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Weight: 64 kg
Height: 177 cm
Real name: 滑川康夫
Date of Birth: March 23, 1987




  • Ex-Kpop Group M.I.B
    • Position Vocalist and Dancer.
  • Individual Debut: October 17, 2011
  • Skills Besides singing, he can play the piano, guitar, drums, a little violin, among other instruments.
  • Hobbies Songwriting, surfing, snowboarding, exercising, watching movies and vocal exercises.
  • Rolemodels: Lee Guk Joo.
  • Fears: He is afraid of needles.
  • He was the fourth and last member to debut with the MV “Say My Name”.
  • “Say My Name” is different from the solo song of the other M.I.B members as it is a ballad with hip-hop influences.
  • Origin He is half Japanese and half Korean (Korean mother). In the program Inside Story Salon he revealed that because of this and because he was little he was bullied a lot at school.
  • He lived 5 years in Hawaii during his youth.
  • He decided to become a singer and travel to Korea when he saw a performance by Park Ji Young in Hawaii (CEO of JYP Entertainment).
  • He was the lead vocalist in a Japanese band called Kick Chop Busters (KCB) where he composed and arranged his own songs.
  • His father did not agree to his going to Korea to become a singer, but he left without his approval thanks to his mother’s support.
  • While living with the members of M.I.B during his debut, he began to enjoy rap and Hip Hop music.
  • He says that in the two years he has been living in Korea he has not received any money from his parents.
  • To make his debut as a singer, he had to lose about 30 kilos.
  • On the November 28 broadcast of “I Live Alone,” MIB’s Kangnam revealed that he no longer cares much about appearance when it comes to dating.
  • He constantly says that he does not like his Korean stage name, as it is difficult for him to pronounce. The Jungle Entertainment CEO chose it as it comes from the Korean phrase “강한 남자” pronounced “namja kangha”, which means “strong man” (just like his name in Japanese) but also sounds almost the same as “egg yolk” in Korean.
  • He would like to visit as many countries as he can, including again those he has already been to in concerts with M.I.B., such as Myanmar, France, Singapore, Brazil and several places in the U.S.A.
  • In the future I would like to collaborate with groups like Girls’ Generation, KARA, Sistar, Apink and 9Muses.
  • He would like M.I.B. to be as durable as the veteran group Shinhwa.
  • Ex-Members said he was a “fashion terrorist” as he sometimes wears very strange outfits and accessories.
  • Cream his group mate in M.I.B says that Kangnam makes the girls feel comfortable.
  • He is the host of Jjang! TV Japan (a variety show that talks about K-pop).
  • He played the guitar part in the song “Hello Goodbye” from M.I.B.’s 3rd mini album with Tasha and Tiger JK.
  • On Radio Star, Hyeri asked Kangnam which member of Girl’s Day was his favorite, to which he replied “For me, it’s Hyeri. but once I saw his laugh, I wasn’t so sure. i was surprised because his voice was so strong!”
  • He was appointed honorary ambassador to promote the film “Penguins of Madagascar” in Korea.
  • He was a driver besides Kang Ho Dong, Kim Bum Soo, HaHa and others in the January 2015 program: “Invisible Man”.
  • Since his participation in jTBC’s “Off To School” in September 2014; Kangnam has managed to become a regular cast member in five variety programs in just three months.
  • On December 26, 2014, he released his first solo song since his debut: What should I do? The song got top ranks on Korean online music portals and no. 1 on Daum.
  • On December 30, 2014, he won the MBC New Star Award. Because of nerves, he forgot to mention his aunts and his M.I.B. band mates.
  • On July 14, 2017, after dating rumors, UEE’s agency confirmed the actress’ relationship with Kang Nam. Yuleum Entertainment revealed, “UEE and Kangnam recently started their relationship with positive feelings.”
  • On August 1, 2017, they confirmed that they had ended their relationship after three months together.
  • He was going to go to Chile, after being confirmed in the survival program “The Chilean Survivor”. Law of the jungle “but days before the trip he had health problems, so his place was taken by Min Hyuk from MONSTA X
  • On March 16, 2019, his agency confirmed that he is in a relationship with speed skater Lee Sang Hwa. They met after appearing on SBS’s ‘Law of the jungle in Last Indian Ocean’.”
  • On August 12, 2019, it was reported that Kang Nam made a decision to renounce his Japanese citizenship and begin the naturalization process in Korea.
  • On August 29, 2019, it was reported that Kang Nam and speed skater Lee Sang Hwa will get married on October 12 in Seoul, Dmost Entertainment confirmed this news.
  • It was confirmed that the couple tied the knot on October 12 during Korean time in a private ceremony with family and friends.
  • On October 16, 2019, it was reported that Kangnam terminated his exclusive contract with Dmost Entertainment. In response, an agency source confirmed the news


Kangnam is the eldest of the group, as well as the lead vocalist of M.I.B (Young Cream is the second vocalist).

