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Jia (Priceless Sisters)

Weight: 45kg
Height: 164cm
Real name:
Date of Birth: February 3, 1990

Jia (Priceless Sisters)

About Jia (Priceless Sisters)

Jia (Priceless Sisters) Facts

  • Project Group: Priceless Sisters
    • Position:
  • Former K-Pop Group Miss A (2010-2016)
    • Position: Vocalist, Rapper and Dancer.
  • Education
    • Beijing Institute of Modern Music.
    • Seoul University of the Arts.
  • Languages: Chinese (native language), Korean (fluent) and English (fluent).
  • Specialties Jazz, Hip Hop.
  • Hobbies: Dancing, playing and playing with their pets.
  • Favorite color: Violet and bright colors.
  • Favorite food: Noodles.
  • Mascot: A cat named Domingo and a Labrador retriever named Leri.
  • She was selected to join JYP Entertainment at an audition held at her dance school
  • From a very early age, Jia dedicated herself to ethnic dances JYP Entertainment she dedicated herself to improving her Hip Hop.
  • Next to Fei, Hye Rim sarah (Shin Hye Ji) and Xiao Jie (Hwang Yi Fei), was part of a project group named JYP Sisters. The Chinese version of the Wonder Girls.
  • With the bleaching of her hair during the promotions with Miss A, she suffered a strong hair loss.
  • She came up with the idea for the idea of mom’s costume for Miss A promotions with “Touch”. She also designed the T-shirt. Worn during miss A fan meetings in Hong Kong, Beijing and Taiwan for “Hush” promotions.
  • In the first episode of Youth Trainee, after a question from Jiro Wang, Jia clarified that she was born in the year 1990, not 1989 as previously believed.
  • Writing the lyrics to her second single “Who’s That Girl”, which describes her difficult times in South Korea.
  • For the Chinese program Born to be U5, she was on the jury for the presentation of the Russian group Serebro.
  • When recording her new MV of #MOOD in Korea, fractured her hip, where she was taken to a nearby hospital.
  • Following the official news of the disbandment of the Miss A jia through her Weibo shared her thoughts. She wrote: ” Upon reaching the news of the dissolution of the Miss A first of all, just because there were many feelings, I have a lot of feelings Fei Jia, Min and Suzy just because Miss A existed, there is me; I am very grateful for my days with the other 3 members of JYP. For the ten years of intense training, there is a Jia today. People will have to learn to be independent, the best way to show gratitude for the new, hoping everyone will love my solo music. I am still in the process of growing, in the coming times, I need your support, keep in a good mood.”.
  • She opened her own Youtube channel VEVO, where she uploaded her MVfREE and WAPON which had not been uploaded by Banana Culture Music.
  • She participated in the survival program of Mango TV, Sisters Who Make Waves ranking 3rd in the final ranking with a total of 2,562,282 votes, earning a place in the project group Priceless Sisters in the program, she was once selected as the they they they they the public’s least favorite, however, was resurrected and returned to the competition, debuting in the TOP 3 with 2,562,282 votes.
  • In the credits of Glass Wall, the following are noted Meng Jia Studio as a producer and there is no mention of Banana Culture Music in addition, the agency did not give any statement about the controversy or Jia’s activities, it is unknown if the artist left the agency and works independently.



She was recruited by JYP Entertainment in April 2007, and after 3 years of training, in 2010, she made her debut as a member of the group miss A.

Departure of Miss A:

May 20, 2016, JYP Entertainment announced the termination of Jia’s contract, so she would be leaving the agency as well as the group miss A JYPE showed her appreciation for Jia saying, “We really support Jia who has spent a lot of time with JYP Entertainment and hope that her future will be even brighter.”.

Solo debut in China:

On June 8, 2016, Jia announced on her personal Weibo that she would have joined the agency Banana Culture on November 15 of the same year, she made her solo debut with the release of the single “Drip”. she released her debut album entitled JIA..

2017: MOOD

Meng Jia has posted teaser images of her new comeback on her social networks, titled #MOOD where she will collaborate with her former agency partner, Jackson Wang the MV was recorded in South Korea.

Ballads project:

Meng Jia decided to venture through a trilogy of ballads starting with WEAPON released on March 20, 2018, over time these became 5 songs, culminating with Whetever in 2019. Despite none having an MV of their own, vertical format performances themed around each project have been released mainly on Weibo.

Glass Wall and plagiarism controversy.

After participating in the reality show Sisters Who Make Waves on January 28, 2021, Meng Jia released her song Glass Wall in collaboration with rapper VAVa, along with a Weibo post where she showed the cover of her new song, which could be seen in jeans and naked on top with her arms crossed, the reason for this was that when writing her song she felt it was the best way to express it, she also added that she was insecure about people’s reaction to her age and condition, hoping that everyone would find it ‘clean’, although she is not ashamed of her figure.

