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Jung YongHwa (CNBLUE)

Weight: 63 kg
Height: 180 cm
Real name:
Date of Birth: June 22, 1989

Jung YongHwa (CNBLUE)

About Jung YongHwa (CNBLUE)

Jung YongHwa (CNBLUE) Facts

  • Kpop Band: CNBLUE
    • Position: Leader, vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist/pianist.
  • Debut: 2009
  • Hobbies: Listening to Music, Playing Piano, Guitar and Composing.
  • Interests: R&B, Hip-Hop
  • Languages: Korean, Japanese, Chinese (basic).
  • Fanclub: Emotional Angels.
  • Although he was born in the Yeoksam district of Seoul, he considers himself from Busan, because he lived there from the time he was two years old until he graduated from high school, where he first started composing music.
  • He wrote the song Love Light for his virtual wife Seo Hyun.
  • When Yong Hwa and Min Hyuk were studying Japanese and received a call to audition for the drama You’re Beautiful they both auditioned for the same role. Yonghwa did his lines first and then was called up immediately. He even sang “Now or Never” from his Japanese album, while playing the guitar.
  • FNC noticed him after looking at his photos on an ulzzang portal. Despite showing interest in him, Yong Hwa refused to meet. He finally agreed to audition and was immediately accepted as an apprentice.
  • On May 18, 2011, he appeared on Mnet’s Idol Chart Show, a ranking of the Top 20 idols in terms of personal income and came in sixth after G-Dragon Lee Seung Ki, IU, Jang Geun Suk and Kim Hyun Joong.
  • Although his first appearance as an MC was considered disastrous, Yong Hwa has successfully performed as an MC for music programs and award shows, as well as MC at Music Bank in countries such as Chile and the U.S. He is currently considered one of the best MC Idol’s in Korea.
  • He is very good at playing basketball he is also a skilled snowboarder.
  • On an episode of ETN’s “Entertainment Station,” Jung Yong Hwa was voted as the celebrity with the best genes, and won the title of “Naturally Handsome.”
  • Prior to his debut, he had already attracted the attention of female fans with a photo of himself at a ski resort. As a result he was called “Milk boy”.
  • In a survey conducted by KpopStarz on the 20 sexiest men of 2013, Jung Yong Hwa appeared in the seventh position after Niel (TEEN TOP), Jang Geun Suk, Lee Min Ho, T.O.P (BIGBANG), Kim Woo Biny Kai (EXO).
  • JungShin revealed that his nickname is “Congressman Yong” because of YongHwa’s mania for shaking hands with everyone.
  • In the program ” Running Man “He is called the “AS IDOL” and is also considered the “eighth member”, since he is one of the guests who has appeared the most times on the program and has always performed very well in the games; so much so that so far he is the only one who has appeared on the show idol who has been able to remove the label from Kim Jong Kook (He is close to all Running Man members, especially HaHa.
  • On September 21, 2014, he made his first fan meeting the announcement came as a surprise to the media as it was his first solo fanmeeting and was held at the Pacifico Yokohama venue.
  • Yong Hwa enjoys great popularity in China, so much so that within 3 weeks of creating an account on Weibo, he had more than 400 thousand followers on this social network, occupying the first place in the list. GAON WEIBO CHART” for a full year, which made local artists of the country move up in the ranking, such as Victoria from F (x) he has now surpassed 5 million followers and is nicknamed “The Prince Of Weibo” in the country.
  • He has become so famous in China that he made learning the language one of his priorities. He is a close friend of popular singer JJ Lin. Thanks to his great popularity, he has recorded several commercials, variety shows and cameos in dramas, which has allowed him to be frequently in the Chinese industry.
  • His first album titled “One Fine Day” was ranked #1 on iTunes in 6 countries in Asia; Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.
  • His first solo concert sold out in less than 5 minutes on the day of its release.
  • By several music industry critics, he is considered, along with Taeyeon, to be one of the most important Girls’ Generation the two most successful solo artists of 2015, due to the enormous amount of albums and digital singles sold.
  • It was confirmed that it will make the leap to the big screen through a Chinese film “Emperors Cook Up a Storm” You will work together with Nicholas Tse, Tiffany Tang, Ge Youand Bai Bing.
  • He was recently involved in a scandal with his company and his bandmate Lee Jong Hyun the investigation was concluded and he was acquitted of all charges.
  • He is the new image of About Me cosmetics brand along with the singer, actress and model Z.Hera.
  • Together with his band, they made their comeback with the mini album 7°CN, which includes six songs: Between Us, It’s You, Calling You, When I was Young, Manito and Royal Rumble. The song they promoted was Between Us, performed as an MV, which was written by Yong Hwa in collaboration with Reinstein. Yong Hwa also composed the songs It’s You and Royal Rumbler.
  • On April 18, 2017 he will make his second release with CNBLUE, this time in Japan with the single Shake composed by him.
  • On January 17, 2018, it was revealed that Jung Yong Hwa was being investigated by the police for being accepted into Kyung Hee University’s graduate school through preferential treatment
    • On October 9, FNC Entertainment made an official statement clarifying that Jung Yong Hwa had already been cleared of all charges earlier this summer. The agency wrote: “Hello, this is FNC Entertainment. We are relaying news about our artist Jung Yong Hwa’s admission to your graduate school’s doctoral program. Earlier this year, Jung Yong Hwa diligently cooperated with the prosecutor’s investigations. The result was that the prosecutor finally determined that Jung Yong Hwa was not guilty of business obstruction regarding his school income, and in July, the prosecutor decided not to indict him. Through the judgment of the law, Jung Yong Hwa, who was found not guilty, was able to get rid of the various misunderstandings and suspicions surrounding his admission process to the doctoral program, and it has been recognized [by the law] that he had no intention of receiving preferential admission.
  • On January 25, 2018, it was announced that he will begin his mandatory military service on March 5, 2018.
  • At CNBLUE’s fanmeeting on March 8 (which Jung Yong Hwa could not attend due to his military service), it was revealed that while he was under investigation, he was working on new songs and gifts for his fans, which will be revealed during the time he is away. A new project called FEEL THE FIVE “Y” will be released. In May, the first song, “letter” will be released.
  • On April 13, 2018 FNC Entertainment announced that after completing 5 weeks of basic training, Yong Hwa was assigned to the 702nd Special Assault Regiment in the Second Corps, better known as “Phoenix Unit”, after volunteering. He concluded his mandatory military service on November 03, 2019.
  • During his military service his project was launched which consisted of releasing five digital singles: Letter (May 21, 2018), Brothers (October 25, 2018), Melody (April 4, 2019), Jellyfish (August 1, 2019) and The Moment (October 29, 2019).
  • Due to the pandemic, Yong Hwa, like many artists, has not been able to continue with his scheduled concerts, but in May Yong Hwa released a digital single dedicated to soon-to-be-married couples, the song is Would you marry me? and featured the collaboration of the “Wendding Boys Band”, made up by Lee Joon, Yoon Doo Joon, Kwang Hee the MV was launched on May 19, 2020.

