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Jessica (Girls’ Generation)

Weight: 45kg
Height: 163cm
Real name: Jessica Jung
Date of Birth: April 18, 1989

Jessica (Girls’ Generation)

About Jessica (Girls’ Generation)

Jessica (Girls’ Generation) Facts

  • Former K-pop group: Girls’ Generation (2007-2014)
    • Voice type: Lyric soprano.
    • Rank D3 ~ D6
    • Register G3/G#3 ~ B4/C5
  • Languages: English (fluent), Japanese (basic), Korean (fluent) and Mandarin Chinese (basic).
  • Education:
    • Korea Kent Foreign School (Graduate)
  • Training period: 7 years and 6 months
  • Religion Christian
  • Motto: “ Follow my heart “.
  • Favorite color White.
  • Fanclub Golden Stars (meaning they are the light that is born even from the darkest and most difficult).
  • Hobbies: Boxing and soccer.
  • Company: BLANC & ECLARE (CEO and Chief Designer)
  • Instrument Piano.
  • Born in San Francisco, at the age of 11, her family moved to South Korea for her to train after passing the SM Casting System 2000.
  • She was born in the same hospital and went to the same high school as Tiffanyhis former bandmate.
  • In January 2000, when she was an elementary school student, she came to Lotte Department Store in Gyeonggi-do, where she received a casting suggestion for SM Entertainment and moved with her family to Korea, because SM recruited her at a very young age, there is no audition video
    • However, her sister Krystal was the first in the Jung family who was offered to be trained in SM Entertainment but because she was too young her parents would not allow her to do so, so Jessica went instead of her parents Krystal in SM Entertainment.
  • Because she was born and raised in the U.S., she attended a foreign school. At the time, she played soccer on campus, but was forced to drop out because the company imposed extremely firm policies in terms of protecting her face.
  • After 7 years of practice, she was included in the Super Girls lineup (unofficial title of Girls Generation before her debut) when she entered the final stage the company initially thought of her as the future leader, however Tae Yeon took the leading position at the end.
  • She was ranked #5 in the TOP of the most beautiful faces in the world by the magazinetC Candler 2012.
  • During 2012 she was accused of plastic surgery in several articles, which at the time went viral, which contained photos of Jessica, showing (allegedly) her significant change in appearance over the years, especially the change in her chin during promotions of Girls’ Generation for “Run Devil Run”, with the protruding jaw bone, and from the promotions of “Hoot” showing that the bone was missing. SM Entertainment had to issue statements due to the scandal, calling the rumor ridiculous and stressing the busy schedule of its artists.
  • During 2012, Jessica made headlines both domestically and internationally for her infamous first pitch at the Seoul Jamsil Baseball Stadium, putting her in Mariah Carey’s rank for being one of the worst first pitches in the world.
  • On January 8, 2013, while performing Legally blonde, she fell twice, her legs were shaking but she continued with the performance.
  • During 2013 Jessica, along with other artists, was involved in a 160 million won lawsuit towards a plastic surgery clinic in Gangnam for unauthorized use of images of popular celebrities to promote the hospital without their consents or permissions. On June 13, the prosecutor at the Seoul Central Court reported that the case ended in favor of the defendant as the hospital director did not use the photos herself, but it was done by someone else.
  • On April 18, 2013, for her 23rd birthday, fans celebrated with a newspaper ad that read “The reason April is exciting. 890419. happy birthday Jessica”. also, under the control of the fans, volunteer service was given to celebrate Jessica’s birthday by visiting a shelter for people with disabilities in Chung Buk provinces, helped with the stock of daily necessities and cleaned the building.
  • On November 11, 2013 at the Hong Kong airport Jessica had an accident: the security guard mistook her for a fan and pushed her hard, when she fell she hit her head on a railing and fainted. With the help of her manager she was taken to a hospital where she was told she had a head contusion and injured her leg and could not go to the LG conference.
  • It was ranked #20 in the TOP of the most beautiful faces in the world by the magazinetC Candler 2013.
  • On August 6, 2014, she announced through her personal Weibo the launch of her own fashion brand “BLANC”, which will include sunglasses and scarves designed by the member inspired by her favorite cities around the world, with her being the CEO and main model of the brand.