The controversy arose after many netizens found a lot of similarity with photos of model Sasha Barss, after the model found out, she posted on Instagram that no one had asked her or her studio for the rights to use the image. Then Meng Jia pointed out that she gave the idea to the photographers but at no time they showed her the photos of Sasha, but of other models for inspiration, finally she posted on her Weibo saying: ‘Sorry, unfortunately I learned a lesson. sorry.’ For her part Sasha Barss pointed out on her Instagram that she received a mail from Meng Jia’s team.

Jia (Priceless Sisters) Collaborations

  • XSISTER – Heart Blossoms (2020)
  • Hu Xia – Coming Through (2020)
  • Vanness Wu – IKYK (2016)
  • Baek A Yeon – Because of You (2013)
  • Ivy – I Dance (Live Presentation) (2013)

Jia (Priceless Sisters) Advertisement

  • adidas Originals (2017)
  • MLB – GO LA! STYLE LA! (2013-2014) (next to miss A)
  • Roem (2013) (next to miss A)
  • Korean Tourism Org. (2011-2013) (next to miss A)
  • Edwin (2011) (next to miss A)
  • LesMore (2010-2011) (next to miss A)
  • Freestyle Football (2010) (besides miss A)
  • Ani Place (2010) (next to miss A)
  • Samsung Anycall (2010) (besides miss A)

Jia (Priceless Sisters) Drama

  • L.U.V Collage (2015)
  • One and a Half Summer (Dragon TV, 2014)
  • Dream High 2 (KBS2, 2012) cameo
  • Dream High (KBS2, 2011) cameo

Jia (Priceless Sisters) Films

  • Undercover Punch and Gun (2016)
  • The Third Way of Love (2015)
  • Annyeong (2011)

Jia (Priceless Sisters) Awards

  • 2017 5th VChart Awards: Female Artist of the Year

Radio Program

  • KBS CoolFM (MBC, 2015.08.09) KPOP PLANET – Radio Show (besides Min)
  • Idol True Colors (MBC, 2013 – 2015) Dj. next to Fei Wang and Zhou Mi
  • Danny Ahn Music Show (2015.04.11 besides Min)
  • Old School by Kim chang Ryul (SBS, 2014.10.20)

Jia (Priceless Sisters) TV Programs

  • 2020: * Happy C& (Hunan TV, 17.10.2020)
  • 2020: Sisters Who Make Waves (Mango TV)
  • 2017: Born U5 (4/22/2017)
  • 2017: Idol Of Asia (MTV) (05/23)
  • 2015: KBS2 A Song For You (27/09 besides Min )
  • 2015: SBS Star King (04/25/15, besides Min )
  • 2015: Youth Traine (4/23/15, as part of the list)
  • 2014: Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 (11/22/14; besides Fei )
  • 2014: MBC World Changing Quiz Show (01/11/14; besides Fei )
  • 2014: Running Man (08/24/14, Jia)
  • 2014: Hubei If You Love (Ep.5)
  • 2014 Global We Got Married – Season 2 (Ep. 5-6, together with Min )
  • 2013 All The Kpop ‘MBLAQ DAY’ (besides Min )
  • 2013: Zhejiand TV China’s Dream Show: Dream Ceremony
  • 2013: Let’s Go Dream Team
  • 2012: Immortal Songs 2 (24/11/12 with Miss A )
  • 2012: Arirang Showbiz Korea (11/15/12 besides Miss A )
  • 2012: Dancing Golden Mic
  • 2012: Live Open Studio (01/11/12 besides Miss A )
  • 2012: Guerilla Date (10/28/12 with Miss A )
  • 2012: MNet Wide Open Studio (10/18/12 together with miss A )
  • 2012: KPOP Star (22/04/12 together with Miss A )
  • 2012: @ Beatles Code 2 (22/03/12 together with Fei and Min )
  • 2012: SBS Kpop Star (18/03/12besides miss A )
  • 2012: Star Audition 2: Kpop mission.
  • 2010-2011: Strong Heart
  • 2009: You Will Grow Prettier If You Dance

Jia (Priceless Sisters) TV Drama’s

  • Isabelle Huang, Wan Qian, Baby Zhang, Zhu Jing – 我和我追逐的梦 (2021).
  • Jin Chen, Dany Lee, Yisa Yu, Baby Zhang – 你我皆王者 (Video Game) (2021)
  • Various Artists- KID MAK (คิดมาก) (Thai Film) (2019).

Jia (Priceless Sisters) Music Videos

  • Amber – Shake that Brass (2015)
  • M&D – Close Ur Mourth (2011)
  • 2PM – My Color (2009)

Jia (Priceless Sisters) is a member of:


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