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Lay (EXO)

Weight: 60kg
Height: 177cm
Real name: 张艺兴 / Zhāng Yì Xìng / Zhang Jia Shuai
Date of Birth: October 7, 1991

Lay (EXO)

About Lay (EXO)

Lay (EXO) Facts

  • K-Pop Group: EXO
    • Position Vocalist, rapper and dancer.
    • Symbol: Unicorn (Healing).
  • Group Projects:
  • Education:
    • Hunan Normal University High School.
  • Hobbies Playing computer games, playing piano, guitar, dancing and composing songs.
  • Instruments: Piano, guitar and flute
  • Languages: Mandarin (Mother Tongue), Korean (Fluent) and English (Fluent).
  • Training Period: 4 years as an apprentice in SM Entertainment (from 2008 to 2012).
  • Favorite food: Fast food.
  • Role Model: JJ Lin, Jay Chou, and David Tao.
  • Fanclub: Xingmi.
  • Motto: Give your all in endurance, not explosiveness.
  • Won 3rd place in 2005 TV Star Academy.
  • Lay suffers from hemophilia, a disease that does not allow good healing, so people who suffer from hemophilia must be careful with wounds and bruises, as the blood will take longer to clot. It is not a very serious disease, but it does make the person a little delicate, and that they have to be more careful.
  • Despite having lived in Korea for several years, he still tends to confuse some words when speaking Korean.
  • He replaced in the dance Jong Hyun from SHINee at the SMTOWN Tokyo 2010 concert, because he had an ankle injury.
  • Lay received praise from renowned Chinese composer Wei Jen Yua, acknowledging his ability to compose music, and later the famous conductor Gao Xi Xi also praised him and commented that he would like to work with him.
  • He composed “I’m Coming” and presented it on Hunan TV’s year-end program (2014).
  • The together with Chen and Chan Yeol created the song ‘Promise’. which is a gift for EXO-L and belongs to their second album Repackage ‘Love Me Right.
  • Jan. 30, 2016 while Lay was filming for his Chinese webdrama Old Nine Gates he was immediately transferred to the hospital where doctors said it was a minor injury, and rested for approximately 2 weeks before resuming his activities.
  • He is the first male artist to appear on the cover of the Chinese magazine Youth.
  • His pre-release video for his debut solo mini-album entitled ‘What U Need’. reached one million visits in less than 24 hours and two million visits in two days.
  • Lay is part of the group of shareholders of SM Entertainment.
  • He has his own agency in China Zhang Yixing Studio.
  • Your album Lose Control is the best-selling Chinese album in Korea and internationally.
  • He has been a regular member of the Chinese variety show Go Fighting! since 2015.
  • On June 23, 2017, it was announced that Lay would not be participating in EXO’s self-titled comeback The War KOKOBOP.
  • On August 28, 2017, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Beijing announced that they will create a wax figure of Lay. He will be the first EXO member to have a figure, and will become the third SM Entertainment artist to do so after TVXQ and Super Junior’s Choi Siwon.
  • Lay is not currently promoting with EXO because of his agenda in China.
  • It was discovered that his original name is “Zhang Jia Shuai” due to the fact that from a video of him acting as a child, no “Zhang Yixing” appeared in the credits and it was discovered that his birth name is Jia Shuai, which is why his Instagram user is “zyxzjs”.
  • He was MC/national presenter of the program Idol Producer.
  • On June 7, 2018, he opened his Twitter account.
  • In the pre-sale of his album ‘HONEY’. sold more than 1.8 million copies in just 3 minutes.
  • In October 2020 he launched his company Chromosome Entertainment Group, which seeks to train and debut new artists in China.


  • Standing Firm At 24/而立 24, autobiography (2015)


Lay was born in Changsha, Hunan, China on October 7, 1991. In 2000, at the age of 9, he participated in a Chinese TV show as the fan club member of the actor and singer Jimmy Lin this gave him his first contact with the entertainment industry.

