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Lee Daeyeol (Golden Child)

Weight: -
Height: 180 cm
Real name: 이대열 / Lee Dae Yeol
Date of Birth: February 11, 1993

Lee Daeyeol (Golden Child)

About Lee Daeyeol (Golden Child)

Lee Daeyeol (Golden Child) Facts

  • Kpop Group: Golden Child
    • Position Leader, vocalist and dancer
  • Introduction Woollim Pick: “Charismatic Leader Dae Yeol”.
  • Training period: 6 years.
  • Joined Woollim in 2012.
  • He made his stage debut as a backup dancer with Tasty.
  • He suffers from dyslexia, this only comes when he is nervous, yet he loves to read.
  • He has an IQ of 130.
  • He has been a backup dancer in INFINITE F during his promotions, he was a backup dancer with INFINITE for ‘BAD’ at the end of the year presentations together with other Woollim trainees.
  • He mentioned that during his time as a trainee it was difficult for him to follow the same routine day in and day out, and that is why he likes books, because they take him to different places.
  • He volunteers with Sungyeol in secret, but this was revealed by L from INFINITE and one of the teachers of ‘Hansarang Village’.
  • On March 26, 2017, he was confirmed to make his debut as a member of Golden Child being the fourth name to be revealed.
  • Next to Y is the oldest member of the group’s original line-up, as many trainees were leaving the company, including some already known to the fans, due to the lack of an upcoming debut date.
  • When he was informed that he would be the leader of a group of 11 members, he was very worried, as he thought that being responsible for such a large group of boys was not going to be easy and that he still lacked the qualities to assume such a position, so he consulted his brother Sungyeol who in turn told him to speak with Sungkyu who, because he is the leader of INFINITE i would know how best to advise you.
  • In his first solo live broadcast he revealed that although his older brother (Sungyeol ) seemed to behave very rude to him in front of the cameras, behind the cameras he is usually very sweet and has even given him advice and promised him his unconditional support in everything he does.


First years

Lee Dae Yeol, born in 1993, entered the Woollim Ent. in 2012, his first appearance was on the program INFINITE “Sesame Player” (Episode 3) when. Lee Sung Yeol, Nam Woo Hyun, Lee Sung Jong and Kim Sung Kyu they visited Sung Yeol’s house. But it was a little more introduced to the public when Sung Yeol showed his relatives during the SBS program “Law of the Jungle”.

He was a trainee for 6 years, together with Sung Yoon, the longest time in Woollim, of his group. He was a backdancer for INFINITE F and TASTY during their promotions and INFINITE during the 2015 GAYO’S along with other trainees.

2017: Debut

On January 9, 2017 Woollim Entertainment revealed via its official Twitter account the first image about “W Project” with the hashtag “Coming Soon”.

On January 10, Woollim Entertainment reported that it would hold a large-scale project with a large number of trainees to create its new male and female group, which will debut this year 2017.

March 26th Woollim Ent. the first logo teaser video of the third “W-Project” was released, revealing the names that would be in charge of this new project, Dae Yeol, Jae Seok and Dong Hyun, on March 28 they showed us a preview of the video, revealing that this time it would be a dance performance, on March 30 the full performance was released through Woollim’s official YouTube channel.

Debuted as a member of Golden Child on August 28.

Lee Daeyeol (Golden Child) Drama

  • She’s So Lovable (SBS, 2014)

Lee Daeyeol (Golden Child) TV Programs

  • Weekly Idol (MBC, 17.07.2018). Ep. 363
  • Weekly Idol – Golden Child and Weki Meki (MBC, 2017) Ep. 320
  • Dream Stargram (jTBC, 2017). Ep. 13
  • WoollimPICK (Mnet, 2017).

Lee Daeyeol (Golden Child) Music Videos

  • Toheart – “Tell Me Why” (2014).
  • INFINITE H – “As long as you’re not crazy” (2015).

Lee Daeyeol (Golden Child) is a member of:

Golden Child

Golden Child

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