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Weight: 51kg
Height: 169cm
Real name: 안효진 / Ahn Hyo Jin.
Date of Birth: December 10, 1991


About LE (EXID)

LE (EXID) Facts

  • K-Pop Group: EXID
    • Position: Rapper and Dancer.
  • Languages: Korean (mother tongue) and English (medium).
  • Specialty Drawing and song writing.
  • Hobbies Building with lego pieces, playing video games, composing and writing songs.
  • Favorite color Purple and black.
  • Favorite food: She likes ramen and seafood very much.
  • Favorite Artists Nicki Minaj, Lil Mama, Ledisi and Zico (Block B ).
  • Mascot A dog named Wooyoo.
  • She was part of the underground Hip-Hop/Rap group from the city of Busan (South Korea) known as “Jiggy Fellaz” under the name of Elly.
  • She composed the song herself “Call” of the Mini-Album of EXIDHippity Hop which was remastered and titled “Every Night” in addition, she has co-written many of the songs for EXID in many occasions, receiving the help of Hani who advises her and provides her with ideas.
  • In one of the lines of the first stanza of the first stanza of “Every Night” LE says “I know this is a booty call “expression that people have mistaken for beauty call Booty call is an American expression for “a call in the middle of the night with sexual intentions”.
  • She auditioned to be an apprentice for JYP Entertainment but it was rejected.
  • Participated in “Show Me The Money, Season 2” it was later said that she could not make it to the next stage due to a cold that troubled her voice and did not allow her to rap as she used to do.
  • She has participated in albums of rappers like Untouchable and Double Trouble
  • She has been one of the composers who has written part of the lyrics of the song “My Friend’s Boyfriend” by DIA.
  • It is ranked number 244 in the TOP 288 of the list MLBPark 2015 one of the most famous Korean male websites in South Korea.
  • She has been the composer of the lyrics of the new song of the subunit of EXID, DASONI (as it is now known, Solji&Hani ), called “Only One”.
  • She has been the composer and producer of many of the songs on the album of EXID – “Street.
  • It will perform together with the rest of EXID in her first web movie called “Idol”, produced by the company Banana Movie
  • For the first time, she participated in a television program and was producer of a team together with Cheetah and Yezi (FIESTAR ) and “Hip Hop Nation 2” in 2016
  • She has 67 songs copyrighted under her name on KOMCA.

LE (EXID) Collaborations

LE (EXID) Films

  • Idol (2017)

LE (EXID) Radio Programs

  • (SBS) Unnie’s Radio (03-02-17)
  • (KBS) Kiss The Radio (29-01-17)
  • (SBS) Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time (23-11-15)
  • (SBS) Cultwo Show (11-19-15)
  • (KBS) KBS COOL FM (04/24/15)
  • (SBS) Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time (03-02-15)
  • (SBS) Power FM Cultwo Show Radio (15-01-15)
  • (SBS) Jang Kiha Great Radio (24-12-14)
  • (KBS) Super Junior Kiss The Radio (17-12-14)
  • (SBS) Kim Chang Eyul’s Old School Radio (11-12-14)
  • (SBS) Park So Hyun’s Love Game (09-12-14)
  • (Arirang Radio) Sound K (18-09-14)
  • (KFM) Bounce Bounce Gyeonggi Broadcasting (15-09-14)
  • (Arirang Radio) Super K-Pop (01-09-14)

LE (EXID) TV Programs

  • (MNET) Not The Same Person You Used To Know (2019, Ep.5)
  • (MBC) Under Nineteen (ch 7-8)
  • (MBC) King of Mask Singer (12/24/17)
  • (KBS) Girl Group War: The honor of the family (27/01/17, besidesl rest of EXID )
  • (JTBC) Hip Hop Nation 2 (2016)
  • (SBS) WowWow (09/22/16, along with the rest of the EXID )
  • (MBC) Happy Piramid 333 (09/22/16, along with the rest of the EXID )
  • (KBS2) National Idol Contest (08/02/16, along with the rest of the EXID )
  • (SBS) The Boss is Watching (06/02/16, besidesl resto de EXID )
  • (SBS) Baek Jongwon’s 3 Great Chefs (15/01/16, besidesl rest of EXID )
  • (MBCEvery1) Weekly Idol (25/11/15, together with the rest of EXID )
  • (KBS 2TV) Hello (16/11/15, together with Hani and Hye Rin )
  • (SBS) Same Bed Different Dreams (07/11/15, besides Hani)
  • (MBC) My Little Television (07/15, guest hosted by Hani)
  • (MBCEvery1) Weekly Idol (06/05/15, together with the rest of EXID )
  • (SBS -MTV-) HyunAh’s Free Month (2014, Ep.3)
  • (MBCEvery1) Weekly Idol (24/12/14, together with the rest of EXID )
  • (Mnet) Show Me The Money (2013)

Reality Shows

  • Made In EXID (2018)
  • EXID – BUTBUT TV, Season 5 (2016)
  • (MBC) EXID – Showtime (2015)
  • EXID – BUTBUT TV, Season 4 (2015)
  • EXID – BUTBUT TV, Season 3 (2014)
  • EXID – BUTBUT TV, Season 2 (2013-2014)
  • EXID – BUTBUT TV, Season 1 (2012-2013)

LE (EXID) is a member of:



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