In 2005, he won 2nd place in the Chinese competition program, Star Academy before joining SM Entertainment lay was a young local star in China and had several special appearances in different programs.

In 2008, he joined SM Entertainment after a successful audition with S.M. Audition System at the time, he was 16 years old and studying for his university entrance exams.

In 2011, before debuting with EXO worked briefly with SHINee during their concert tour as the dance replacement for Kim Jong Hyun who was suffering from a leg injury.


On January 17, 2012, Lay was formally introduced to the public as the sixth member of the new group of SM Entertainment, EXO.

Lay was revealed in teaser number 10, then in Teaser 12 he came out together with his groupmate Kai in Teaser 19 together with Chen and Baekhyun and in Teaser 22 together with the group’s maknae Se Hun.

May 24, 2016, SM Entertainment revealed that Lay would be the next to participate in his project SM Station with their digital single entitled ‘Monodrama to be launched on May 27.

Debut Only.


In September 2016, it was reported that SM Entertainment planned to make his solo debut on October 7 and released a teaser image of Lay for his upcoming comeback.

September 29, SM Entertainment announced that Lay would be releasing a single titled “‘What U Need this single was a pre-release of his 1st album. Later, on October 7, ‘What U Need’. was released as his 2nd digital single, written and composed by him..

On October 20, the media reported that Lay would make his grand debut by releasing his first mini album on October 28 entitled ‘…LOSE CONTROL’. the album contains 6 songs, all written, composed and produced by him.


EXO confirmed in early June that they would make their comeback in mid-July with a new album and record their music video soon. However, on June 23, it was released that they would make their comeback without Lay.

SM Entertainment confirmed that Lay had been unable to participate in the production of the group’s next album due to scheduling conflicts in China. After realizing that his confirmed activities in China coincided with the return of EXO lay decided not to participate in the promotions for this comeback after discussing the issue with SM Entertainment.

A representative of SM Entertainment explained, “Lay had confirmed his scheduled activities in China a long time ago. It’s a pity, but Lay agreed not to participate in this comeback. He feels bad about the matter.”.

Lay (EXO) Collaborations

  • Steve Aoki – Love You More (Ft., LAY) (2020)
  • Go Fighting Charity ConcertI Believe I Can Fly + Wings (together with JJ Lin) (2016)
  • For you in Full Blossom (promotional teaser images) (2012)
  • SM The Performance – Spectrum (together with U-Know, Eun Hyuk, Dong Hae, Tae Min, Min Ho and Kai ) (2012)

Lay (EXO) Music

  • Dance Practice (Background Song) (2013) – SMROOKIES (Irene & Seoul Gi )
  • I’m Lay (2014) – EXOLOGY Chapter #1 : The Lost Planet
  • I’m Coming (2014)
  • Promise (Chinese/Korean) (2015) – Love Me Right (with Chen & Chan Yeol )
  • Dancing Young (2015)
  • Miss You Much (MYM) (2015)
  • Alone (One Person) (2015) – Ex-Files : The Backup Strikes Back
  • Youth Happiness (2015) – The Baby From Universe / Oh My God
  • Monodrama (2016)
  • what U need (2016)

Lay (EXO) Advertisement

  • 2016: Tide
  • 2016: Cornetto
  • 2016: Tmall Tianmao International (CF)
  • 2016: Clarisonic (CF)
  • 2016: Vichy (CF)
  • 2016: Kang Shifu (CF)
  • 2016 Pancoat (CF)
  • 2015: Lay’s (CF)
  • 2015: Olay (CF)

Lay (EXO) Drama

  • Challenges at Midlife (Zhejiang TV, TBA)
  • Crime Crackdown (CCTV, 2021)
  • Faith Makes Great (Hunan TV, 2021)
  • Ming Dynasty (Hunan TV, 2019-2020)
  • The Golden Eyes (iQiyi, 2019)
  • Operation Love (Dragon TV, 2017)
  • The Mystic Nine (iQIYi, 2016)
  • To Be A Better Man (Zhejiang TV/Jiangsu TV, 2016)
  • EXO Next Door (LINE/Naver TV Cast, 2015)