About Jung Yong Hwa

Yong Hwa was born on June 22, 1989 in Yeoksam District, Seoul, South Korea. He has a brother four years older than him. He moved to Busan in 1991 (when he was 2 years old) and lived there until high school, where he first started composing music. After taking his college entrance exam, he returned to Seoul, where he joined F&C Music. Yong Hwa is now guitarist, lead vocalist, composer and producer of the Korean group CNBLUE following the success of You’re BeautifulyongHwa debuted with CNBLUE while he was doing the drama, Lee Jong Hyun was the lead singer of the group since June 2009, CNBLUE began a series of live concert performances in clubs in Japan, before making an official debut on August 19, 2009 with the mini album ‘NOW OR NEVER’.

In early 2009, he landed his first role as Kang Shin Woo in the drama You’re Beautifulin this drama, Yong Hwa plays the role of a guitarist in the band A.N.JELL along with his fellow co-stars Jang Geun Suk, Park Shin Hye and Lee Hong Gi his performance earned him the New Star Award at the SBS Drama Awards in 2009, held on December 31, 2009.

In February 2010, he participated in the MBC reality show We Got Married with Seohyun from Girls Generation, forming the couple YongSeo.

Two years after his acting debut, he was cast as the male lead in MBC’s Korean drama ‘Heartstrings’, where he again shared the lead role alongside actress Park Shin Hye. The drama was first aired on June 29, 2011.

