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Kim Kyujong (SS501)

Weight: 65kg
Height: 182cm
Real name:
Date of Birth: February 24, 1987

Kim Kyujong (SS501)

About Kim Kyujong (SS501)

Kim Kyujong (SS501) Facts

  • K-pop group: SS501
  • Education:
    • Paekje Arts College: Department of Popular Music
    • Chonbuk National University High School: Applied Music
  • Religion: Christian.
  • Period of military service 23-July-2012 to 22-July-2014
  • Hobbies: Listening to and writing music, basketball, reading.
  • Talents: Making magic.
  • Number of fan clubs: “ThanKyu”
    • why ThanKyu? all the time thanking for each other’s existence. To become the ever thanking “ThanKyu”.
  • Motto: “Challenged and unlamented.”
  • Languages: Korean (native language), Japanese (fluent), Spanish (basic), Chinese and English (fluent).
  • Favorite Color Yellow and Red.
  • When he moved to Seoul for his debut, his mother bought him clothes and brand-name items because he didn’t want him to go to the capital as a country boy, but when he arrived he realized that the other members of SS501 they wore simple clothes, which led him to feel bad and think about resigning.
  • He told the program Strong Heart one day, he went to his father’s work, a former traditional archery champion, to ask him for a loan or extra money to go out with his friends and saw him unloading large crates of vegetables, he said that seeing him struggling made him feel bad for going in a high-handed way to ask him for money, he even tried to leave before being seen, but his father stopped him and asked him what he needed, guessing it was money. Then he took out his money and gave it to Kyu, who could only respond by quickly leaving crying. Later Kyu’s father questioned him why he left so abruptly and with a smile asked him if it was for having asked for extra money. Kyu ended up telling the air, that his father never knew the truth of why he had run away like that.
  • On one occasion, before the group’s debut, he forgot to buy the “white day” gifts for his noonas and together with Kim Hyung Jun escaped to a shopping mall and in the end had to borrow money from a cameraman (“Mnet”).
  • He had a goldfish named “Young Saeng “and a turtle with the same name.
  • He received a lot of criticism that hurt him, saying that without him and Heo Young Saeng the group would be more successful.
  • He suffered from depression, thinking that no one liked him or that he was out of place in society.
  • He sang the song “I do” from Bi Rainin the first event they had as a group “The first story of SS501 “.
  • After a concert in Japan, he burst into tears with his drinking buddy, Young Saeng by singing the song “Wings of the World”. after recalling his triumph over the critics.
  • Together with Young Min paid for a fan’s college education.
  • He confessed in a T.V. program (Star Golden Bell) who is afraid of dogs.
  • Kyu sang the cover of “It’s raining” from Rain on April 4, 2008 at the Mnet Countdown showing his great dancing and acting skills.
  • He wrote a handwritten letter to his noona Se Youngi hope you find a cute guy, if you get married, please invite me to your wedding,” he said.
  • He received an award for the best dancer at the Mega Show 2010.
  • In 2010, he turned down the lead role in the drama Secret Garden because he did not feel ready to take on a leading role.
  • Then that SS501 were to go on hiatus, he together with Young Saeng it should be noted that Kyu Jong was the last member to debut as a solo artist.
  • The song “Yesterday” with which he made his debut as a soloist, the company had originally given it to Young Saeng who even recorded it but after voting it was given to Kyu Jong.
  • The day of his debut as a soloist, Kim Hyung Jun and Heo Young Saeng accompanied him to support him.
  • One day before traveling to Japan for the musical “Goong” he appeared together with Young Saeng at Hyun Joong’s concert, appearing on stage with a cake and singing ‘Happy Birthday’ together with the audience and staying for a short interview and games (June 2011).
  • Sent a wreath to the maknae Hyung Jun on his 24th birthday (August 2011), with the message: “Oh ~ Ah ~ you’re the man of the hour, I’m in the middle of recording”.
  • He was invited to the wedding of B2M CEO Kil Jong Hwa, which was attended by many celebrities and even, Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng and Kim Hyung Jun (June 30, 2012), at the event he sang a song together with Saeng and Hyung Jun and presented themselves as SS501.
  • He assures that he, along with the other boys from SS501 they still support and love each other as they did when they were together.
  • So much was the leader’s enthusiasm for being with’. “‘Kyu Jong and the others at Kyu’s farewell event, who went directly from the airport (he was in China) to the fanmeeting.
  • A similar act was carried out by Young Saeng who, having just finished a live performance, left directly for the venue without giving him time to change his clothes.
  • The first to arrive at the event was Young Min then Hyung Jun they were followed by Hyun Joong and lastly Young Saeng.
  • Also at this fan meeting Kyu presented a song composed by him and dedicated to his fans “Thank you. I Love You. Be Happy”.
  • He was originally exempt from military service because he was a Hepatitis B carrier but with the new laws and passing medical tests he was eligible.
  • The members Heo Young Saeng and Kim Hyung Jun from SS501 went to see him off at the base along with the fans. The leader Kim Hyun Joong was unable to attend due to the recording of his drama “City Conquest” and Park Jung Min also did not show up because he was too busy with his album, but called him in the evening to say goodbye.
  • 2016 He joined CI ENT the same company as his partner from SS501, Kim Hyung Jun and Heo Young Saeng.
  • On April 6, together with Young Saeng went to say goodbye to Kim Hyung Jun due to his entry into military service.
  • On Instagram he confirmed having “non-celebrity” partner of Japanese nationality. On November 17, 2019, it was confirmed that they had ended their relationship.