Lay (EXO) Films

  • For Love With You (2019)
  • Flying Kite (2018)
  • The Founding of an Army (2017)
  • Kung Fu Yoga (2017)
  • Royal Treasure (2016)
  • Ex-Files 2: The Back Up Strikes Back (2015)
  • The Baby From Universe (2015)
  • SMTOWN The Stage (2015)

Lay (EXO) Awards

  • The Wind of the East Ceremony: Music Pioneer of the Year.
  • Asian Influence Awards: Asia’s Most Influential Artist.
  • 2015 Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards China: Beautiful Idol of The Year.
  • BaiduMusic King Awards: Best OST of the Year (Alone)
  • Qingting On Air FM Music Chart Awards: Most Popular Male Artist.
  • The 16th Top Chinese Music Award: Best Movie OST.
  • The 16th Top Chinese Music Award: Best Rookie Actor.
  • 4th YinYueTai V-Chart Awards: Movie OST of the Year.
  • 4th YinYueTai V-Chart Awards: Most Popular Newcomer (Lay).
  • LeTV LeEco Night: Most Popular All-Rounded Idol.
  • 4th China-Britain Film Festival, London: Best Supporting Actor Ex-Files 2 (26 Jun)
  • ENAwards: Influential Artist List
  • Asia Book Awards: Terrific Author of the Year
  • Entertainment Sharing Night Ceremony: Most Influential Idol Award
  • China Writer’s Rich List Awards Celebrity Author Award
  • Quality TV Drama Awards Artist Of The Years
  • YinYueTai 5th V-Chart Award: Album Of The Year (Lose Control)
  • YinYueTai 5th V-Chart Award Best Male Artist of the Year
  • Tencent Video Star Awards: Album of the Year (Sheep)
  • The 2nd China Drama Awards: Best All-Rounded Artist
  • CCTV Flowers in the May Gala: Outstanding Youth Award
  • CCTV Flowers in the May Gala Esteemed Comradely Youth Award
  • Weibo TV Online Video Awards: Most Weibo Fans Award
  • Esquire Man At His Best Awards: Man of the Year Award
  • Global Chinese Music (14/05): “Pray”
  • Chinese Top Ten Music Awards Most Popular Male Artist
  • Chinese Top Ten Music Awards Best Producer
  • Chinese Top Ten Music Awards Best Album
  • The 9th Annual Power Fashion Award Producer of the Year
  • CCTV Flowers in the May Gala: Outstanding Youth Actor Award
  • Tencent Yo! Bang (10/14) “Give Me a Chance”
  • Tencent Yo! Bang (10/21) “Give Me a Chance”
  • The 25th Huading Awards: Best Male Supporting Actor
  • TenCent Music Entertainment Awards: Top Singer Award
  • TenCent Music Entertainment Awards: Most Popular Singer
  • TenCent Music Entertainment Awards: Top Selling Digital Album (NAMANANA)
  • Weibo Night: Best Producer of the Year
  • Weibo Night: God of the Year
  • Byte Dance Awards: Star of the Year
  • iQiyi Awards Asia All Rounded Artist Awards
  • iQiyi Awards All Rounded Celebrity of the Year
  • QQ Music Boom Boom Awards: Popular Singer of the Year
  • QQ Music Boom Boom Awards: Versatile Producer of the Year
  • 28th Chinese Top Ten Music Awards: Best Producer
  • 28th Chinese Top Ten Music Awards: Best Album (Lit)
  • 28th Chinese Top Ten Music Awards: Best Male Singer
  • 28th Chinese Top Ten Music Awards: Top 10 Golden Song (Jade)

