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Height: 160cm
Real name: Katie Kim / 케이티 김
Date of Birth: January 31, 2023


About Katie


Katie Kim is a South Korean singer best known for being the winner of the show KPop Star 4 after her victory she decided to sign with YG Entertainment as its record label.

2018: Debut with their First Single ‘Remember’ and change of agency

Katie Kim was ready to make her debut under YG Entertainment but, during the process, the executive in charge of her debut left the agency to set up an independent agency. Katie decided to follow him, thus breaking her contract with her previous agency and signing with AXIS (led by producer and creative director SINXITY in the meantime YG Entertainment would manage the distribution of its music throughyG Plus because of the initial agreement they settled after Katie’s victory in KPop Star.

On May 28, teasers were revealed for Katie Kim’s solo debut with a mysterious, space-inspired concept.

A video teaser was unveiled on May 29 entitled The Circle of Quintinity showing details of the concept used for its debut.

On May 31, more teasers were shared, this time, with some details about when she would release her music. The posters informed that her first single would be released on June 6, the second on August 8 and the debut album on October 10 (the last two dates ended up being postponed).

Days before the debut AXIS notified the media “CJamm and Bill Stax they appeared in Katie’s MV. because they play a considerable role in the music video we are deliberating on how to edit it. we considered additional filming.” then they added “In a worst-case scenario, we may have to adjust the schedule for her debut.” the situation arose after CJamm and Bill Stax were involved in a controversy over drug use.

On June 4, the preview of its first single was released Remember it was also reported that the initial problems with the MV edition were solved.

On June 6, Katie Kim made her debut as a solo artist with her first single Remember the song has a catchy chorus and showcases Katie’s powerful voice.

A few days after its debut& managed to reach the #1 Viral 50 position on Spotify in 9 countries, as well as being featured on Apple Music.

Plans to return with second single ‘Echo’ and subsequent cancellation

On August 1, they unveiled the first two image teasers for their second single Echo showing a desert landscape and, as protagonists, a western couple wearing extravagant clothes.

On August 2, two more teaser images were shown, this time with a darker tonality and showing the faces of the aforementioned couple through rays of light.

On August 3, teaser images were revealed showing Katie with the previously revealed concepts.

On August 6, through Katie’s social networks, it was reported that the release of Echo would be postponed due to a change of plans. The note read as follows: “There has been a sudden change of plans and Echo i promise exciting things are coming soon, so stay tuned. Love, Katie.”.

2019: Signing with AWAL

On April 5, AXIS reported that, after several months of hiatus and the delay of her album as well as her second single, Katie had signed a contract with the U.S. record label AWAL (place of singers such as Lauv, Madison Beer, Rex Orange County or Little Simz) for their promotions in North America.

He returns with her second single in collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign

On April 8, teasers were unveiled for the release of a new version of Remember with the collaboration of Ty Dolla $ign the artist, known worldwide for her characteristic Hip-hop and R&B. It was also communicated that Log would finally be scheduled for release in May of the same year in the form of a EP.

The single Remember (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) the new version does not show many changes in the song or the music video but brings a new vibe with the appearance of the rapper.

Back with her first mini-album ‘Log’.

On May 15, it was finally announced the launch date of the first EP katie’s May 22nd release date via two teasers, one of which is the album cover with the name of Stairway to Log the material will be distributed by YG Plus in Korea and by AWAL abroad.

From the beginning of the project they have considered the graphic design of the album as a strong point. In AXIS work to ensure that the philosophy of the music and the album is represented on the album cover. In the case of Log the arch symbolizes the entry into a new era, as in the single of Remember and the stairs the steps to that new place, each step representing the 6 songs included in the album.

Katie shared, through Instagram a few previews of the songs for her first EP in each post, through a handwritten note, she dedicated to her fans a few words for each song. she also surprised by revealing individual covers for each and every one of the songs to represent them correctly, demonstrating the hard artistic work she has put into each song. Log has entailed.

Invasions Series Project

Following the launch of its first EP katie has been officially unveiling several cover songs on music streaming services, covering songs such as “Talk” by Khalid or “Señorita” by Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes, among others.

2020: Back with her Third Single ‘Echo’

On April 4, a teaser image of Katie and another of Jack Park, with black and red tones, were revealed AXIS they alluded to the fact of revealing something that had to be cancelled in the past. In them, the following phrase stood out See the trailer in theatres.

