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Weight: 60 kg
Height: 180 cm
Real name: 조광민 / Jo Kwang Min
Date of Birth: January 29, 2023


About KwangMin (BOYFRIEND)

KwangMin (BOYFRIEND) Facts

  • Former K-pop group BOYFRIEND (2011-2019)
    • Position Rapper and Dancer.
  • Education
  • School of Performing Arts Seoul.
  • Religion Christian
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Fanclub Champions.
  • Favorite food Chicken, Bibimbamp.
  • Favorite Lema: “If you don’t get it right the first time, try again – don’t give up.”
  • He and his twin brother Jo Young Min, make a small cameo in Dream High 2, in chapter 2.
  • Fans already knew that the twins from Boyfriend, Young Min and Kwang Min appeared on variety shows such as the “Truth game” as a result, they have starred in more than 300 CFs before their debut. Starship Entertainment revealed, “Youngmin and Kwangmin were in more than 300 CFs, as they had already turned 100 days old they were like child actors.” From cars to food, netizens immediately began recalling CFs. Some expressed surprise, commenting, “The kids are already that old?
  • Is less than Young Min for 6 minutes.
  • When he was a child, he and Youngmin were Ulzzang-Kid
  • He was a backup dancer for K.Will.
  • In an interview, the members were asked: “If you had 3 days off, what would you do! Kwangmin replied that he would go home, just like his brother.
  • He likes soccer.
  • He cries easily.
  • Like his brother, they are afraid of pyrotechnics because of the loud noise.
  • The rapper duo likes the following Dynamic Duo because they are cool and write such good lyrics that it makes you wish you could do the same someday.
  • His dream was to be a novelist, but he decided to change it to singer/rapper because he thinks it is easier to express his feelings.
  • One of the most characteristic features to differentiate him from his brother is in his eyes since Young Min he has bigger eyes, AND in his jaw as his brother has it more elongated and softer than him.
  • He was involved in a car accident one day before the Idol Athletic Championship was held. As a result, the leader Donghyuntook his place in the race that was rightfully his.
  • Together with Minwoo have helped write some of the raps for the songs on the mini album “Love Style”.
  • He played soccer for 2 years in his high school team.
  • He and YoungMin wear couple rings.
  • He doesn’t like hair spray because he always forgets to close his eyes and mouth.
  • He and his brother are ranked 09th (Youngmin) and 10th (Kwangmin) of “The 300 most popular Kpop idols in Japan and Korea.”
  • When he was little he was always with his brother when he had to do a CF.
  • In W Academy ch 1 when filling out the application forms he was astonished as Youngmin added all his family except him, he also expressed his personality as a wall, no thoughts no thoughts, innocent, annoying (<-those things said by Donghyun which he himself accepted), nice person, very sympathetic.
  • He and his brother posed for the magazine “Vogue Girl” titled “EXTRAORDINARY BEAUTY” with a somewhat mysterious and fanciful, but youthful concept.
  • They published in a magazine the beautiful skin of had Kwang Min being the envy of many.
  • He likes to read manga, write songs and in an interview in Thailand he confessed that he wrote the raps on the new album.
  • Once, he broke his right thumb.
  • Read a book before going to sleep.
  • He shares clothes with his brother, including underwear.
  • His mother is a teacher.
  • He was chosen as one of the most beautiful boys in South Korea along with his twin and ranked 20th.
  • Attended school ‘Seoul Performing Arts High School’. together with their partners Min Wooal and his brother Young Min, equal to Ricky from Toe Top, Very from B.A.P, Chaejin from MYNAME and Won Woo from Seventeen.
  • He and his twin don’t fight that much and when they do, they talk nicely to each other or make some jokes as apologies.
  • He once filled in for his brother at a photo shoot when he had fallen off a swing and cried.
  • One of his hobbies is talking with the other members and the topic he discusses most is music.
  • If he had the opportunity to act in a movie, he would like to be the guy who helps the main character do things.
  • He and his brother were training at JYP for two years.
  • The name of the twins “Young Kwang” means “Honor”.
  • Kwangmin said that his most important object that he usually always carries with him is his notebook, where he composes and creates raps. He uses many notebooks because he always forgets where he leaves them.
  • On May 16, 2019 with the termination of their contract with Starship Entertainment, it was announced that the separation of BOYFRIEND.

TV Shows

  • 2016 Celebrity Bromance – besides Yook Sung Jae from BTOB
  • 2015 Real Men2
  • 2013: “Boyfriend Daisakusen” – Japan
  • 2013: The Beatles Code – with Boyfriend
  • 2013: & Hello Baby!7 season
  • 2012: Tokyo Etoile Academy of Music – Japan
  • 2012: Wonder Boy
  • 2012: “Gurupop Show” Episode 02
  • 2012: Weekly Idol
  • 2012: Boyfriend W Academy
  • 2011: NHK Neccyuu Stadium (Japanese Program)
  • 2011: Happy Together
  • 2011: Escaped The Crisis No.1
  • 2001: “They’re Twin”
  • “Truth Game”
  • Star King
  • Coffee prince (parody)

KwangMin (BOYFRIEND) Drama

  • The Magic Thousand-Character Classic (KBS2,2014)
  • All My Love (MBC, 2010)

KwangMin (BOYFRIEND) Music Videos

KwangMin (BOYFRIEND) Films

  • GoGo Flower Boy 5 (2013)

KwangMin (BOYFRIEND) is a member of:

Starship Planet

Starship Planet

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