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Jun.K (2PM)

Height: 180 cm
Real name: 김민준 / Kim Min Jun
Date of Birth: January 15, 1988

Jun.K (2PM)

About Jun.K (2PM)

Jun.K (2PM) Facts

  • K-pop group 2PM
    • Position Vocalist and Dancer.
  • Education
    • Preparatory: Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts (Broadcast Entertainment, major in Performing Arts)
    • &University: Kyung Hee University (M.A. in Cultural Content and Public Arts).
  • Religion: Buddhism.
  • He won many competitions, both singing and poetry, before his debut.
  • He auditioned for YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, passing both auditions and then deciding on JYP Entertainment.
  • Before debuting in 2PM spent 4 years training with Jay Park (former member), making him the most trained member.
  • he came to rehearse the song ‘This Song’ with Jo Kwon and Seulong members of 2AM however, shortly before the boys’ debut, the group went through more than one change, and was transferred from 2AM a 2PM.
  • During the rehearsals of “Without U”, the promotional single of the group’s 3rd mini album: “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop”, he suffered an injury to his leg. However, Jun. K continued to perform on stage, of course without performing the choreographies.
  • His stage name is Jun. K, given to him by a Korean-Japanese childhood friend.
  • His father passed away from a heart attack on January 20, 2012. His group and agency mates along with his closest friends supported him in his loss.
  • On October 17, 2012, he informed through his personal twitter account that, due to a family matter, his name would be changed: “Jun. K” would remain his stage name and his real name would become “Kim Min Jun”, making it clear that Junsu would no longer use it.
  • He is a great composer and has written songs such as: “Falling In Love” for the Japanese single “Give Me Love”, “Game Over” and “Suddenly” for the album Grown, “Always” for the mini-album by Baek Ah Yeon, “No Goodbyes” for the album “Grown”, and “Always” for the mini-album by Baek Ah Yeon. OneDay dJ got me goin’ crazy” for the album of Woo Young hanerete Itemo” for 2PM’s first Japanese album, “Sunshine” for singer Kan Mi Youn and two songs for the Japanese debut album of GOT7 one of them will be called “So lucky”.
  • A few days after the release of its album ‘ Love & Hate reached the #1 position at Oricon and also at Tower Record Daily Album Chart
  • Your album Love & Hate has sold more than 35,000,000 copies in Japan
  • In explaining the concept of your M/V No Love said that the three characters in it are the panda, who knows all about love and how to move towards non-love, the young Minjun, who was hurt by his first love and the singer Minjun, who tells you the actual story. All those characters are representations of himself
  • Japanese press chooses the concert LOVE & HATE jun.K as one of the most impressive shows of 2014. Among the performers included were the Top 10 concerts of 2014 according to the editor of the popular Japanese press “Ranking Box”, Jun.K’s concert was one of the most impressive this year. He added: “Personally I think the most listened to album this year is LOVE & HATE jun.K, which was released in May. Jun.K is an excellent artist who is talented in composition and possesses amazing vocal color as well as great musical technique. His live concert was not only good in lyric, but in expression as well.”
  • Composed the song Go Crazy the title track of the album of the same name, released in September 2014.
  • The title track of the album No. 5 of 2PM has been written entirely by Jun.K.
  • On February 26, 2017, during one of the 6 Nights concerts, Jun.K fell from one of the mobile platforms at a height of three meters, resulting in injuries and fractures of the right elbow and one of the fingers of the right hand, plus a knee injury.
  • On February 27, 2017, JYP confirms that Jun.K has undergone surgery for elbow fracture and will remain on medical surveillance for knee pain. All his activities have been suspended for a few weeks, pending his medical release.
  • On February 10, 2018 at 07:00 am, Jun.K. was caught drunk driving and stopped by the police. His blood alcohol level (.074) may cost him a lifetime revocation of his driver’s license.
  • JYP Entertainment issued a statement informing that “Kim Min Jun right now is deeply remorseful and is reflecting. In the future, all his activities will stop and we will respect the intentions of our overseas partners and companies with whom we have contracts.”
  • A few days later Jun.K himself and JYP issued another statement: JYP “We have a system where we reimburse all designated driver expenses but we still feel responsible for what happened” he added “Our company has had a system for the last 5 years together with a designated driver company where we reimburse our celebrities for all related expenses to prevent our celebrities from drunk driving. Knowing that this happened despite all this, makes us feel strongly responsible and we will find ways to improve our prevention system.”
  • Jun.K for his part apologized by issuing this message: “First, I am very sorry that I have to write to you because of this matter. My sudden decision was reckless. I will take a look back, deeply regret it and reflect on my mistake even when I know how bad it is to drink and drive. I sincerely apologize for disappointing all the fans who love and believe in me.”
  • On May 8, 2018, JYP Entertainment revealed, “Jun.K is enlisting today. As he wanted to enlist quietly, the location and time have not been disclosed.”
  • On June 7, 2018, news outlet Sports Kyunghyang reported that Jun.K, who is currently in military service at a recruit training center in Gangwon Province, has developed facial nerve paralysis in the lower right side of his face. JYP Entertainment, then reported that those reports were false.
  • On June 18, 2018, an army source stated, “After the boot & graduation ceremony last week, Jun.K is currently performing his military service. He was awarded the division commander’s honor for his outstanding overall score among trainees.”
  • He concluded his military service on January 02, 2020.