About Kim Kyu Jong

He moved with his father from the countryside to Seoul to realize his dream of becoming a singer. He was scheduled to make his debut in a band but because of the great support he received from the members of SS501 ended up debuting in 2005 with them.

Kim Kyu Jong took on the role of DJ for his colleague Heo Young Saeng for the SBS radio program ” SS501 of the youngstreet’ on August 21, 2006, due to the fact that Young Saeng had to undergo throat surgery, after which he hosted the program along with his colleague Park Jung Min.

He started his acting career with a role in Mnet hip-hop drama “Break” (May 11, 2006) showing his skills in singing and dancing at the same time while playing the role of a B-Boy.

In 2010 it left DSP Media, which was managing it as part of SS501 and signed a contract with B2M Entertainment making his solo debut in 2011.

He was cast as Shin Lee in the musical “Goong” the company began a successful tour in Japan on June 8, 2011.

In 2016 he made his return as a member of the sub-unit Double S 301 under the agency CI Entertainment.

Kim Kyujong (SS501) Career

2011:Career as Soloist

Kyu Jong was tempted to retire from show business and resume his studies, but he gave up that idea and joined B2M Entertainment.

He released his first mini album “TURN ME ON” on September 27, 2011, being his first cut and first MV, the debut song “Yesterday” published on September 26 of that year.

A farewell mini-album was planned for release on July 18th (2012) called “Meet Me Again” the mini-album includes songs written by him and basically all the tracks are dedicated to his fans. Despite the release of the mini-album, there was no promotion of any kind; the first and only cut was “My Precious One” in the letter uploaded on his official website before his enlistment, he thanked all the TripleS and ThanKYU for their support and hoped to create beautiful memories with them in this last meeting.

2012: Entry into Compulsory Military Service and Meet Me Again (Taiwanese Version)

Kyu Jong’s farewell Fanmeeting was attended by members of SS501, Hyun Joong, Young Saeng, Young Min, Hyung Jun however, the stage was missing Jung Min, who did not go on stage due to legal problems with CNR. All together they introduced themselves as SS501 and then Kyu Jong and Park Jung Min made the pinky promise, promising to return.

He enlisted for compulsory military service on July 23, 2012, on July 23, 2012, at 12:30 p.m. Korean time, as a civilian servant at the Human Resources Office in Jeonju, his hometown.

On August 18, 2012, the Taiwanese version of their mini-album was released. “Meet Me Again” the teaser for the Taiwanese version was released by Warner Music Taiwan on its official Youtube account, as well as a video with a special greeting from kyu Jong for fans in the country. He returned from military service on July 22, 2014.He reunited with his fans at his fan meeting in Seoul held on Sept. 27, 2014 (he attended Young Saeng ) .

2015: Return with the Drama SOS Please Help Me

Returned to acting with KBS2 drama SOS Please Help Mehe also made another foray into a musical that premiered in Korea on June 6, 2015 called “Singing in the Rain”. .

Debut in Japan with the single “Draw the love”.

He started his promotions in Japan, for his solo debut, during the month of May by performing at 3 fanmeetings with his Japanese fans in just two days (May 30 and 31). “Draw the Love” on July 21, reaching the top ten on the Oricon chart.

He will hold a concert in September in Japan, and the release for the Korean market will be at the end of August, according to Kyu Jong himself in an interview.

