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Lee Ayumi (Sugar)

Weight: 48 kg
Height: 166 cm
Real name: 伊藤亜由美 / Ayumi Ito
Date of Birth: February 7, 2023

Lee Ayumi (Sugar)

About Lee Ayumi (Sugar)


Ayumi Ito, better known by her stage name Iconiq (アイコニック stylized ICONIQ), is an ethnic Korean Japanese singer in Japan.She was a member of the Korean group Sugar.Ito was born as a third generation Korean resident and raised in Japan for most of her life and is the reason for her Japanese accent, although she is now fluent in both languages.Although Ayumi’s name is commonly believed to be of Japanese origin, she has explained that her name is hanja-based.Iconiq was born in Tottori Prefecture on August 25, 1984, to Korean parents.She lived in Japan until the age of 15, after which she moved to South Korea.She attended Korea Kent Foreign School.

Debut in Korea.

She was discovered by Starworld entertainment company at an H.O.T. concert, debuting as part of the girl group sUGAR in 2002. The band released two albums in Japan and three in Korea, however they met with moderate commercial success.
In 2006, the group disbanded, and Iconiq released two solo singles as Ayumi. The first, a cover of the theme song for Cutie Honey (in the style of Kumi Koda’s 2004 version), was released on July 13, 2006, however, it was criticized by the Korean media for its “heavy accent” and overall Japanese feel of performances. her second, digital only “Jalmotdoen Mannam” (Korean: “잘못된 만남”, “Wrongful Meeting”) was released on November 7, 2006, and is a cover of Kim Pistol Mo’s hit from 1995.
She switched labels in February 2007, moving from Starworld to SM Entertainment and started collaborating with SM Town on her summer and winter albums that year. However, she did not.

Debut in Japan.

In late 2009, she changed her stage name to Iconiq, and debuted in Japan under Rhythm Zone. Her first promotions were for Shiseido’s Maquillage cosmetics line, for which her song “I’m Lovin’ You” (a duet with vocalist Exile Atsushi) was used in commercials, and images of Iconiq used on billboards. Iconiq was marketed around her buzz cut style of hair, often called “baby short hair” (ベ ビ ー シ ョ ー ト ヘ ア?), along with the slogan “Watashi ga kawaru. Ongaku de kawaru.” (私 が 変 わ る. 音 楽 で 変 わ る. How I change. How I change through music.?). Her hairstyle was suggested by her management as a strong image to complement her desire for a theme of change.
In her official Japanese profile Iconiq did not mention her past as a member of aSugar or her Korean heritage, however she did vaguely reference from “overseas” activities in 2002. Concerns about the motives for this were planned Girls’ Generation in January 2011, her official page featured a sample of an unreleased song. Days later, it was removed without explanation. Since then, the page declared “New Song This Spring” and has revealed the title “I will love”.

Lee Ayumi (Sugar) Facts

  • Former Kpop group: Sugar
  • Education:
    • Koyama Tottori City Elementary School
    • Koyama Junior High
    • Kent Foreign High School
  • Hobbies Listening to music, shopping, singing.
  • Specialties trumpet, unicycle riding, swimming.
  • She released a cover of the song Cutie Honey, originally performed by Japanese Kumi Koda, which sparked the public’s hatred: Koreans did not like her because of her Japanese accent and her dual nationality.
  • The Japanese hated her for daring to cover Kumi Koda’s song in Korean… Thus, after flirting with anorexia, fainting several times and, according to rumors, receiving threats against her family, Ayumi was abandoned to her fate by the media, the public, her peers and record labels, so she decided to go into exile in Los Angeles, USA to receive singing and dancing lessons.
  • I recommend Sunny girls’ Generation to enter SM, as she was in the same agency Starworld Ent.
  • After going into exile, her friends U-Know and Kim Jae Joong contacted Max Matsura, owner of the Avex Trax label, to give Ayumi a chance, who shaved her head and was reborn as Iconiq.
  • She is currently being linked to Japanese singer GACKT, and photos have been taken of them corroborating a possible romance.
  • Abandoned Avex Management January 30, 2020.

Lee Ayumi (Sugar) Advertisement

  • 2010: ANA Aviation
  • 2010: Maserati
  • 2010: Starbucks
  • 2010 Shiseido Makeup
  • 2008: Kirin Gogo no Koucha
  • 2008 Kobayashi Seiyaku

Lee Ayumi (Sugar) Drama

  • ATARU (TBS, 2012) ep7
  • Yottsu no Uso (TV Asahi, 2008)
  • Otome (音女) Ukagau Otome (TV Asahi, 2008)
  • Binbou Danshi (NTV, 2008)
  • Nonstop 6 (MBC, 2006)

Lee Ayumi (Sugar) Films

  • Kafu wo Machiwabite / Waiting for Good News (2009)
  • Yakusoku no Chi (2009)

Lee Ayumi (Sugar) is a member of:


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