with other artists of the same company) (Accompanied by Sangmin) (17-12-16 and 18-12-16), Japan

Lee Se Young (1990) (Cross Gene) Drama

  • Power Rangers Dino Force Brave (TV Series) (Korea) (2017)

Lee Se Young (1990) (Cross Gene) Musicals

  • 2015 Bachelor’s Vegetabe Store (Japan)

Lee Se Young (1990) (Cross Gene) Films

  • ZEDD (2014)

Lee Se Young (1990) (Cross Gene) TV Programs

  • Let’s Go Dream Team (with Yongseok) (KBS, 2015) (Korea)
  • “christy. channel” (youtube channel) together with the cast of the musical Bachelor’s Vegetabe Store (Japan)
  • K*STAR LOVERS” (with the cast of the musical Bachelor’s Vegetabe Store) (Japan) (2015)
  • haru*hana” (together with the cast of Power Rangers Dino Force Brave) (Japan) (5/8/17)

Lee Se Young (1990) (Cross Gene) TV Drama’s

  • Without You theme for Witch’s Castle (2016)

Lee Se Young (1990) (Cross Gene) Music Videos

  • Xuan – This Song (2016)

Lee Se Young (1990) (Cross Gene) is a member of:



Cross Gene

Cross Gene

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