Kim Greem (Woman Power)


Member of: Woman Power

Stage name: 김그림 / Kim Gu Rim (Kim Greem)

Gender: Female

Age: 35 years

Date of birth: March 1, 1987

Height: 165cm

Weight: 51kg

Bloodtype: B

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Kim Greem Profile

About Kim Greem

Kim Greem (Woman Power) Facts

  • Kpop group: Women Power
  • Education Korea University (Language and Literature)

Kim Greem (Woman Power) TV Programs

  • Love Pawn Shop (E Channel, 2014)
  • Music ON (etn Channel, 2013)
  • Superstar K2: Unfinished Story (Mnet, 2010)
  • Super Star K2: The Dreamers (Mnet, 2010)
  • Superstar K2 (Mnet, 2010)

Kim Greem (Woman Power) Drama

  • Perseverance Goo Hae Ra (Mnet, 2015) cameo

Kim Greem (Woman Power) Collaborations

  • 조정치 – 혹시 설마 어쩌면 (Feat. Kim Greem) (2018).
  • Black House – Like Slomo (feat. Kim Greem, Bray&Skilletto) (2016).
  • Kim Greem with Baek Chung Kang – Love, My Love (2014)
  • Kim Greem with Bae Seung Ho – No Tobacco (2014)

Kim Greem (Woman Power) TV Drama’s

  • You theme for My Fellow Citizens (2019)
  • Ordinary Days theme for I Hate Going to Work (2019)
  • My Love theme for It’s My Life (2019)
  • Sleep More theme for Clean with Passion for Now (2018)
  • Only one person theme for Ruler: Master of the Mask (2017)
  • I Do theme for First Love Again (2017)
  • Just A Good Person theme for Come! Jang Bo Ri (2014)
  • 꿈인가요 (Is This A Dream?) theme for Jeon Woo Chi (2013)
  • Where Do You Come From theme for Can’t Lose (2011)
  • Everything Will Be Ok theme for Romance Town (2011)
  • What A Fool theme for Ojakgyo Brothers (2011)

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