Jung Hana (SECRET)


Stage name: 정하나 /Jung Ha Na

Gender: Female

Age: 32 years

Date of birth: February 2, 1990

Place of birth: Ganeung-dong, Uijeongbu, South Korea

Height: 157cm

Weight: 45kg

Bloodtype: A

Zodiac Sign: Aquarium

Jung Ha Na Profile

About Jung Hana


Born on February 2, 1990, in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi, South Korea, her mother was a singer in the 1980s and her father was a bodyguard. She is an only child. Her mother was a singer, discovered in a show TBS Talent and released a single in South Korea. Her father is a martial artist and was a former presidential bodyguard. She became friends with CL from 2NE1 and Sun Ye from Wonder Girls when she attended middle school dance school.

Although she is a strongly charismatic rapper in the group, she has been known as the most under-the-radar member of the group. However, during SECRET’s appearances on MBC’s “Bouquet,” she became a favorite comedian after performing her own version of “Change” by HyunA throughout the following episodes, the cast and MCs continued to use the phrase “Zinger Time”.

Jung Hana (SECRET) Facts

  • Ex-K-Pop Group: SECRET
    • Position: Rapper, Vocalist, Dancer.
  • Education: Induction college of entertainment and broadcasting.
  • Hobbies Reading, watching movies and television.
  • Mascot: Two dogs: A-YO and Bboyo.
  • When I was a little girl, I wanted to be president.
  • Her mother was a professional singer.
  • Next to Sun Hwa performed Genie from the group Girls’ Generation in The Beatles Code program.
  • On the night of December 11, 2012, they had a car accident. According to reports, Ha Na suffered a punctured lung and a fractured rib. The others also suffered minor injuries, with her being the most injured of the four. Their comeback, which they had been with for only 1 week, was cancelled.
  • April 24, TS Entertainment stated: “The rapper from SECRET zinger, who has been using this name on stage since her debut, will officially change it to her legal name Jung Hana from the promotions of the fourth mini-album, which will start on April 30.
  • Performed in Jumping Girltogether with Moon from F (x), B-Bomb and U-Kwon from Block B this is Ha Na’s first time participating in a drama.
  • There has long been speculation that she will make her solo debut, but the agency has yet to confirm anything.
  • From her debut in the group until now, she has changed a lot. she lost a lot of weight in the YooHoo era.
  • Besides being a rapper, she is also a songwriter. In fact, in the mini album Moving in Secret, there is a song written by her; “Amazinger” and in which she shows her skills as a rapper.
  • She has great rapping skills, but she can also sing.
  • Like her group mates, she has also made her debut as an actress, making her debut in the web drama Jumping Girl.
  • Unlike her peers, the agency has not yet made her fan club official, although many fans call themselves “Amazinger’s”, “Supa’s” or “ONLYONE”. Amazinger’s because it refers to the song she wrote and performed as a soloist on the group’s first mini-album. Supa’s because she has a range of products she collects with those initials marked. ONLYONE’s because Ha Na in Korean means ONLYONE in English, and in Spanish, única.

Jung Hana (SECRET) Drama

  • Jumping Girl (Naver, 2015)

Jung Hana (SECRET) TV Programs

  • 2011: Family Variety Bouquet
  • 2010: Let’s Go Dream Team! Season 2

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