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Jung Jinyoung (B1A4)

Weight: 59 kg
Height: 178 cm
Real name: 정진영 / Jung Jin Young
Date of Birth: November 18, 1991

Jung Jinyoung (B1A4)

About Jung Jinyoung (B1A4)

Jung Jinyoung (B1A4) Facts

  • Ex-Kpop Group B1A4
    • Position Leader, Vocalist and Dancer.
  • Education Cheongju National University – Performance.
  • Idol :& (Member of Black Eyed Peas).
  • Languages: Korean and English (Basic).
  • Specialties Cooking, although in a program on MTV he himself said he was destined to make iced coffee, sing, act and play guitar.
  • Rolemodels: & Park Yoo Chun and T.O.P.
  • Compositions: 43 songs registered with the Korea Copyright Association, including Bling Girl, Baby I’m Sorry, Baby Good Night, Feeling, Tried To Walk, What’s Happening?, Lonely, Solo Day, White Miracle, Sweet Girl, In the Same Place, It’s a lie.
  • He has a little bit of Thalasophobia (fear of the ocean) (because of a bad experience he had), that’s why he doesn’t go to the sea and boats (he gets seasick very easily and gets nauseous).
  • Favorite color: Network.
  • What you need to do before going to sleep: Practice composition and observe the programs in which they appear.
  • His nickname “Monster” was given to him because of his songwriting ability, as producers and co-producers of his albums have stated that: “Watching Jinyoung write the songs is scary”, since he knows nothing about chords and has no studies or any kind of training in it.
  • Its eyes are like those of a fox, hence its nickname.
  • In the Mnet WIDE program, Gong Chan and Jinyoung were chased in the subway by their fans and were forced to split up and run away.
  • Jinyoung says: I will always lose something, Gong Chan that’s one of the reasons why we always find it Gong Chan is Jinyoung’s puppy.
  • He confirmed in an interview to Billboard Korea that the song “You’re My Girl” is his favorite because it is dedicated to BANAS fans.
  • His nickname was “Golden Retriever”.
  • He won the gold medal in fencing at the 2012 Idols Olympics. He defeated Jin Woon from 2AM.
  • In “Weekly Idol” he showed that he knows how to use the ttakbam (Finger Fruit Breaking Technique).
  • In episode 8 of “Hello Baby” Jinyoung said that when he was little, he threw a nail into his mouth thinking that he could eat it, he said that when the nail was going down his throat, his mother managed to pull it out by sticking his hand down his throat, Jinyoung added that if his mother hadn’t pulled it out, he would be dead
  • He did a hidden camera on B1A4 MTV Match Up, faking a fainting spell. (Far video)
  • He really likes Doraemon, he even said in the interview that he really liked Nobita.
  • It has two piercings, one in each ear
  • He studied in Singapore when he was a child
  • Because he is good in the kitchen he is compared to the rat in the movie “Ratatouille”.
  • He said that red was a lucky color for him and that’s why in the promotions of “Baby i’m sorry” he had dyed his hair that color.
  • As well as Kim Sung Kyu from INFINITE every time B1A4 goes to Weekly Idol, he is also the victim of mockery by the MCs
  • He is the one who gets up last, as he stays up late composing songs.
  • JinYoung selected to participate in MNET’s new music drama “Perseverance, Goo Hae Ra.” & (translated), the drama will start filming at the end of November. The drama is expected to air in January 2015.
  • In “Perseverance Goo Hae Ra”, Jinyoung plays twin characters Kang Sae Chan (who dies in the novel) and Kim Ray (Kang Sae Chan’s brother who came from America).
  • Aside from the drama he is signing, Jinyoung is working together with his teammates on B1A4’s upcoming album.
  • He met the challenge of jumping a 338-meter-high tower in Macao-China.
  • He composed the lyrics of the song “Sweet Girl “in just three hours.
  • In episode 12 of “A Song For You” season 4, with the group Red Velvet as a guest, Jinyoung was filling in for Gong Chan as MC.
  • Jinyoung’s own composition “In The Same Place ” (or “At The Same Place”) for “Produce 101” received great interest even before its official release. This song was made especially for the trainees of the program. his song aroused a warm reaction and was the most popular song among the participants. At the time Jinyoung’s own composition was released (on the program, not officially released in full) it reached the 1st place of searches on music sites. In particular, it is rare for a song that has not been released to achieve the 1st place of searches on music sites, let alone for three days in a row. Moreover, Seunghee who is the lead singer of OH MY GIRL, girl group of the same company, sang the guide version of the song, which further increases the interest in it.
  • Jinyoung is in the top 7 male artists with the most songs registered under his name, as revealed by the Korean Music Copyright Association. While G-dragon tops the list with a total of 160 registered songs, Jinyoung along with Yonghwa get the #1 spot when talking about songs composed only by them (lyrics, arrangement, music), with a total of 24 in addition, two out of three songs registered under Jinyoung’s name are exclusively composed by him.
  • Gong Chan sang Jinyoung’s lines at the 2016 Busan One Asia Festival concert due to the drama’s recordings.
  • Gong Chan has again filled in for Jin Young in the following concerts
    • Seoul International Fireworks Festival 2016.
    • Suwon Hwaseong Cultural Festival 2016.
    • Rookie Asia M Style Show in Daegu 2016.
    • Seoul Girls Collection (SGC) Super Live 2016
  • On November 13, Jin Young made an appearance on the King of Master singer program as “The Cowardly Lion”.
    • In the first round, the two singers sang a duet, Deux from “In Summertime,” after which the tin man emerged victorious with 62 points, compared to 37 points for the cowardly lion.
    • The cowardly lion then sang the song he had prepared for his solo performance, Lim Jung Hee’s “I’m Coming Back.”
    • He was praised for his solid performance in “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds” and his skills as a producer. Talking about his work as a producer, he said, “When I’m directing, I’m pretty picky.” He joked, “I can sing like this, too, so if my B1A4 teammates can do like this as well (as him), it’s very good.”
    • Jin Young mentioned in Happy Together that he has more monetary income from his compositions (Royalties) than he does from B1A4 and other artists, than for being an actor.
  • On June 30, 2018, JinYoung and Baro’s departure from the band B1A4 was confirmed, after 7 years since their debut.
  • WM Entertainment announced the news of Jinyoung and Baro’s departure, stating, “We will respect Jinyoung and Baro’s decisions to want to go their own ways to pursue their dreams. Regarding their decisions to start over on their own, we also sincerely support their new beginnings.”
  • Regarding the future of the group, WM Entertainment explained, “We will focus our energy on restructuring B1A4. We will thoroughly discuss the direction of future activities with the members and make a decision. We will give our full support and do our best for the advancement of CNU, Sandeul and Gongchan. We will make it even better for all the fans who love and support B1A4 unconditionally as well.”
  • The agency concluded, “We would like to sincerely apologize to the fans for worrying them. We ask you to continue to love them as always and bless the B1A4 members who are facing a new starting line.”
  • On July 18, 2018, LINK8 Entertainment revealed that Jinyoung signed an exclusive contract with the company.
  • On June 5, 2019, a source from LINK8 Entertainment revealed that Jin Young will enlist on June 20 and serve his mandatory military service as a public service worker. due to previously suffering a labrum tear in his right shoulder.

