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Weight: 72 kg
Height: 180 cm
Real name: 강창모 / Kang Chang Mo
Date of Birth: March 24, 2023


About KCM

About KCM

KCM is the initials of his Korean name, Kang Chang Mo. KCM first became known in the Korean pop music world by singing “I Know”, a song used in the original soundtrack of a TV series titled “Hit It” aired in October 2003. The following year KCM released its first official album under the title “Beautiful Mind”, receiving great response from both online and offline music listeners. By putting three songs of one album on the top of the charts in the mobile music market, KCM was recognized as one of the singers who will lead the Korean music industry. KCM’s biggest characteristic is his high-paced voice. Rarely seen among male vocalists, KCM is able to sing 5 octaves. After the huge success with his debut album, KCM returned to the stage with a new album just a year later. He did very well with his second album titled “Growing Up”.

KCM Facts

  • Education:
    • Gwangmyeongseo Elementary School (Graduate)
    • Chunghyeon High School (Graduate)
    • Chungwoon University

KCM Collaborations

  • Mighty Mouth – 죄송합니다. (Feat. KCM) (2020)
  • The One & KCM – The Story of Two Men (2011)
  • Soul – 우연이라도 (With KCM) (2010)
  • Kiroy and – The Stars of The Night (Feat. KCM, NoNoo) (2010)
  • Cho Young Soo + All Star – 하나의 꽃 (With. SG Wannabe, Baek Ji Young, SeeYa, V.O.S KCM, Zia, Na Yoon Kwon, Byul, Lee Ji Hye, Davichi, M to M Lee Seung Woo) (2008)
  • Zia – 내 마음 별과 같이 (duet with KCM) (2007)
  • Cho Young Soo – 가시리 (With KCM) (2007)
  • Su Ho – 도화지 (Feat. KCM, 흘러, 나영주) (2006)

KCM Music

  • Kim Bum Soo – Always on your side (2021)
  • Wax – 반대로 인 거야 (2021)

KCM TV Programs

  • Law of the Jungle sumatra Edition (Indonesia) (SBS, 2017)

KCM TV Drama’s

  • I’m More Afraid theme for Lies of Lies (2020)
  • Remember theme for W (2016)
  • Only You theme for Five Enough (2016)
  • Trapped Like theme for My Lawyer, Mr. Joe (2016)
  • Make It Cry theme for Basketball (2013)
  • You’re Bad theme for Immortal Classic (2012)
  • Missing You theme for Daemul: Big Thing (2010)
  • Love You To Death (Feat. Soul Dive) theme for Bread, Love and Dreams (2010)
  • Malhaejyeoyo theme for Assorted Gems (2009)
  • Promise theme for East of Eden (2008)
  • Yeon theme for Hwang Jin Yi (2006)

Movie Themes

  • Close To You theme for Shadowless Sword (2005)

KCM is a member of:


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