2016: Comeback as Double S 301

In interview for BNTnews (Nov. 2015), Heo Young Saeng confirmed that they will record a mini-album together with Kim Hyung Jun and Kyu Jong in the return, as a sub-unit of SS501.

On Jan. 14 (2016), in the wee hours of the morning in Korea, the CI Entertainment agency from Heo Young Saeng and Kim Hyung Jun revealed a teaser photo of them together with Kyu Jong confirming the trio’s long-awaited comeback.

On January 20 (2016), CI ENT announced that Double S 301’s mini-album “ETERNAL 5” will be released on February 16, and released new images of the guys already showing their faces.

The new mini-album will be online on February 16, 2016 at 0 AM and the pre-sale will be on January 21, 2016.

Back with “Play in Nature” 2017-2018

On May 10 at 6:00, the MV of the single titled “Hello Spring” (안녕, 봄) was revealed.

Among his activities are fan meetings for his return.

On October 2, 2017, their second Single, from the Play in Nature Part 2 series, called Forest, was released.

Regarding its activities in Japan, on 23.11.17 it held a Fanmeeting in Tokyo and on 25.11.17 it held a Fanmeeting in Osaka.

On January 1, 2018, Kim Kyu Jong’s third single album, , has been released through music websites. This single has two versions one Japanese and one Korean.

The song “Spring TO Winter”, is the concept of the “Play in Nature” series, which is characterized by a song that presents all the feelings of love from spring to winter, and the title song is a song that expresses with soft voice the love and farewell in winter. We would like to ask for your support and interest and love for this mini album which is the last in the “Play in Nature” series, which has been released as a trilogy since 2017.CI ENT. – CI ENT.

Kim Kyujong (SS501) Collaborations

  • 2015: Bobby Moon (바비문) – Love Timing (feat Kim Kyu Jong, Seulgi).
  • 2015: Dandi (단디) “Relation Breakup” (feat Kim Kyu Jong)
  • 2011: Heo Young Saeng &“Rainy Heart” (feat Kim Kyu Jong)

Kim Kyujong (SS501) Drama

  • Different Dreams (MBC, 2019)
  • Start Love (NaverTV, 2015)
  • 28 Faces Of The Moon (2015)
  • SOS Please Help Me (KBS2, 2014)
  • Saving Madame Go Bong Shil (CSTV, 2011 – 2012)
  • Summer and Love (2011)
  • Never Ending Love (Pianissimo) (Trend E, 2011)
  • Boys Over Flowers (KBS2, 2009) cameo
  • SETI (Special for Internet) (Daum, 2009)
  • Spotlight (MBC, 2008) cameo
  • Hotelier 2007 (TV Asahi, 2007) cameo
  • Break (Mnet, 2006)
  • Nonstop 5 (MBC, 2005) cameo

Kim Kyujong (SS501) Musicals

  • 2015: “Singing in the Rain”
  • 2011: “Goong”

Kim Kyujong (SS501) Films

  • There is an Alien Here (2021)
  • Pi’s Story (2006) voice (clam and a crab)

Kim Kyujong (SS501) Radio Programs

  • “SS501’s Youngstreet” -SBS (since August 21-August 2006)

Kim Kyujong (SS501) TV Programs

  • King of Mask Singer (MBC, 2018) Ep. 145-146
  • Gourmet Road (Y-STAR,2012) as MC Episodes 80 and 89
  • Live Power Music (Y-STAR,2011) as MC
  • Serenade (Mnet, 2011) as guest MC
  • Anycall Haptic Mission (2009) Ep. 1
  • God of Cookery Expedition 1 (MBC Drama, 2008/2009) as MC
  • Yuan Happiness – Kim Kyu-jong pieces (MBC, 2008)
  • M! Countdown (Mnet, 2005)
  • My Big Mama SS501
  • SOS 501
  • Happy Together (KBS2, 2009) with Kim Hyun Joong
  • Strong Heart


  • 2019: Reciprocating Book: Fifteen Years Back

Kim Kyujong (SS501) TV Drama’s

  • In Your Days (besides Eric Nam) subject for SOS Please Help Me (2014)

Kim Kyujong (SS501) Music Videos

  • EVE (ft. Kim Hee Chul)- “Melody” (2016)
  • DanDi (단디)-&“Relation Breakup” & (2015)
  • Kim Dong Hee (1984)-&“A Woman Is Just Like That” & (2009)&
  • 2SHAI – &“She Laughed” (2006) (MV)

Kim Kyujong (SS501) is a member of:



Double S 301

Double S 301

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