Ju Wontak

Real name: 주원탁 / Ju Won Tak

Stage name: Unknown

Gender: Male

Age: 26 years

Date of birth: February 24, 1996

Place of birth: South Korea

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Bloodtype: O

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rat

Joo Won Tak Profile

About Ju Wontak

Ju Wontak Facts

  • Former Project Group: RAINZ
    • Position Vocalist and Dancer
  • Former Kpop group
  • Period as Trainee: 4 years and 2 months
  • Hobbies Skating and Bowling
  • Specialty: Speak Japanese
  • Motto: Whatever it is, I’m going to think of it as a life or death situation.
  • He was apprenticed to Fantagio Entertainment was included in the lineup of ASTRO however, he was removed from the group due to his poor dancing skills.
  • I participate in the second season of PRODUCE 101where he was eliminated in chapter 5.
  • He prepared a special event for his fans after his appearance on the May 11 episode of the M! Countdown (Due to the fact that he and his group won the first team battle for PRODUCE 101where they performed Mansae by Seventeen), this event consisted of a coffee truck and a small gathering for fans who came to cheer them on
  • On May 31, 2019, he announced that he is seeking to legally terminate his contract with 2able Company after stating that he did not receive any payment for his promotions with the group RAINZ and no payment for their solo promotions.

Ju Wontak Drama

  • Can Love Be Refunded (Naver TV, 2019)
  • Love is Not Like a Movie (TBA)

Ju Wontak Films

  • On Your Own (2019)

Ju Wontak TV Programs

  • PRODUCE 101 (Season 2) (Mnet, 2017)

Ju Wontak TV Drama’s

  • A Shy Confession theme for Tomorrow is Also Sunny (2018)
  • Treasure theme for The Rich Son (2018)

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