Kang Min Kyung (2002)


Stage name: 강민경 / Kang Min Kyung

Gender: Female

Age: 20 years

Date of birth: January 4, 2002

Place of birth: Seoul, South Korea

Height: 165 cm

Weight: -

Bloodtype: A

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Horse

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Kang Min Kyung (2002) Facts

  • Education:
    • Seoul Performing Arts High School (Graduate)
    • Baekseok University of Arts (Department of Dance Practice) (Current)

About the Artist


Sometime in 2020, Min Kyung joined the trainees’ group YOURS Rookies ‘ low Deep Studio Entertainment min Kyung was confirmed as a trainee on July 28, when a trainee profile card of her was published and a profile page was created for her on the YOURS website. Min Kyung was one of the 12 trainees who participated in the launch of the first digital single of YOURS YOURS Rookies my Memory Is YOURS”, released on October 16, 2020.


On April 26, 2021, Min Kyung announced her departure from ‘ YOURS Rookies she then joined GKMNEO and was officially confirmed as a trainee when she was listed on the agency’s website.

Kang Min Kyung (2002) Drama

  • Your Playlist (hellolive, 2021)

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