Lee Jung Mi


Real name: 이정민 / Lee Jung Mi

Stage name: 정민 / Jung Mi

Gender: Female

Date of birth: Unknown

Place of birth: Ilsan, South Korea

Height: 1.56cm

Weight: -

Zodiac Sign: Leo

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About Lee Jung Mi

Lee Jung Mi Facts

  • Former Kpop group Su★Pearls
    • Position: Vocalist
  • Education:
    • Bal High School
  • Understanding of songs, exceptional feeling in ballads.
  • She had a miraculous recovery and was able to make it to the live broadcast.She can sing ballads expressively, and possesses the ability to understand songs very quickly.Song Yumi (JYP) said of Lee Jung Mi, “She is very intelligent.She is quick to understand, and quick to try to fix her weak points.Although her voice color is not very unique, she looks sad when she sings, making her very good at expressing herself with ballads.She can sing sad songs, but can also sing tempo songs as well.”
  • Her contract with YG was cancelled, which meant her departure from the group. Su★Pearlswhich conformed to Lee Michelle, Seung Joo and Lee Hi.

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