Kang Hyewon


Real name: 강혜원 / Kang Hye Won

Stage name: 혜원 / Hye Won

Gender: Female

Age: 23 years

Date of birth: July 5, 1999

Place of birth: Yangsan, South Gyeongsang, South Korea

Height: 163cm

Weight: 43kg

Bloodtype: B

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rabbit/Hare

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Kang Hyewon Facts

  • Ex-Project Group: IZ*ONE (2018-2021)
    • Position Rapper, Vocalist and Dancer.
    • Color: Coral.
  • Education:
    • Yangsan Habuk Primary School (Graduated)
    • Bokwang High School (Transferred)
    • Hanlim Multi Arts School (Graduate)
  • Instruments Guitar.
  • Mascot: A dog named “Jeje”
  • It was in line with the group’s pre-debut line DAYDAYbut was removed from the group because of her short training period and left the agency.
  • Participated in the survival program PRODUCE 48 it was ranked #8 with 248,432 votes, making it into the project group of this program, IZ*ONE.
  • During the filming of PRODUCE 48 despite the language limitations, a very close friendship with the Japanese woman could be appreciated Sato Minami from AKB48.
  • Entered PRODUCE 48 however, after the presentation of ‘BOOMBAYAH’ she volunteered to be the lead rapper since no one else in her group wanted to do it. After that she started to try her skills only in rapping during the show. She improved rapidly until she was congratulated by Cheetah who said she was proud of her progress.
  • She has been involved in a controversy due to her performance during the program Idol Room however, instead of promoting her debut album, Hye Won promoted one of her favorite anime series, “The Anime”.i’m not a rapper right now! I love anime, Attack on Titan season 3 has been released, please watch it a lot! ” The comment did not sit well with Korean netizens and they immediately accused her of promoting a Japanese right-wing agenda as the original author of the animated series was previously accused of being right-wing by Korean fans with some characters and plot that were compared to the actual colonization of Korea in Japan in the past.
  • In July 2021, rumors began to surface that Hye Won would make her acting debut in the third season of web series Best Mistake september 6, 8D ENTERTAINMENT officially confirmed that she will make her acting debut and appear in the series.

Kang Hyewon Drama

  • Best Mistake 3 (VLIVE, 2021-2022)

Kang Hyewon Films

  • Eyes on Me: The Movie (2019) Documentary

Kang Hyewon TV Programs

  • Comedy Big League (tvN, 04.11.2018).
  • PRODUCE 48 (Mnet, 2018).
  • Problematic Men Season 2 (tvN 04.29.2019)
  • My Little Television V2 (MBC 06.14.2019)
  • Busted! I Know Who You Are 2 (Netflix 10.08.2019)

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