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Jinon (F.CUZ)

Weight: 66kg
Height: 183cm
Real name: Jin Xiang Qi
Date of Birth: July 13, 1989

Jinon (F.CUZ)

About Jinon (F.CUZ)

Jinon (F.CUZ) Facts

  • Kpop group: F.CUZ
    • Position Leader, Rapper, Vocalist, Dancer
  • College Ahn Yang High (Art School)
  • Hobbies Exercise
  • Favorite Color Blue
  • Prior to his debut with F.Cuz, he was prepared to make his debut with the group Supernova (Cho Shin Sung).
  • He does not like people who lie.
  • His favorite food is Kimchi.
  • The person he respects is his grandfather.
  • His motto is “Humility always wins over pride”.
  • Together with Kan and Ye Jun, he was part of one of the most recognized dance teams in South Korea, along with many other famous personalities such as Rain.
  • “I’ve been to the police station because of my girlfriend “Jinon made a shocking confession on KBS JOY’s “Kim Gura’s Socrates”. In a corner of the program, Jinon said, “My girlfriend didn’t like that I was not very enthusiastic, but all of a sudden, I became a guy obsessed on her. My girlfriend started to notice it and got worried. he told me he wanted me to go back to the way I used to be, but I was so obsessed with his at the time that I couldn’t go back. “He continued, “I would call his when he got up, and I would call his when he didn’t respond to text messages. My girlfriend finally called the police on me and I had to go to the police station for the first time.” He further said, “I think I called his 30 times once.” (2011.01.20)
  • Jin on attended the Ahn Yang School of Art, where he met his close friend, who is now Yong Jun Hyung from HIGHLIGHT he is also a friend of Seung Ho from MBLAQ.
  • He said he is interested in Lizzy~ He said: “Recently, Lizzy from A.S comes from the nice. I meet Lizzy at the radio station from time to time, and the moment I put my head down, my face turns red. There were many times when I left his because I was embarrassed, when he raised his head up. I liked her, he looks innocent, Lizzy~ his accent is especially charming, I want to be a good friend with her~”
  • He admitted that he loved the “Gummy Smile” from Jun Hyo Sung.
  • He admitted to having been a very active Shinhwa Changjo (fan of the group SHINHWA) and that his nickname had been “Minwoo’s husband”. He says that he is still a fan of the group to this day.

Jinon (F.CUZ) Drama

  • Firm Family (E-Channel, 2012)
  • A Man Called God (MBC, 2010)
  • Cinderella Man (MBC, 2009) Cameo

Jinon (F.CUZ) TV Programs

  • 2010: Dream team
  • 2010: I Love Pet, mascot Jiggy.

Jinon (F.CUZ) Music Videos

Jinon (F.CUZ) is a member of:



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