On April 8, it was confirmed that, following its previous cancellation in 2018, the single Echo the teaser image revealed maintains the design of her early work, highlighting the slogan Echo is echoing and the collaboration of model Jack Park, who will participate in the video clip of the song.

As of April 10, the same teaser images, previously unveiled in 2018, were re-uploaded with some modified details, plus some never-before-seen image. This time, some of the teasers contain a Hollywood movie poster concept in which we are reminded of the following message See the trailer in theathers for maximum effect the company has also added certain details such as the credits and certain emblems.

On April 18th, the trailer for Echo with a remarkable scenography and anticipating part of a story that the videoclip would completely reveal.

Finally, on April 24, Katie came back with her third single echo described as a songfuture r&B that showcases Katie’s perfect vocal technique, from the head voice to the falsetto. With new experimental sounds but maintaining the singer’s unique style. Produced by the same creators of her latest tracks. The video clip, directed by the same director as Remember it also highlights the dance team, choreographed by the well-known Kyle Hanagami, and the participation of the model Jack Park..

On the same day, Sinxity published a long text in her account of Instagram it highlights: “Echo was initially announced for August 8, 2018, it was not possible to launch at the time we desired due to several controversies that arose at the time, including the Burning Sun incident […].Ironically the COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to the fact that Echo be published” she also revealed that earlier this year they had planned to start preparations for a new single in April but due to the pandemic they had to cancel, instead they thought it appropriate to release a new single in April. Echo.

Due to the quarantine caused by the Coronavirus, it was announced that Katie, who lives in Los Angeles, moved to New Jersey to be with her family.

Signed with Sony Music and EN Management

April 24, AXIS reported that Katie had signed a long term contract with Sony Music thanking the support received by YG Plus (music distributor since its debut) and AWAL (U.S. record label) to date. On September 18, it was announced that Katie had joined EN Management for international activities, home of Epic High and Eric Nam.

He returns with her second EP ‘OUR TIME is BLUE’ and signs with Columbia Records UK.

A teaser announcing the singer’s return was released on November 20, along with the announcement of her signing with the record label Columbia Records UK katie would be working simultaneously with Columbia Records UK , Sony Music and AXIS.

On November 23, a new teaser was unveiled showing the new logo for the new era with the hashtag Serif to Sanserif.

On November 24, it was unveiled that the name of the new EP would be OUR TIME is BLUE together with the tracklist in addition, teaser images with mysterious hashtags were released Cyberego and 2DKatie.

Katie Facts

  • Debut june 6, 2018
  • Languages English and Korean
  • Education:
    • Berkeley College of Music (Current)
    • Leonia High School, New Jersey, USA (Graduate)
  • Hobbies: Playing with their dogs, listening to classical music on the radio, getting lost in the clouds doing nothing.
  • She was the winner of Kpop Star 4 and decided to join YG Entertainment after her victory but before her debut she left the agency, being supported by YG Plus only in the distribution of her music during the debut.
  • After leaving the company, she moved to AXIS a new agency founded by YG’s creative director, who has always been in charge of Katie’s work since its inception.
  • The music video for “Thinkin Bout You” was recorded two years before its release.
  • “Echo” was not planned to be released after its cancellation in 2018 but due to the Coronavirus pandemic they decided to release it as they had a new single prepared instead which was impossible to finish in time before the quarantine.
  • The songs “Remember” and “Echo” were created in a couple of days in 2017 on a Song Camp in Los Angeles, it took them 4 years to come up with a song that matched Katie and her unique voice after many failures.

Katie Collaborations

  • 2017 Bobby – Secret (feat DK Katie)
  • 2015 JinuSean – Tell Me One More Time (Live presentation)

Participatory Concerts/Festivals

  • 2019: Seoul Jazz Festival 2019 (05.25.19)
  • 2017 iKON x’mas Live 2017 (12/09/17)

Katie Radio Programs

  • (DIVE Studios) Get Real (10.06.2021) (Ep.50) (Podcast)

Katie TV Programs

  • 2019: Mnet M! Countdown – Studio M Stage (04.07.19)
  • 2016: SBS Kpop Star 6
  • 2015-2016: SBS Kpop Star 5
  • 2014-2015: SBS Kpop Star 4

Katie TV Drama’s

  • Where Are You theme for Undercover (2021)

Katie is a member of:


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