Jung Jinyoung (B1A4) TV Programs

  • 2019 Knowing Bros (JTBC) 05/01/2019 with Ra Mi Rany Park Sung Woongep. 161
  • 2017: Idol Drama Operation Team
  • 2017: Party People JYP (besides B1A4 -22.10.2017)
  • 2017: JTBC “Night Goblin” (together with GongChan)
  • 2017: Master Key
  • 2017 Weekly Idol (MBCEvery1) 09/27/2017 with. B1A4 ep. 322
  • 2017: MBC The King of Singer (panelist)
  • 2017: MBC Idol Star Athletics Championship
  • 2016: MNET YANG and NAM SHOW (besides B1A4)
  • 2016: MBC 은밀하게 위대하게 위대하게 (Greatness in secret) along with B1A4
  • 2016: Immortal Song (together with B1A4)
  • 2016: KBS Hello counselor (with Baro)
  • 2016: MBC The King of Singer (11/13/16)
  • 2016 : Happy Together – Stars in the Moonlight EP.472
  • 2016: Pikicast Fan Heart Attack Idol TV
  • 2016: Mnet PRODUCE 101ep. 9 and 11
  • 2016: JTBC Take Care of My Witch (con B1A4)
  • 2016: The God of Music 2 (with CNU, Sandeul and Gong Chan)
  • 2016: Mnet Produce 101 ep. 6 (appearance)
  • 2015: KBS 4th season of Global Request ‘A Song For You’ (ep.12 and 13 as MC special)
  • 2015: KBS 4th season of Global Request ‘A Song For You’ (ep.7 with B1A4)
  • 2015: KBS2 Hello Consuelor (11.08.15 with Sandeul and Gong Chan)
  • 2015: MBC Idol Sports Championship (February 19).
  • 2014 : SBS Running Man (ep. 201)
  • 2014 KBS Happy Together (with Baro).
  • 2014 KBS Hello Counselor (with Baro)
  • 2014: KBS Million Seller (Ep. 1 and 2 together with CNU and Sandeul)
  • 2014: Weekly Idol
  • 2013: All the KPOP
  • 2013: Immortal Song 2
  • 2013 MBC All Star Olympics
  • 2013: Beatles Code 2
  • 2013: MBC Weekly Idol
  • 2013 KBS2 Dream Team Ping Pong Special
  • 2013: KBS Hello Counselor (with Sandeul)
  • 2013: All the KPOP
  • 2012 Let’s Go Dream Team (archery)
  • 2012 B1A4 Hello Baby!
  • 2012: Sesame Player 3
  • 2012: Weekly Idol
  • 2012 Self Camera Diary (Selca Diary)
  • 2011: MTV “Match Up” with Block B