In 2012, he made a cameo as himself in the drama “A gentleman’s Dignity” which also features his bandmate Lee Jong Hyun. While his bandmates were filming their various dramas, Yong Hwa participated in JUNIEL’s solo debut and then took a vacation where he wrote a lot of new songs for the band.

In 2014 he co-patronized with Lee Jin Wook the period drama “The Three Musketers.”.

On January 20, 2015, his first solo album titled “One Fine Day” was released. This album features 10 songs which all were written by him and in 5 of them there are collaborations such as Verbal Jint, Yoon Do Hyun, YDG, American guitarist Peter Malick and Chinese singer JJ Lin.

On January 15, 2016, “Empathy”, the double collaboration between YongHwa and SunWoo was released. This collaboration consists of the songs “Hello” and “Fireworks”, under FNC Entertainment and MagicStrawberry Sound respectively.

In May 2017, the program “Island Trio” started airing with Jung YongHwa being one of the participants and along with him also participated Kang HoDong and Kim HeeSun, they were the hosts of the first season. This travel reality show aired on O’live (cable TV) and TVN. This trio of people visited different islands, staying with local islanders to experience the lifestyle of them.

On July 19, 2017, FNC Entertainment released Jung YongHwa’s 1st Mini Album “Do Disturb”, YongHwa titled it so inspired by the sign – door hanger of hotels “Don’t Disturb”. This mini album features 6 songs, all written and set to music by YongHwa. The promo song, “That Girl” has the collaboration of rapper singer Loco.

On February 26, 2020, his 2nd Japanese album “Feel The Y’s City” was released, the particularity of this album was that, some of his songs with their respective MVs had a pre-distribution in the period when YongHwa was doing his military service. This pre-distribution was the project “Feel the Five “, the songs and MVs were: Letter, Brothers, Melody, Jellyfish and The Moment. The album contains 10 songs, the other five songs included in this album are: Summer Night In Heaven, he Knows Everything, Fire & Rain, Livin’It Up and Welcome to the City.

For his 2021 birthday his first Mandarin EP “STAY IN TOUCH” was released, this EP contains the songs: NONSENSE in collaboration with Jam Hsiao, Checkmate (R3HAD remix), the global Chinese version of 10,000 hours and the song Dimples.

Jung YongHwa (CNBLUE) Advertisement

  • 2010: NII (Spring) together with Yoon Shi Yoon
  • 2010: Holika Holika
  • 2010: Sony Ericson Xperia (X10)
  • 2011: Bang Bang Bang CF (30) With Seo Hyo Rim
  • 2011: Scotch Puree
  • 2011: Suit House
  • 2011: Hazzy Acc
  • 2012: Bang Bang Bang CF together with Moon Chae Won
  • 2012: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
  • 2013 Prospect CF with Kim Yuna
  • 2013 K-Food CF
  • 2013-2014: Bang Bang Bang CF together with Kang So Ra
  • 2014 Shu Uemura Cherry Blossom CF (China)
  • 2014-2015: UnionPay CF (China)
  • 2015: SKIN79 (South Korea and China)

Jung YongHwa (CNBLUE) Collaborations

  • 2017 Ravi -Home alone (ft. Jung Yong Hwa)
  • 2016: Vibe – Passion Wage (ft. Jung Yong Hwa)
  • 2013: Juniel – Fool (Japanese Ver.) (ft. Jung Yong Hwa)
  • 2012: Juniel – Fool (ft. Jung Yong Hwa)

Participatory Concerts & Collaborations

  • YB & Bobby Kim concert (28.12.14, Special guest)
  • IU concert – Just One Step…Just a Much as That (01.06.14, Performace Especial)
  • Jung Yong Hwa Ft IU – Lucky – (23.12.11, Special Performance, Music Bank)
  • Jung Yong Hwa Ft Seo Hyun – Bammal Song (05.01.11, Special Performance, WGM)
  • G.NA ft Jung Yong Hwa -I’ll Back Off So You Can Live (16.08.10, Inkigayo)
  • CNBLUE, Girls’ Generation, 2AM, KARA – My life Would Suck Without You (07.08.10, Special Stage Music Bank)
  • 마일리지 (Mileage) -. Yang Dong Geun” First Solo Album” (2015)
  • Checkmate – Jung Yong Hwa Ft JJ Lin “First Solo Album” (2015)