Jun.K (2PM) Collaborations


  • Jun. K (From 2PM) 1st Solo Tour “Love & Hate” 2014
    • 08 and 09 May – Osaka, Japan – International Convention Center Grand Cube
    • 13 May – Fukuoka, Japan – Zepp Fukuoka
    • May 16 – Tokyo, Japan – Shinkiba Studio Coast
    • may 19 and 20 – Nagoya, Japan – Zepp Nagoya
    • May 22 – Hokkaido, Japan – Zepp Sapporo
    • may 26 and 27 – Tokyo, Japan – Makuhari Trade Fair Event Hall
  • Jun. K (From 2PM) Solo Tour “Love Letter” 2015
    • November 14 and 15 – Tokyo, Japan – Makuhari Messe Event Hall
    • 17 and 18 November – Nagoya, Japan – Zepp Nagoya
    • november 21 and 22 – Fukuoka, Japan – Zepp Fukuoka
    • 29 November – Hokkaido, Japan – Zepp Sapporo
    • 09 and 10 December – Tokyo, Japan – Makuhari Messe Event Hall
    • december 12 and 13 – Osaka, Japan – Osaka Castle Hall
  • Jun. K (From 2PM) Solo Tour “No Shadow” 2016
    • november 08 and 09 – Tokyo, Japan – Toyosu Pit
    • november 29 – Fukuoka, Japan – Fukuoka Sun Palace
    • december 12, 13 & 14 – Osaka, Japan – Big Cube Osaka
    • 15 and 16 December – Nagoya, Japan – Zepp Nagoya
  • Jun.K Solo Concert “Mr. NO♡” 2017
    • 14 January – Seoul, South Korea – Yes24 Live Hall
  • Jun.K (From 2PM) Solo Tour “No Time” 2018
    • march 06 and 07 – Tokyo, Japan – Zepp Tokyo
    • march 13 and 14 – Nagoya, Japan – Zepp Nagoya
    • march 19 and 20 – Osaka, Japan – Zepp Namba
    • march 22 – Fukuoka, Japan – Fukuoka Sunpalace

Jun.K (2PM) Drama

  • Style (SBS, 2009) cameo

Jun.K (2PM) Musicals

  • Three Musketeers (2013)

Jun.K (2PM) TV Programs

  • King of Mask Singer (MBC, 2016)
  • The Romantic & Idol (ttvN, 2012)
  • 2PM Show (SBS Plus, 2011)
  • Immortal Song 2 (KBS2, 2011)
  • Wild Bunny (Mnet, 2009)
  • Idol Show (MBC, 2008)
  • Hot Blood (Mnet, 2008)

Jun.K (2PM) TV Drama’s

  • Love… Goodbye subject for I Love Lee Tae Ri (2012)
  • Don’t Go (together with Lim Jung Hee) subject for Dream High (2011)

Movie Themes

  • HOT subject for Blind (2011)

Jun.K (2PM) is a member of:



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