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Ken (VIXX)

Weight: 64 kg
Height: 180 cm
Real name: 이재환 / Lee Jae Hwan
Date of Birth: April 6, 1992

Ken (VIXX)

About Ken (VIXX)

Ken (VIXX) Facts

  • K-Pop group: VIXX
    • Position: Vocalist and Dancer.
  • Specialties Imitations, drawing, beatboxing.
  • Favorite Artist: Usher.
  • He learned Taekwondo before his debut.
  • He failed many auditions before auditioning for Jellyfish and thought about giving up his dream of being a singer.
  • He worked part-time at the Lotteria burger chain for 9 months. When he made an appearance on The Capable Ones show, when burgers came out on the set, he knew exactly that the burgers came from Lotteria.
  • Among the 10 participants of the reality show Mydol was one of the winners of the show and therefore is now a member of VIXX.
  • He disclosed that his stage name “Ken” was given because he resembles Ken Haria and Ken from Street Fighter.
  • He can’t swim.
  • Ken gave a part of the song ‘Rock Ur Body’ to Hyuk he even took it upon himself to recommend it to the composer.
  • He recorded the English version of the song “In The Name Of Love” for the drama The Heirs while his group mate Leo ken was then asked to re-record the Korean version for an official version.
  • He sang the chorus of the song “Ponytail” by rapper J’Kyun
  • Opened his youtube channel on 08/18/2019
  • On June 27, 2020, it was announced that Ken will enlist on July 6 as a member of the military band. For security reasons, the time and place of his enlistment will not be publicly announced.

Ken (VIXX) Collaborations

  • J’kyun – Ponytail (2013)
  • Hani (1992) – Gap/One by One (2015)
  • Yoon Jong Shin – About Sleep (2016)
  • Ravi – Rose (2017)

Ken (VIXX) Drama

  • Tofu Personified (Naver TV/Ole TV, 2018)
  • Entertainers (SBS, 2016) cameo
  • Boarding House No. 24 (MBC Every1, 2014)


  • Chess The Musical – Anatoly (2015)
  • Cinderella (2015)
  • Joint Opening Ceremony & Gala Concert (2015)
  • Boys over Flower (2017)
  • Hamlet (2017)

Ken (VIXX) Awards

  • 12th Daegu International Musical Festival: New Musical Actor of the Year.

Ken (VIXX) Radio Programs

  • Younha Starry Night Radio (besides N )
  • MBC Radio (together with N )
  • MBC Radio Jung Oh’s Hope Songs Radio
  • MBC Radio Jung Oh’s Hope Songs Radio (besides N )
  • Younha Starry Night Radio (besides N )
  • Younha Starry Night Radio (besides N )
  • Younha Starry Night Radio (besides N )

Ken (VIXX) TV Programs

  • 2018: MBC Under Nineteen Ep.8 (besides Ravi ) as special director
  • 2016: Hello Counselor (besides Hong Bin and Seo Yoojung) (KBS) (7-11-16)
  • 2016 SBS Running Man (besides Hyuk and Ravi )
  • 2016: MBig Tv “Oh My God! Tips (오마이갓팁)” (besides Kyungri de 9MUSES )
  • 2016: Duet Song Festival (besides Choi Sangyeob)
  • 2015: MBC King of Masked Singer
  • 2014: Star King (02.08.2014, besides Hongbin and Hyuk )
  • 2013: MBC “Quiz to Change the World” (besides N )
  • 2013: Star King (together with N )
  • 2013: Perfect Singer
  • 2013: Music Picnic Live (next to Leo and Ravi )
  • 2013: All The K-Pop (besides Hongbin and N )
  • 2013: Three Idiots (together with Ravi, Hongbin and Hyuk )
  • 2013: All The K-Pop (besides Hongbin and N )
  • 2013: All The K-Pop (besides Hongbin and N )
  • 2013: MBC Every1 “Idol Drawing Competition
  • 2013: TvN “Top 10 Beautiful Uniforms!” (besides Ravi, Hongbin and Hyuk )
  • 2012: Mnet MydoL (12.04.2012 – 31.05.2012).

Ken (VIXX) TV Drama’s

  • I’ll Meet You theme for My Strange Hero (2018)
  • What Do You Want? theme for Tofu Personified (2018)
  • Fool theme for Legend of the Blue Sea (2016)
  • When I See You (Male Ver.) subject for Moorim School (2016)
  • My Girl theme for Fated To Love You (2014)
  • Call My Name (English Ver.) subject for The Heirs (2013)
  • In The Name Of Love theme for The Heirs (2013)

Ken (VIXX) is a member of:


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