Lee MiSo (GLAM)


Real name: 이미소 / Lee Mi So.

Stage name: 미소 / Mi So.

Gender: Female

Age: 27 years

Date of birth: October 17, 1995

Place of birth: Seoul, South Korea

Height: 164cm.

Weight: 48kg.

Bloodtype: O.

Lee Mi So Profile

About Lee MiSo

Lee MiSo (GLAM) Facts

  • Ex-Kpop Group: GLAM (dissolved)
  • Education School of Performing Arts Seoul
  • It was believed that she might have a ‘Tomboy’ look from the group’s images, just like her partner, Zinni, but it was denied. Now she has cut her hair, and looks youthful and fresh.
  • Her GLAM classmates played a joke on her, they told her that when boarding an airplane she had to take off her shoes, it was the first time she boarded one, so she obeyed. Later she found out about the joke, when she looked at the feet of the others.
  • She participated in MBC Star Audition with her best friend, Megan Lee together they were called Piggy Girls because they were born in the year of the pig.

Lee MiSo (GLAM) Collaborations

Lee MiSo (GLAM) TV Programs

  • Star Audition (MBC, 2011)

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