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Juri (Rocket Punch)

Weight: 44kg
Height: 160cm
Real name: 高橋朱里 (たかはし じゅり)
Date of Birth: February 6, 2023

Juri (Rocket Punch)

About Juri (Rocket Punch)

Juri (Rocket Punch) Facts

  • K-Pop Group: & Rocket Punch
    • Position: Vocalist and Dancer
  • Former J-Pop group: AKB48 (Graduate)
    • Generation: #12
    • Team TEAM B
    • Position: Captain
  • Hobbies: Watching movies, shopping and listening to music.
  • Skills: Winking fast, swimming and making cute-sexy faces.
  • Favorite color Pink and orange.
  • Favorite food: Coconut cream.
  • Mascots A dog named John and a cat named Kuroiwa-san.
  • She joined AKB48 as Kenkyuusei in April 2011.
  • She attended the same cram school as Kato Rena.
  • She has a dog named “John” and a cat named “Kuroiwa-san”.
  • In PRODUCE 48 revealed that she is a fan of Kpop and that her favorite group is BLACKPINK. In her first performance she performed the song “Playing With Fire” from BLACKPINK in this program we can see her rapping skills. she reached the last chapter, with the 16th place
  • Graduated from AKB48 on March 04, 2019, on the same day she signed an exclusive contract with WOOLLIM Entertainment to debut in Rocket Punch in South Korea
  • Juri was put in an awkward position after she was asked to comment on the trade wars between South Korea and Japan during the debut presentation of Rocket Punch august 7, 2019 She expressed “For me, a challenge is very important. I wanted to challenge myself to something new, so I came to Korea.” she continued WOOLLIM Entertainment contacted me every day, and I told them I wanted to make my debut in Korea. My agency also said they would support my new challenge, and I ended up coming to Korea. I also had a lot of interest in WOOLLIM in the past, so I trusted them” however, things went awry when a reporter asked Juri to comment on the trade and boycott issues in South Korea and Japan. The host of Rocket Punch responded “This is a sensitive subject, so it is too difficult to answer. I apologize and ask for your understanding. We would appreciate it if you would only ask questions related to your album.” Internet users empathized with Juri. A few days earlier, Juri had been in the spotlight for her comment in the preview of Idol Room where Rocket Punch attended along with Nam Woo Hyun juri pointed out that “Woo Hyun was an idol from a long time ago.” netizens mentioned that Juri wanted to call her agency partner an old man or that it was hypocritical of her to call her that since she had been active as an idol in Japan for a long time

Juri (Rocket Punch) Drama

  • Cabasuka Gakuen (NTV, 2016)
  • AKB Love Night Koi Koujou (TV Asashi, 2016) ep.25
  • AKB Horror Night – Adrenaline no Yoru (TV Asashi, 2015) ep.39
  • Majisuka Gakuen 5 (Hulu, 2015)
  • Majisuka Gakuen 4 (NTV, 2015)
  • Gekijourei Kara no Shoutaijou (TBS, 2015) ep.9
  • Sailor Zombie (TV Tokyo, 2014)
  • So long! (TV Tokyo, 2013)
  • Majisuka Gakuen 3 (TV Tokyo, 2012)

Juri (Rocket Punch) Musicals

  • 2017: Zero Project Produce Musical “Yuki no Princess”.
  • 2016: Majisuka Gakuen ~Lost In The SuperMarket~.

Juri (Rocket Punch) Films

  • Raison D’etre: Documentary of AKB48 (2016)
  • Documentary of AKB48: The Time Has Come (2014)
  • Documentary of AKB48: No Flower Without Rain (2013)
  • Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou (2012)
  • Documentary of AKB48: Show Must Go On (2012)

Juri (Rocket Punch) Radio Programs

  • AKB48 Konya wa Kaeranai (2015-2017)
  • Listen? 2-3 (2015-2016)
  • AKB48 no All Night Nippon (2012)

Juri (Rocket Punch) TV Programs

  • Running Man (SBS, 2020) together with Da Hyun (Ep. 501)
  • PRODUCE 48 (Mnet, 2018).
  • Shukan AKB
  • AKB48 Bimyo
  • Bimyo-na Tobira AKB48 no GachiChallenge
  • AKB48 at Anta, Dare?
  • AKB Kousagi Dojo
  • Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku
  • AKB48 Nemousu Terebi
  • Bakushou! Dai Nippon Akan Keisatsu
  • AKB48 account “Nani mo Soko Made…”
  • AKB Kankou Taishi

Juri (Rocket Punch) is a member of:

Rocket Punch

Rocket Punch

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