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Lee Ki Chan

Weight: 62kg
Height: 173 cm
Real name:
Date of Birth: February 8, 2023

Lee Ki Chan

About Lee Ki Chan


Lee Ki Chan made his debut as a singer when he was a high school student. In 1996, Lee participated in a talent contest held during a radio program and won the grand prize. Since then, Lee developed his career as a professional singer. At the time of Lee’s debut, the Korean pop music world was dominated by dance music, but Lee Ki Chan received attention for his smooth ballads. Having a musical background from Han Yong Jin, a renowned re-mix DJ, Lee Ki Chan released his first Album titled “Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Nineteen.” In three months after its release, 220 thousand copies were sold. The song “Please” was the most popular among his tracks. In November of the same year, Lee released his second Album titled “Indelible Impression.” In his third Album, Lee Ki Chan was in charge of producing his own songs. As a result, the album reflects Lee’s own personality and characteristics. One of Lee’s most successful songs later came from Park Jin Young.

Lee continued to produce hit songs on his next two albums. The song “Cold” (sixth album) spent many weeks at the top of the music charts, and the song “Repeatedly” (seventh album) was considered one of his best songs. However, Lee Ki Chan suffered a financial setback on his eighth album in 2004, when he tried to venture into more up-tempo songs. He selected the dance song “I’m Nothing Without You” as the title track and it was not very successful. After that, Lee spent three years on hiatus. He decided to return to ballads on his ninth album, “For You.” The title song “A Beauty” was again a hit.

Lee’s attractive singing method that harmonizes perfectly with the words and melody of the song touched the hearts of many listeners. Lee Ki Chan is a musician with a flexible mind and attitude who constantly tries to find out what listeners want in his music. Challenging various music genres such as Latin, rap and reggae, Lee Ki Chan was quite successful in approaching listeners through his music. Lee’s hope is to become a person who makes and sings songs forever.

Lee Ki Chan Facts

  • Education:
    • Seoul Shinsa Elementary School
    • Jamsil Middle School
    • Northeast High School
    • Seoul Institute of Applied Arts and Music
    • Kyung Hee University: Department of Music Postmodern Bachelor’s degree
  • Debut: 1996
  • Hobbies: Travel, snowboarding, swimming
  • Specialties: Plan.
  • Religion: Protestant
  • I am part of the well-known netflix series; sense8, playing the role of sun’s younger brother

Lee Ki Chan Collaborations

  • JANE & Lee Ki Chan – Patchwork (2015)
  • Eeljin – Estrellita 작은별 (Feat. Lee Ki Chan) (2012).
  • Lee Ki Chan & G.NA – Count On Me (2011)
  • Sim Hyun Bo – 너는 모른다 (You Don’t Know) (Feat. Lee Ki Chan) (2011).
  • Stage #1 – TOP – 오늘이 지나면 (After Today) (2008)
  • Shin Ji – Don’t Cry and Leave Well (Feat. Lee Ki Chan) (2008)
  • Wax – And Another Love Is Gone (2007)
  • Postino – 그대 없이 난 아무것도 아니다 (Im Nothing Without You) (Feat Lee Ki Chan) (2007)
  • Lee Soo Young – Grace (Feat. Lee Ki Chan) (2006)
  • Hye Ryoung – 돌아가 (Return) (Feat. Lee Ki Chan) (2004)
  • Jang Na Ra – Lately (2003)
  • Jang Na Ra – Friend (Duet Ver.) (2003)

Lee Ki Chan Drama

  • Missing: The Other Side (OCN, 2020)
  • Hyena (SBS, 2020)
  • My Holo Love (Netflix, 2020)
  • How Are You Bread (Naver TV, 2020)
  • V.I.P. (SBS, 2019) Special Appearance
  • The Shining Eun Soo (KBS1, 2016-2017) Special Appearance
  • Ready for Start (Naver TV, 2016)
  • Into the Flames (TV Chosun, 2014)
  • Pretty! Oh Man Bok (KBS2, 2014)
  • Real School! (MBC, 2011)

Lee Ki Chan Films

  • Like Father, Like Son (2007)

Lee Ki Chan Awards

  • SBS Inkigayo (04/11): Love Has Left Again
  • SBS Inkigayo (11/11): Love Has Left Again
  • SBS Inkigayo (05/01) A Cold
  • SBS Inkigayo (18/03) Angel

Lee Ki Chan TV Programs

  • Off To School (JTBC, 2015)
  • Immortal Songs 2 (KBS2, 2012)


  • Sense8 (Netflix, 2015-2016)

Lee Ki Chan TV Drama’s

  • Only You theme for Hide and Seek (2018)
  • Stay theme for My Golden Life (2017)
  • You Are The One theme for My Only Love Song (2017)
  • One Ordinary Day theme for Pride and Prejudice (2014)
  • Now We Go To Meet theme for Doctor Stranger (2014)
  • Though There Is Pain theme for Into the Flames (2014)
  • I’ll Crying Out theme for Arang and the Magistrate (2012)
  • How theme for Ghost (2012)
  • Painful Hope theme for Dream High Season 2 (2012)
  • I Hope It’s Not theme for The Moon That Embraces the Sun (2012)
  • To Forget You subject for 101st Proposal (2006)

Lee Ki Chan is a member of:


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