  • Jung Yong Hwa 1st Concert One Fine Day Tour 2015
    • 28 February – Seoul, Korea – AX Korea
    • march 07 and 08 – Tokyo, Japan – Tokyo International Forum Hall A
    • March 14 – Osaka, Japan – Osaka International Convention Center
    • March 19 – Hong Kong, China – Asia World Expo Hall
    • March 22 – Shanghai, China – Shanghai Grand Stage
    • 04 April – Bangkok, Thailand – Thunder Dome
    • April 11 – Beijing, China – Beijing Olympic Center
    • May 30 – Singapore – The Star Performing Arts Center
    • June 20 – Taipei, Taiwan – Tien Mu Sports Center
  • Jung Yong Hwa Japan Concert “Summer Calling” 2017
    • 22 and 23 August – Osaka – Osaka Festival Hall
    • August 29, 30 and 31 – Yokohama – Yokohama, Japan Pacific Yokohama
    • 09 and 10 September – Chiba – Makuhari Event Hall
    • 07 and 08 October – Kobe – Kobe World Hall
    • december 20 and 21 – Yokohama – Yokohama, Japan Pacific Yokohama
  • Jung Yong Hwa Live “Room 622” 2018
    • january 20 and 21 – Seoul, South Korea – Olympic Park Hall
    • 27 January – Hong Kong, China – Asia World Expo Hall 10
  • Jung Yong Hwa “STAY 622” 2018
    • march 2 and 3 – Seoul, South Korea – Korea University Hwajeong Gymnasiun Anam
  • Jung Yong Hwa “STILL622” 2019
    • december 7th and 8th – Seoul, South Korea – Korea University Hwajeong Gymnasiun Anam
  • Jung Yong Hwa “STILL 622 ASIA LIVE TOUR” 2020
 * January 25 - Bangkok - Thunder Domo, Muag Thong Thani 

*’ 08 February – Taipei –nTU Sports Center.

Jung YongHwa (CNBLUE) Drama

  • It’s You, Out of the Blue (Disney+, 2022)
  • Sell Your Haunted House (KBS2, 2021)
  • The Package (JTBC, 2017)
  • The Three Musketeers (tvN, 2014)
  • Marry Him If You Dare (KBS2, 2013)
  • A Gentleman’s Dignity (SBS, 2012) Ep. 13
  • Heartstrings (MBC, 2011)
  • You’re Beautiful (SBS, 2009)


  • 2018 JUNG YONG HWA LIVE [ROOM 622].

Jung YongHwa (CNBLUE) Films

  • P1H: Beginning of a New World (2020)
  • Cook Up a Storm (2017)
  • “NEVER STOP” The Story of CNBLUE (2014).

Jung YongHwa (CNBLUE) Awards



  • SBS Drama Awards: New Star Award (You’re Beautiful)


  • Korea Drama Festival: Popularity Award (You’re Beautiful)
  • MBC Entertainment Awards Popularity Award (We Got Marriedtogether with Seo Hyun)
  • SBS Entertainment Awards: Best Newcomer In a Variety Show (Inkigayo)


  • MelOn Musics Awards Music Style Best OST Song (Heartstrings)

2012 .

  • K-Drama Star Awards: Hallyu Star Award (You’re Beautifuly Heartstrings)

2015 .

  • Music Bank (30/01): ‘ One Fine Day’.
  • Inkigayo (01/02): ‘ One Fine Day’.
  • Show Champion (04/02) ‘ One Fine Day’.
  • Music Bank (13/02): ‘ One Fine Day’.
  • Hong Kong weibo’s Star Award: Hottest Korean Artist Award
  • Hong Kong Weibo’s Star Award Most Influential Korean Star
  • Top Chinese Music Awards Solo Artist Award
  • ELLE Style Awards in China Best International Singer
  • 30th Golden Disk Awards: Best Solo Vocal
  • KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award for Actor in a Mini-Series (Sell Your Haunted House)