He was born in Tokyo, but traveled to Hawaii when he was a teenager. After attending high school in Hawaii, he returned to Japan, where he joined a Japanese rock band called “Kick Chop Busters” (KCB) under the stage name “YA-CHA”.

In 2009 he was introduced to Tiger JK (founder of FeelGhood Music) at a music event in Tokyo, and not long after, he left his company and joined M.I.B. Despite being half Korean (his mother is Korean and his father is Japanese), at first Kangnam’s Korean was not very good, although both his Japanese and English are fluent.

Recently in 2014 he rose to fame on Korean TV for programs such as Off To School, Hello Stranger and Inside Story Salon among others.

KANGNAM (M.I.B) Advertisement

  • EPSON Stylus photo TX820FWD
  • Kangnam for ABC Mart (2014)
  • Soulmaster, Online video game (2014)

KANGNAM (M.I.B) Collaborations

  • Microdot – Welcome To The Jungle (Feat. Kang Nam, Kim Byung Man) (2017)
  • Cheetah – Style Diet
  • Outsider – Bye U (music shows only)
  • MY TYPE – Unpretty Rapstar (Cheetah, Jessi and KangNam)


  • The Magic (Seezn, 2021)
  • Busted! I Know Who You Are (cameo, 2018)
  • One And Only You (CSTV, 2015-2016)
  • Pinocchio (SBS, 2014-2015, cameo Ep. 20)
  • Struck by Lightning (2013, cameo Ep. 06)
  • I Hear Your Voice (SBS, 2013, cameo Ep. 16-17)
  • 21st Century Family (tvN, 2012)

KANGNAM (M.I.B) Awards

  • 2019 SBS Entertainment Awards SNS Star Award (Same Bed, Different Dreams 2)
  • 2019 (2020) Korea First Brand Awards Best Couple besides Lee Sang Hwa
  • 2018 Soribada Best K-Music Awards: Trot Rookie Award
  • 2016 SBS Entertainment Awards: Rookie Award – Male
  • 2015 Korea’s First Brand Award
  • 2014 MBC Entertainment Awards: New Star Award

KANGNAM (M.I.B) Radio Programs

  • Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio ‘Sukira’ (KBS Cool FM, 2015.01, regular Tuesday guest, segment: ‘Language and the City’ – Japanese Teacher)
  • Star Junior Show (2014)
  • Jang Kiha’s Great Radio (2014)

KANGNAM (M.I.B) TV Programs

  • King of Mask Singer (MBC, 2018) (Ep. 159-160).
  • Hello Counselor (Next to Cao Lu from FIESTAR, Benji Bae from B.I.G and Robin) (KBS, 6-2-17)
  • Law of the Jungle sumatra Edition (Indonesia) (SBS, 2017)
  • Law of the Jungle kota Manado (SBS, 2017)
  • Law of the Jungle east Timor (SBS,2016)
  • Law_of_the_Jungle#Mongolia Law of the Jungle Mongolia (SBS,2016)
  • Law of the Jungle ; Papua New Guinea (SBS,2016)
  • Running Man (SBS, 2015, Ep. 248)
  • Invisible Man (KBS2 TV, 2015)
  • Animals (MBC, 2015)
  • Abnormal Summit (jTBC, 2015, Ep. 32)
  • Unpretty Rap Star (Mnet, 2015, Ep. 03)
  • Star Golden Bell (KBS, 2015)
  • Music On TV (2015)
  • TROT X (Mnet, 2014)
  • Off To School (jTBC, 2014)
  • Hello! Stranger (MBC 2014-2015)
  • Inside Story Salon (jTBC 2014-2015)
  • Radio Star (MBC, 2014.12.10)
  • Running Man (SBS 2014, Ep. 220)
  • Same Zodiac Tutor (MBC 2014)
  • I Live Alone (MBC 2014)
  • Let’s Go Dream Team (KBS, 2013, Ep.192,193,203)
  • Hello Counselor (KBS 2013, Ep. 139)
  • Happy Together 3 (KBS, 2013, Ep. 257)
  • W Military Academy (Mnet, 2012)
  • Jjang TV! (Mnet Japan, 2012)

KANGNAM (M.I.B) TV Drama’s

  • Delicious for Let’s Eat 2 (Season 2) (2015)

KANGNAM (M.I.B) Music Videos

  • Cream – Do U Like Me
  • SIMS – Hands Up
  • 4TEN – Why
  • Jessi – I Want To Be Me

KANGNAM (M.I.B) is a member of:


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