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Jimin (BTS)

Weight: 58 kg
Height: 174 cm
Real name: 박지민 / Park Ji Min
Date of Birth: October 13, 1995

Jimin (BTS)

About Jimin (BTS)

Jimin (BTS) Facts

  • Group K-Pop BTS
    • Position: Vocalist and dancer.
    • Voice type: Light tenor.
    • Rank: A2 ~ Bb5 (3 octaves and 1 semitone)
    • Register: A2 – F#5 – Bb5
  • Education:
    • Busan High School of Arts (Department of Modern Dance)
    • Korean Arts High School (Graduated in 2014)
    • Global Cyber University ( Information and Entertainment Broadcasting Specialty) (Graduated in 2020)
    • Hanyang Cyber University (Advertising and Communication – Master of Business Administration)
  • Role models: Tae Yang, Minwoofrom Shinhwa Se7en.
  • Favorite colors: Orange, blue and black.
  • Hobbies: Drawing, dancing, martial arts, and playing video games.
  • Specialties: Dance, flexibility.
  • My favorite food is BBQ pork and bean paste soup.
  • He studied Japanese fencing for 8 years.
  • He took ballet classes when he was younger and learned contemporary dance for two years.
  • Participated along with Kang Daniel and Park Woo Jin in a dance competition called “Busan City Kids” organized by Just Dance in 2011.
  • As a promising young contemporary dance student, one of his dance teachers instigated Jimin to audition for Big Hit Entertainment in 2011 in Busan, the song he performed was “I have a Lover” and was immediately accepted, he moved to Seoul in his 2nd year of high school to become a trainee.
  • He was the last to enter BTS during the lineup of members, closing the auditions and leaving the seven members.
  • During his trainee days, he was a recurring dancer for GLAM’s “Glamorous” performances. He also had a brief cameo in GLAM’s music video for “Party (XXO)”.
  • The company wanted to give him a stage name, among which was Baby J, Baby G, and Young Kid, but in the end, he decided to use his real name.
  • He is part of a very close group of friends together with Tae Min from SHINee, Kai from EXO, Timoteo, and Sung Woon from HOTSHOT they have shown their support for each other is very visible ways. On many occasions, they have mentioned each other in interviews, participated in shows or performances together, referred to each other in the acknowledgments of their respective band’s albums, and even supported each other by coming to each other’s concerts together. The band calls themselves “Parka Friendship” since they share a parka with a logo composed of their hands and have been trending on different portals when they meet.
  • Participated in part number two of the cover of Jungkook’s We Don’t Talk Anymore ” demonstrating, not only his good English pronunciation but also his beautiful, high-pitched voice.
  • He participated on Dec. 26 in SBS Gayo Daejun 2016 where he gave a contemporary dance performance along with other idols such as N from VIXX, Mine and Momo from TWICE, Cheng Xiao, and Luda from Cosmic Girls, Seoul Gi from Red Velvet, and Lisa from BLACKPINK.
  • He collaborated with Taemin from SHINee at the KBS Gayo Daejun 2016.
  • During the Wings Tour concert that BTS offered in Macau on November 4, 2017, Jimin took a moment to apologize to his fans, because since his arrival Jimin began to feel severe pain in his neck and shoulders made them take him to the emergency room, for this reason, he could not perform the choreographies of the group and had to remain seated in a chair for almost the entire concert.
  • Jimin was unable to attend “The Graham Norton Show” because on the day of the taping he began to suffer severe pain in his neck and back, received medical attention and the decision was made that he would not participate due to his condition.
  • He appeared for the first time on TC Candler’s “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2017” list ranking #64
    • In 2018 it ranked #25
    • In 2019 ranked #19
    • In 2020 it ranked #17
  • He broke the record for the most plays in the first 24 hours on SoundCloud, the song was “Promise” with a total of 8.5 million views, the previous record belonged to Drake.
  • Jimin becomes the first Korean artist to reach 100 million plays on SoundCloud with his first solo song “Promise”.
  • The song “Friends” from the Map of the soul:7 album has been added to Jimin’s name under the writing and composing credits on KOMCA, making it his fifth song registered under his name.
  • On March 1, Global Cyber University held its graduation ceremony for 2020 graduates, Jimin who graduated in August 2020 with degrees in Entertainment and Media received the President’s Award at the ceremony, being an honors graduate.
  • On January 31, 2022, Big Hit Music stated that Jimin had experienced sudden abdominal pain and a slight sore throat the day before and had gone to the emergency room, where he was diagnosed with acute appendicitis and tested positive for COVID-19. He underwent surgery early in the morning of January 31 and is recovering, while receiving treatment for COVID-19.


Jimin’s dreams were constantly changing as a child because of the cartoons he watched, so he wanted to be a scientist, a mini car driver, a swordsman, so he learned fencing, and even a cook. Then he realized that despite being shy he liked people’s attention, and became interested in dancing after seeing a performance by Rain; he was in 8th grade at the time. In 9th grade, he thought, “I want to become a singer.” He entered the Modern Arts College in Busan, and it was one of his teachers who told him about auditioning for an entertainment company.

He auditioned in Busan to enter Big Hit, which was his first time auditioning. Jimin said that his hands were shaking like crazy, even when he opened the door. He also said that while singing, his voice cracked numerous times, but his dancing came out amazing because he was more confident. He was accepted but with little chance of making his debut as a BTS member, even the company told him so, so he decided to practice hard. His practices lasted until the wee hours of the morning (sometimes he stayed with Hoseok), and he followed his diet strictly. He even slept only 3 hours a day, and then he would practice. And that’s how he made his debut.

Jimin (BTS) Music

  • BTS – Outro: Circel Room Cypher (2013)
  • BTS – Boyz with Fun (2015)
  • BTS – Lie (2016)
  • Jimin – Promise (2018)
  • BTS – 친구 (Friends) (2020)
  • BTS – 병 (Dis-ease) (2020)
  • Jimin – Christmas Love (2020)

Jimin (BTS) Musicals

  • 2012: Glam – Party XXO (cameo)

Jimin (BTS) Films

  • Break the Silence: The Movie Documentary
  • Bring the Soul: The Movie (2019) Documentary
  • Love Yourself in Seoul (2019) Documentary
  • Burn the Stage: The Movie (2018) Documentary

Jimin (BTS) Awards

  • 2018 Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards Hwagwan Orders of Cultural Merit

Jimin (BTS) TV Programs

  • 2017 Please Take Care of My Refrigerator, Ep. 152 and 153 with Jin (23.10.17)
  • 2017: MC Special on M! Countdown, with J-Hope and RM (28.09.17)
  • 2017: Hello Counselor, with Jin (20.03.17)
  • 2017: King of Mask Singer (08.01.17)
  • 2016: MC Special in M! Countdown, with Jin (10.20.16)
  • 2016: SBS God’s Workplace, with J-Hope
  • 2016: MC Special at Music Core, with JungKook (07.30.16)
  • 2016 SBS Star King, with RM and J-Hope
  • 2016: National Idol Singing Contest, with JungKook
  • 2015: KBS 2015 KBS Gayo Daechukjae, with J-Hope and Jungkook (24.12.15)
  • 2015: My Pet Clinic, with V and J-Hope (11.11.15)
  • 2014: Arirang After School Club. Ep. 70 with RM and JungKook (28.05.14)
  • 2014: Arirang After School Club, Ep. 68 with RM and JungKook (21.05.14)
  • 2014: Arirang After School Club, Ep. 56 with RM (04/02/14)

Jimin (BTS) is a member of:



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