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Kebee (Eluphant)

Real name: 배이삭 / Bae Lee Sak
Date of Birth: May 29, 1983

Kebee (Eluphant)

About Kebee (Eluphant)

Kebee (Eluphant) Facts

  • Music Group: Eluphant
  • Hobbies Music, Psychology
  • Education Chung-Ang University (Psychology)

About Kebee

Kebee is a rapper and the CEO of Soul Company. As a veteran MC, he has released three solo albums and a split album with Minos in the early 2000s, Kebee was seen as a turning point in Korean hip-hop, creating buzz from both legendary artists and listeners through his freestyle rapping skills and Korean rhyme theory.

Soul Company is a label created in 2004 and now represents the South Korean hip-hop scene as a whole.

Kebee (Eluphant) Collaborations

  • SIM2 – Rain (With Aden, Kebee) (2021)
  • Sieve – 토루소가 된 것 가타 (Feat.Kebee) (2021).
  • #Gun & Pismo – Sunflower Dance (Feat. 키비) (Prod. 216project) (2017).
  • Kim Wan Seon – Set Me On Fire (Feat. 키비) (2017).
  • The Mind – Mixtape (Feat. Kebee, Don Malik & DJ Nubits) (2017).
  • Kim Wan Seon – Set Me On Fire (Feat. Kebee) (2016)
  • Kim Hyung Jun – Cross The Line (Feat. Kebee) (2015)
  • Urban Chic – With You (Feat. Kebee) (2015)
  • Teth – 힌트 (Feat. Paxy, Kebee) (2015).
  • The Quiett – 진흙 속에서 피는 꽃 (Feat. Mc Meta, Kebee) (2014).
  • CHEEZE – Do it again (Feat. Kebee) (2014)
  • Zizo- 꿈 (Dream) (Feat. Hyo Bin, Kebee) (2014).
  • A-Narin – No Way (Feat. Kebee) (2011)
  • Crucial Star – Phone Number (Feat The Quiett & Kebee) (Bonus Track) (2011)
  • D.C – Someone Like You (Remix) (Feat Kebee) (2010)
  • BlueBrand – Trauma Part 1 (사라진 것도 아니다 (Feat. Satbyeol)) (2010)
  • Loptimist – Like This (Bonus Track) (Feat. Kebee, DJ Wegun) (2008)
  • Jin Chi – Stay (Feat.soulman, Nuck, Kebee) (2008)
  • Verbal Jint – Favorite Rmx (feat. Kebee &. The Quiett ) (2008)
  • Epic High – 연필깍기 (Pencil Sharpener) (Feat. Kebee) (2008)
  • Minos – Doctor a Fool (feat. An Chi Hwan, Kebee) (2008)
  • Brown Hood – Gotham’s Festival (Casting Fana, Kebee, The Quiett ) (2006)

Kebee (Eluphant) TV Drama’s

  • Incurable Disease (Feat Navi ) theme for Secret Love (2013)

Kebee (Eluphant) is a member of:



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