Lay (EXO) Radio Programs

  • (MBC) C-RADIO Iconic ‘ Idol True Colors ‘ (16.11.2013, together with Kris Wu )
  • (MBC) C-RADIO Iconic ‘ Idol True Colors ‘ (09.11.2013, together with Kris Wu and Tasty)
  • (MBC) Shim Shim Tapa Radio (07.11.2013, with Xiumin as special DJs)
  • (MBC) Shim Shim Tapa Radio – ‘Masterchef Top Star’ Special (05.09.2013, besides Kris Wu )
  • (SBS) Cultwo Show (2013, together Su Ho, Baekhyun, Kris Wu, Chan Yeol, D.O, Xiu Min and Kai )
  • (KBS) Kiss The Radio (26.06.13, besides Chen, Baek Hyun, Chan Yeol and D.O )
  • (KBS) Cool FMHong Jin Hyung’s 2PM (17.06.13, besides Su Ho, Kris Wu, D.O and Chan Yeol )

Lay (EXO) TV Programs

  • (Youku) Street Dance of China 4 (2021)
  • (SMG) Youth and Melody (2021, as MC)
  • (Youku) Street Dance of China 3 (2020)
  • (Youku) We Are Young 2020 (2020)
  • (iQiyi) Youth with You (2019 ,as MC).
  • (iQiyi) Idol Producer (2018 ,as MC).
  • (HBS) Happy C& (10.09.2016)
  • (KBS) Music Bank Stardust 2 (15.06.2016, besides EXO )
  • (SMG) Go, Fighting! season 2 (04.17.2016, as a regular member)
  • (SMG) Go, Fighting! season 1 (14.06.2015-20.09.2015, as a regular member)
  • Go Fighting (Dragon TV, as main MC)
  • (ZRTG) Running Man ver. China (05/08/2015)
  • (HBS) Happy C& (14.03.2015, as special MC)
  • (CCTV) 2015 CCTV Net Spring Festival (11.02.2015, as MC)
  • (HBS) Crazy Magic Show (27.12.2014)
  • (JiangsuTV) Celebrity Chef Has Arrived (2014, last episode)
  • (ZRTG) Star Room Escape (07.11.2014)
  • (SZMG) The Generation Show (22.11.2014)
  • (JiangsuTV) Celebrity Chef Has Arrived (27.08.2014, Episode 2)
  • (JiangsuTV) Celebrity Chef Has Arrived (20.08.2014, Episode 1)
  • Top Chinese Music: cooking segment (07.19.2014)
  • Top Chinese Music (30.06.2014 to 06.07.2014, as special MC)
  • (CCTV) Global Chinese Music (21.06.2014, as MC)
  • (Mnet) MPD’s MVP (21.12.2013 besides Baek Hyun, Chen, D.O and Luhan interview)
  • (Mnet) Super Hit (20.12.2013, together with D.O, Baek Hyun, Luhan and Chen )
  • (MBC) Our Home’s Maknae (20.12.2013, besides Kris Wu )
  • (KBS) Hello Counselor (14.10.2013, with Kai, IU and K.Will )
  • (Mnet) Dancing 9 (28.09.2013. besides Kai and Hyo Yeon from Girls’ Generation )
  • (SBS) Star Face-Off Chuseok: “The Beatles” (20.09.2013, besides Chan Yeol, D.O and Chen )
  • (KBS2) Immortal Song 2 (14.09. 2013, with Kai, Se Hun, D.O, Baek Hyun, Lu Han, Chen and Xiu Min )
  • (Mnet) Beatles Code 2 (02.09.13, together with Xiu Min, D.O, Se Hun, Su Ho and Baek Hyun )
  • (KBS2) Immortal Song 2 (31.08.2013, together with Baek Hyun, D.O, Kai, Se Hun, Xiu Min and Chen )
  • (HBS) Star Academy (2005, Participant)

Themes for movies

  • Alone (One Person) theme for Ex-Files 2 (2015).
  • Youth Happiness theme for The Baby From Universe (2015).

Lay (EXO) is a member of:

SM Performance

SM Performance

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