Jung YongHwa (CNBLUE) TV Programs

  • Omniscient Interfering (MBC 2021) Ep. 173
  • Honeymoon Tavern (TVN 2021) Ep. 8
  • My Little Old Boy (SBS, 2021) Ep. 252
  • Six Sense (JTBC, 2020) Ep. 6
  • K-Trot in town (SBS, 2020)
  • My Little Old Boy (SBS, 2020) Ep. 170
  • 1 Night 2 Days (KBS2, 2018) Ep. 520
  • Island Trio (Olive-tvN, 2017)
  • Party People (SBS, 2017) Ep. 4 besides Blackpink
  • Knowing Bros (JTBC, 2017) with Zico from Block B
  • Let’s Eat Dinner Together (JTBC, 2017) Ep. 26 besides Sung Yu Ri
  • Syndrome Man (KBS, 2017) besides Kim Hee Chul Kim Min Jongy Kim Gu Ra
  • Two Yoo Project – Sugar Man (JTBC, 2016)
  • Happy C& (China, 2015) besides JJ Lin
  • Running Man (SBS, 2015) Ep 242 along with Lee Hong Gi from FTISLAND and Jung Il Woo
  • Infinity Challenge (MBC, 2015)
  • Radio Star (MBC, 2015)
  • Hello Counselor (MBC, 2015)
  • Weekly Idol (MBC, 2015)
  • Jung Yong Hwa Hologram’s (Mnet,2015)
  • Day Day Up (China, 2014)
  • Hello Counselor (KBS, 2014)
  • Weekly Idol (MBC, 2014)
  • Radio Star (MBC, 2014)
  • Guerrilla Date (KBS, 2014)
  • Running Man (SBS, 2014) Ep 186 with CNBLUE and Shim Eun Kyung
  • Golden Disk Awards (Mnet, 2014) MC besides Min Ho from SHINee and Doo Joon from BEAST
  • Cheongdam-dong 111 (tvN 2013-2014)
  • Running Man (SBS, 2013) Ep 127 and 129
  • Moonlight Prince (KBS, 2013) Ep 4 together with Moon Hee Jun and HaHa
  • Golden Disk Awards (Mnet, 2013) MC besides Nicole Jung (Ex – member of KARA)
  • Invincible Youth 2 (SBS2, 2012) besides Jung Shin
  • Running Man (SBS, 2012) Ep 104
  • Star King (SBS, 2012) Along with Jung Shin
  • Strong Heart (SBS, 2011)
  • Radio Star (MBC, 2011) Along with Jong Hyun
  • Running Man (SBS, 2010-2011) Ep 7, 11, 17, 35-36, 72 -73
  • Happy Together (KBS, 2010-2011) Along with Simon D
  • We Got Married (MBC, 2010) Seohyunfrom Couple Girls’ Generation
  • Music Bank (KBS, 2010-2011) MC
  • Star King (SBS, 2010) Along with Super Junior, SHINee and F (x)
  • Inkigayo (SBS, 2010) MC together Jo Kwon from 2AM and About
  • Night After Night (SBS, 2010) Permanent member besides UEE and Dae Sung
  • Let’s Go Dream Team 2 (KBS2, 2010) Ep 17
  • Win Win (SBS, 2010) besides Si Won and Taecyeon
  • Show! Music Core (MBC, 2010) MC together with Kim Yoo Bin
  • Star Golden Bell (KBS, 2010) Along with Min Hyuk
  • Radio Star (MBC, 2009) Together with Lee Hong Gi and Jo Kwon
  • Sunday Sunday Night (MBC, 2009)

Jung YongHwa (CNBLUE) Drama Themes

  • I Got Ya theme for Sell Your Haunted House (2021)
  • Shall We Kiss? theme for The Spies Who Loved Me (2020)
  • You’ve Fallen For Me theme for Heartstrings (2011)
  • Because I Miss You theme for Heartstrings (2011)
  • Comfort Song theme for Heartstrings (2011)
  • A Song For a Fool theme for You’re Beautiful (2009)
  • Promise (next to Lee Hong Gi & Jang Geun Suk) theme for You’re Beautiful (2009)
  • Still (together with Lee Hong Gi & Jang Geun Suk) theme for You’re Beautiful (2009)

Jung YongHwa (CNBLUE) Music Videos

  • 2012: Juniel – Fool (ft. Jung Yong Hwa)

Jung YongHwa (CNBLUE) is a member of:



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