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Jiyou (TWO X)

Weight: 47kg
Height: 167cm
Real name: 임창숙 / Lim Chang Suk
Date of Birth: June 15, 1989

Jiyou (TWO X)

About Jiyou (TWO X)

Jiyou (TWO X) Facts

  • Kpop Group: TWO X
  • Position: Leader, Vocalist, Dancer.
  • Specialty: Singing and Dancing
  • Favorite Artist: Ciara
  • She was a trainee at J.Tune C& for 5 years.
  • She participated in the album of Rain ‘Rainism’ singing with her the song “You”.
  • She calls herself the Ciara of Uijeongbu, she practices her gestures and dance steps, Ciara is her role model.
  • Their treasure is a little dog they have at home named Cookie
  • Jiyou won a gold medal in a cycling competition and a silver medal in a swimming tournament.
  • One of her dreams besides being a singer is also to be a veterinarian since she loves animals.
  • Yang Seung Hofrom MBLAQ i teach her how to beatbox.
  • She does not like to clean.
  • Jiyou comments that Mir from MBLAQ told her that her tone of voice is similar to that of Park Hwayobi.
  • In an interview she was asked if she liked any of the members of MBLAQ to which she replied that she did not, being confirmed by the lie detector, she said that she could not like them because having spent a lot of time together, she saw them as brothers.
  • See i decide to audition for J.Tune Camp at the insistence of her little sister.
  • Share a room with Eun
  • MOON NIGHT was her debut in musicals playing HYERI, alongside Seungho and Thunder of MBLAQ.
  • He respects very much Lee Eun Mi, for her passion and how she gives her all on stage
  • She has a strong personality, which is why she says she has a hard time doing Aegyo.
  • Your ideal guy has to be really fun, and take care of herself
  • Her dream is that men and women of all ages will get to know her and her songs.

Jiyou (TWO X) Collaborations

Jiyou (TWO X) Musical

Themes for Drama

  • MayDay – theme for Fugitive (2010)

Jiyou (TWO X) is a member of:



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