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Kim Bo-Ah (KEEMBO)

Weight: 46kg
Height: 171cm
Real name:
Date of Birth: January 14, 1987

Kim Bo-Ah (KEEMBO)

About Kim Bo-Ah (KEEMBO)

Kim Bo-Ah (KEEMBO) Facts

  • Kpop Group: KEEMBO
  • Ex-Kpop Group SPICA
    • Position: Leader, Vocalist and Dancer.
  • Specialty: Singing
  • Education: YIP (Yeoju Institute of Technology)
  • She was a trainee at Kakao M Corporation
  • She has a great friendship with IU since they were apprentices, IU she presumes to be proud of her for her improvements in dancing, since when they were trainees they were both not very good at it.
  • Before debuting with SPICA was a vocal coach for INFINITE and in her time as a trainer she trained with IU they sang together and helped each other.
  • Collaborated with the guys from LED Apple in the cover of the song “Just Give Me a Reason” by Pink.
  • She stated in a program, during a photo shoot carried out together with Lee Hyo Ri who felt uncomfortable because of her small bust.
  • She has a navel piercing.
  • She revealed that she is a fan of Bruno Mars and would love to collaborate with her one day.
  • She participated in the popular program King of Mask Singer as “Take My Sword! Romantic Assassin”, making it to the finals, and although she didn’t win, she left everyone delighted with her beautiful voice.
  • Performed a cover with Bo Hyung of the song “I’m In Love With A Monster” by Fifth Harmony.

Kim Bo-Ah (KEEMBO) Collaborations

  • Truedy – LovE yOuRSelF (Feat. Kim Bo Ah) (2021)
  • Joo Heon – DARK & CLOUDY (Feat. Kim Bo Ah) (2020)
  • DinDin – 아름다운 꽃 (Feat. Kim Bo Ah) (2019).
  • Nicole Jung – Innocent? (ft. Kim Bo Ah) (2014)
  • Mario – Damage (ft. Kim Bo Ah) (2014)
  • Eric Nam & Kim Bo Ah – Say Something (Cover) “A Great Big World” (2014)
  • Mario – I’m Here (ft. Kim Bo Ah) (2008)

Kim Bo-Ah (KEEMBO) Collaborations as backing vocalist

  • 카라: 나는… KARA – I am…
  • 카라: 마이달링 KARA – My Darling
  • 카라: 하니 KARA – Honey
  • 카라: 프리티걸 (bani Ver,school rock Ver) KARA – Pretty Girl (bani Ver, school rock Ver)
  • 카라: 굿데이 (시즌2) KARA – Good Day (Season 2)
  • 카라: With KARA – With
  • 카라: Binks KARA – Binks
  • 카라: Love is KARA – Love is
  • 카라: 점핑 KARA – Jumping to
  • 카라: 스텝 KARA – Step
  • 카라 (Nicole): Lost Kara (Nicole Jung ) – Lost
  • 영생: Let It Go (设檚). Heo Young Saeng – Let It Go
  • 아이유: boo IU – Boo
  • 아이비: good Ivy – Good
  • 티아라: 뽀삐뽀삐 T-ARA – Bo Peep Bo Peep
  • 티아라: 원앤원 T-ARA – One and One
  • 티아라: 몰라요 T-ARA – I Don’t Know
  • 티아라: ma boo T-ARA – Ma Boo
  • 티아라: 왜이러니 T-ARA – Why are You Being Like This
  • 티아라: 러비더비 T-ARA – Lovey Dovey
  • 티아라: 내가 너무 아파 T-ARA – I’m Really Hurt
  • 티아라: 롤리폴리 T-ARA – Roly Poly
  • 소녀시대: Echo Girls’ Generation – Echo
  • 소녀시대: Baby Girls’ Generation – Baby
  • 애프터스쿨: Play Ur Love After School – Play Ur Love
  • 지나: 꺼져줄게 잘살아 G.NA – I’ll Leave So You Can Live Better
  • 지나: black & white G.NA – Black & White
  • 포미닛: hide and seek 4MINUTE – Hide and Seek
  • 포미닛: first 4MINUTE – First
  • 포미닛: already gone 4MINUTE – Already Gone
  • 포미닛: you know 4MINUTE – You Know
  • 포미닛: 모르는척 4MINUTE – Pretend
  • 포미닛: heart to heart 4MINUTE – Heart to Heart
  • 포미닛: 거울아거울아 4MINUTE – Mirror Mirror
  • 레인보우: A RAINBOW – A
  • 레인보우: Mach RAINBOW – Make
  • 레인보우: 너뿐이라고 RAINBOW – I Said You’re The One
  • f (x) : 아이 F (x) – Love
  • 나인뮤지스: 티켓 9MUSES – Ticket
  • 나인뮤지스: 휘가로 9MUSES – Figaro
  • 나인뮤지스: 뉴스 뉴스 9MUSES – News
  • 인피니트: 3분의 1 INFINITE – 1/3
  • 인피니트 INFINITE – White confession
  • 인피니트: 내꺼하자 INFINITE – Be Mine
  • 인피니트: 파라다이스 INFINITE – Paradise
  • 인피니트: BTD INFINITE – BTD
  • 인피니트: 추격자 INFINITE – The Chaser
  • 윤하: 가십보이 Younha – Gossip Boy
  • 이효리: 톡톡톡 Lee Hyo Ri – Knock Knock Knock Knock
  • 성아: 환상동화 Seong A – Fantastic Fairytale
  • 이수영: 멍하니 Lee Soo Young – Blankly
  • 이수영: 단발머리 Lee Soo Young – Short hair
  • 임정희: 이별선언 Im Jeong Hee – Farewell Declaration
  • 이승환: 이승환: 첫사랑 Lee Seung Hwan – First Love
  • 이승환: 징글 ha-day Lee Seung Hwan – Jingle Ha-Day
  • 쥬얼리: 나는나 너는너 Jewerly – I am I and You are You
  • 쥬얼리: one more time Jewerly – One More Time
  • 쥬얼리: oops. Jewerly – Oops
  • 서진영: 별의 목소리 Seo Jin Young – Voices of the Star
  • 마리오: I will Mario – I will
  • 마리오: 퍼슈퍼맨 Mario – Superman
  • Heo Young Saeng – The Art of Seduction
  • – Oh Oh! Eric Nam

Kim Bo-Ah (KEEMBO) Drama

  • Entourage (tvN, 2016) cameo

Kim Bo-Ah (KEEMBO) TV Programs

  • King of Mask Singer (MBC, 2015)
  • Strong Heart (SBS, 2012) Ep. 131 and 132


  • Maxim (November 2013)
  • Oh Boy! (October 2013)
  • Ceci (September 2013)

Kim Bo-Ah (KEEMBO) TV Drama’s

  • Drink theme for Work Later, Drink Now (2021)
  • Even You (together with Reddy ) theme for Entourage (2016)
  • Though My Heart Tells Me theme for Love For Ten – Generation of Youth (2013)
  • Tears Fallin subject for That Winter, The Wind Blows & (2013)
  • The Bottom Of My Heart theme for Kid Gang (2007)

Kim Bo-Ah (KEEMBO) Music videos

Kim Bo-Ah (KEEMBO) is a member of:



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