Jung Jinyoung (B1A4) Drama

  • Police University (KBS2, 2021)
  • Because It’s My First Love (Netflix, 2019)
  • Wind-Bell (Naver TV, 2019)
  • If We Were the Seasons (KBS2, 2017)
  • Let’s Only Walk the Flower Road (KBS/Naver TV, 2017) cameo
  • Love in the Moonlight (KBS2, 2016)
  • Love Detective Sherlock K (KBS, 2015)
  • Warm and Cozy (MBC, 2015)
  • Perseverance Goo Hae Ra (Mnet,2015)
  • He is Wow (tvN, 2013)
  • The Thousandth Man (MBC, 2012) cameo

Jung Jinyoung (B1A4) Films

  • Bugs Attack (2019)
  • The Man Inside Me (2019)
  • Miss Granny (2014)

Jung Jinyoung (B1A4) Advertisement

  • Jongro M School CF (2007)
  • Tourism app “One more Trip” (together with Gong Chan)

Jung Jinyoung (B1A4) Music

B1A4 Only Day (lyrics, composition and arrangement).

  • Only Day
  • 내가 뭐가 돼 (You Make Me a Fool)
  • 잘 돼가 (Are You Happy?)
  • 물 한잔 (A Glass of Water)
  • You (Feat. Sunmi)

B1A4 Good Timing (lyrics, composition and arrangement).

  • Intro-Time
  • It’s a lie
  • Moment I Fall for You Again
  • Good Timing
  • In Dream
  • Melancholy
  • I will Find you
  • Drunk on You
  • Together
  • When It Snows

B1A4 Rollin’ -Rollin (Lyrics, composition and arrangement).

  • Rollin’ (lyrics rap besides Baro)
  • I Need You (lyrics rap besides Baro)
  • Love Emotion (rap lyrics with Baro; composition and arrangement with Moon Jung Kyu)
  • Smile Mask (rap lyrics with Baro; arrangement with Moon Jung Kyu)

B1A4 – Who I Am (Lyrics, composition and arrangement).

  • Intro – Prologue
  • Lonely, with Perfume [Arrangement].
  • Love Then feat. Harim besides Good Guy [Arrangement].
  • Baby junto a Good Guy [Arrangement].
  • Pretty, with Good Guy [Arrangement] [Arrangement
  • Who Am I, with Good Guy

B1A4 – Shiroi Kiseki (Lyrics, composition and arrangement).

  • 白いキセキ / White Miracle (lyrics by Baro)

B1A4 – YOU AND I ( Usual tray).

  • You and I

B1A4 – Follow Me (Lyrics, composition and arrangement).

  • Follow Me

PRODUCE 101/ I.O.I – Chrysalis.

  • Girls On Top – 같은 곳에서 (In the Same Place)
  • Produce 101/ I.O.I – When The Cherry Blossoms Fade

OH MY GIRL – Pink Ocean.

  • Pink Ocean 한 발짝 두 발짝 두 발짝 (One Step, Two Step)
  • Secret Garden – Secret Garden

Ben – Love in the Moonlight OST.

  • 안갯길 (Misty Road).


  • Miss me?
  • 잠깐만 (Hold Up)

Let’s Only Walk the Flower Road (IDOL Drama Operation Team) – Girls Next Door.

  • Deep Blue Eyes


  • Bling Girl – Let’s Fly
  • Wonderful Tonigth – It’s B1A4
  • Baby I’m Sorry – IGNITION
  • Feeling – IGNITION
  • Baby Good Nigth – IGNITION Special Edition
  • Because of You – IGNITION Special Edition
  • Tried to Walk – In the Wind
  • What Do You Want To Do – In the Wind
  • What’s Happening? – What’s Happening?
  • Sweet Girl – Sweet Girl
  • You and I (for their 3rd Japanese album “YOU AND I”)

Jung Jinyoung (B1A4) Awards

  • KBS Drama Awards Best New Actor Award (Love in the Moonlight)
  • 12th Soompi Awards Second Protagonist Syndrome Love in the Moonlight)
  • Asia Artist Awards Choice Award
  • KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Male) (Police University)
  • KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award besides Cha Tae Hyun (Police University)

Jung Jinyoung (B1A4) TV Drama’s

  • You’re Saying You Are Mine subject for Perfume (2019)
  • This Love theme for 100 Days My Prince (2018)
  • Oh My Love (together with Min Hyo Rin) subject for Perseverance Goo Hae Ra (2015)
  • The Day I Met You (besides Min Hyo Rin and Baro) theme for Perseverance Goo Hae Ra (2015)
  • I’m In Love (besides U Sung Eun) theme for Perseverance Goo Hae Ra (2015)
  • A Short Wait (besides U Sung Eun) theme for Perseverance Goo Hae Ra (2015)
  • Station (besides Kwak Si Yang) theme for Perseverance Goo Hae Ra (2015)

Themes for TV Programs

  • White Winter (together with Baro) theme for Sugar (2015)

Jung Jinyoung (B1A4) is a member of:


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