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Height: 182cm
Real name: 고정기 / Go Jung Gi
Date of Birth: February 5, 2023


About Junggigo


Junggigo is a Korean R&B, Hip Hop, Rap and Soul singer and songwriter.Known as a talented musician in the Indie scene.He was a member of the group “Seoul Star” in 2005.He debuted as a solo artist with his single “Byebyebye” on December 22, 2008.He has been stepping up singing in the subway subways and doing collaborations with various artists such as Infinite Flow, Soul Dive, Epik High and Simon D. He was also part of the agency J2 Entertainment for 2 years (2011-2013), and then in 2013 he joined Starship Entertainment (Starship X).

Junggigo Facts

  • Group: Seoul Star (2005)
  • Their song “Blind” was written and produced by Soulfish of Pinodyne.
  • He wrote the lyrics to the song “Waterfalls” in a single day.
  • He said that when he started promoting “Some” it was awkward due to the fact that he didn’t know Soyou very well, but as time went on the two became closer and even friends.
  • He sang “Some” with So Jin from Girl’s Day at M! CountdownSoyouwas unable to attend as he was on schedule with SISTAR in the Mini-Concert “S” in Hong Kong.
  • On May 19, he announced that he did not decide to renew his contract with Starship and expressed his desire to start his own agency.

Junggigo Collaborations

  • Summer Soul – 밤이 깊어지면 (Feat. Junggigo) (2021).
  • Godak – 우리 멀리 떠날까 (Feat. Junggigo) (2020).
  • Panda Gomm – 새침데기 (Feat. Summer Soul, Junggigo) (2019)
  • Tonight – Primary (feat. Junggigo)
  • Cloudy Rain – SIJIN (feat. Junggigo)
  • A Song Of The Love – Cloudancer (feat. Junggigo & Huckleberry P)
  • Already Know – 8Dro (feat. Junggigo)
  • Art And Fear – Infinite Flow (feat. Junggigo)
  • Birthday – B-Free (feat. Junggigo)
  • Be My Luv Remix – The Quiett (feat B-Free, Nuck, Fire wave, Junggigo)
  • Be With Me – Cloudancer (feat. Junggigo)
  • ByeBye Blue Bird – Soulman & Minos (feat. Junggigo)
  • Come Closer – Indian Palm (feat. Junggigo)
  • Cloudy – N-SON (feat. Junggigo)
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  • Close Your Eyes – DJ Mitsu The Beats (feat. Junggigo)
  • Delusion of Persecution – Epic High (feat. Junggigo)
  • Don’t Worry – Young Boyz (feat. junggigo)
  • Finally We Meet – Paloalto (feat. Junggigo)
  • Good Night – Pinodyne (feat. Junggigo & Elly)
  • Luv Sickness – Mad Clown (feat. Junggigo)
  • Midnight – Gaknakunae (feat. Junggigo)
  • No More – Simon D (feat. Junggigo)
  • PAin – Pinodyne (feat. Junggigo)
  • Playboy’s Diary – Primary (feat. Junggigo & Dead’P)
  • Ree – Minos In Nuol (feat. Junggigo)
  • Seoul, Yeouido – DOK2 (feat. 넋업사니, Junggigo).
  • So Real – Analozic (feat. Junggigo)
  • You Are Love – Briks (feat. Junggigo & Soulman)
  • You Don’t Care – Infinite Flow (feat. Junggigo & Itta)
  • Verbal Essence – Gaknakunae (feat. Junggigo)
  • XXX – Soul Dive (feat. Junggigo)
  • 반가운 인사 – Aquibird (feat. Junggigo)
  • 코끼리 공장의 해피엔드 졸업식 – Eluphant (feat. Junggigo)
  • 인사 – Kebee (feat. Junggigo)
  • 짜릿해 – L.E.O (feat. PaloAlto & Junggigo)
  • 그 남자 그 여자 – The Quiett (feat. Junggigo)
  • 비소 – 강산여울 (feat. Junggigo).
  • Sweden Laundry – Voice (feat. Junggigo)
  • Want U – Junggigo (feat. Beenzino)
  • Love Is You – Starship Planet 2014
  • Softly – Starship Planet 2015
  • Mamamoo – Friday Night (feat. Junggigo) (2016).
  • Love Wishes – Starship Planet 2016


  • Starship X Label Busan Concert (2014.08.16)
  • Starship X Label Seoul Concert (2014.12.05)

Junggigo Awards

  • 9th Korean Music Awards: Best R&B & Soul Song “Blind”.
  • 3rd Rhythmer Awards: R&B/Soul Album of the Year “Pathfinder”.
  • 3rd Rhythmer Awards: R&B/Soul Artist of the Year
  • Show Champion (19/02): “Some” (next to Soyou)
  • M! Countdown (20/02): “Some” (next to Soyou)
  • Music Bank (02/21): “Some” (next to Soyou)
  • Music Core (02/22): “Some” (next to Soyou)
  • Inkigayo (23/02): “Some” (next to Soyou)
  • M! Countdown (02/27): “Some” (next to Soyou)
  • Music Bank (28/02): “Some” (next to Soyou)
  • Music Core (01/03): “Some” (next to Soyou)
  • Music Bank (07/03): “Some” (next to Soyou) (Triple Crown)
  • Music Bank (03/21): “Some” (next to Soyou)
  • Music Bank (04/04): “Some” (next to Soyou)
  • Melon Music Awards Hot Trend Award (besides Soyou)
  • Mnet Asian Music Awards: Best Collaboration (besides Soyou)
  • SBS Gayo Dejun: Song of the year “Some” (besides Soyou)
  • 29th Golden Disk Awards Bonsang (next to Soyou)
  • 29th Golden Disk Awards Hot trend (together with Soyou)
  • 24nd Seoul Music Awards Song Digital of The Year “Some” (besides Soyou)
  • 4th Gaon Chart KPop Awards Long-run Song of the Year “Some” (besides Soyou)
  • 4th Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards Song/Artist of the Year – February “Some” (besides Soyou)
  • 12th Korean Music Awards: Best Pop Song – “Some” (besides Soyou)
  • 12th “ Korean Music Awards: ‘ Song of the Year (Daesang) – “Some” (besides Soyou)

Junggigo TV Programs

  • After School Club (02.05.2017) (Ep,262)
  • NO.MERCY (Mnet 2014-2015) as a mentor
  • After School Club (27.05.2014)
  • Weekly Idol (2015) besides Mad Clown and Joo Young

Animation Themes

  • Someday We (with Jeong Hyojin) the Stairway of Time (2021)

Junggigo TV Drama’s

  • My All theme for Secret Boutique (2019)
  • D-Day theme for My ID is Gangnam Beauty (2018)
  • Reminds Me Of theme for Bride of the Water God (2017)
  • Miss You In My Heart theme for Seven Day Queen (2017)
  • Stunning theme for Radiant Office (2017)
  • Slowly, Little By Little (besides Da Won) theme for Sweet Stranger and Me (2016)
  • Only U theme for Uncontrollably Fond (2016)
  • Decals (feat Joo Heon) theme for Mask (2015)
  • Too Good (feat Min Woo) theme for High School – Love On (2014)

Movie Themes

  • Waterfall theme for Chilling Romance (2011)

Junggigo is a member of:

Starship Planet

Starship Planet

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