  • After belonging for approximately 7 and a half years as a member of Girls’ Generation on September 30, 2014, she was suddenly excluded from the group due to a conflict of interest. The information appeared on Girls’ Generation’s Jessica’s Weibo account, saying that she has been forced out of the group. “I was excited for the upcoming events with the fans, only to be informed by my company and the other 8, that as of today I am not a member. I am devastated. My priority and love is to practice as a member of GG, but without justification, I was forced to withdraw.” because of this, it was initially believed that the account had been hacked as the nine members of Girls’ Generation renewed their contracts with SM Entertainment for three years earlier that month.
    • SM Entertainment released an official statement on the Jessica controversy “This spring, due to her personal situation, she and the Girls’ Generation members continued to work and think about it carefully so that the team will continue to work in the best direction; However, recently with Jessica starting her business in fashion while there was a lack of specific mediation on the interests and priorities of Girls’ Generation activities, the situation reached the point where the team cannot be maintained, despite the discussion continues. Therefore, we could only think about the plan for Girls’ Generation activities to continue with 8 members, and while discussing the time to announce it, Jessica wrote the message with her own perspective today morning. We plan to continue to support and manage Jessica’s individual activities and Girls’ Generation activities with 8 members.”
    • On October 1, she offered a public statement of the situation through her fashion business “Hi, this is Jessica. On September 29th, I was informed that I would be leaving Girls’ Generation. This has caused me great shock and sadness, so I would like to tell my side of the story. The activities of Girls’ Generation have always taken priority over my personal activities and my private business. Despite my efforts, however, the agency has asked me to leave the group. While attending to my business, I have always been careful to inform SM and the other members of the group about my activities, and I have always asked for their understanding in this matter. I had received permission from SM, and this arrangement lasted until early August, when I was setting up BLANC. The other members of the group had also given me their congratulations on this matter. However, this changed in September, a month after BLANC had been launched. The other members of the group had a change of heart (opinion). At a meeting among the other eight members
    • According to the early termination agreement with SM Entertainment, she had to wait a year to sign a contract with another agency.
  • On August 6, 2015, she signed an exclusive solo contract with Coridel Entertainment.
  • In October 2014, she announced the addition of a clothing line called ‘ECLARE’ to her already established ‘BLANC’ sunglasses and accessories brand collection, to re-launch as ‘BLANC & ECLARE’.
    • Following the re-launch of the brand there were several speculations about the corporate structure of outside investors, debt and Tyler Kwon’s involvement in the company’s growth. In response to the controversy Tyler Kwon gave official statements on behalf of the company’s board of directors against the rumors, emphasizing that Jessica’s company is a privately owned company founded by Jessica Jung who took over as the lead designer and sought the support of Coridel Capital Partners, the only other party that has invested with its capital, to support the founder’s goals and ambition, with no plans to seek further investors and is debt free.
  • She was ranked #35 in the TOP of the most beautiful faces in the world by the magazine TC &Candler& 2014.
  • She was involved in a controversy with the production team behind the SBS drama “Strong Family 2017” after suffering accusations by the public of wanting to harm both Jessica and her sister Krystal on the April 24 broadcast where a scene in a morgue was shown where the names Jung Soo Yeon and Jung Soo Jung (Jessica and Krystal’s real Korean names) were listed as the deceased and the visitor respectively. Viewers who recognized the names questioned their use creating the questioning of some form of attack for the famous sisters.
    • The production team responded at the time that there was no such intention and that it was just a coincidence. They stated that they did not know they would have such a response and that it made no sense to have the intention of attacking them, but because the controversy grew they had to offer public apologies in an official statement and personally apologize to those affected. “The production team has admitted their mistake, apologized to Jessica and she has accepted their apology.”
  • During a mini concert in Taiwan in July 2017, Jung revealed that her birth name, as on her passport, is “Jessica Jung,” while her Korean name “Soo-yeon” was only obtained at a later date due to necessity
  • On June 15, 2017, her agency, Coridel Entertainment, announced that the singer participated in an EDM compilation album planned by Billboard’s Asian headquarters titled “Billboard presents ‘ELECTRIC ASIA Volume 1′” and contains EDM tracks that were popular in Asia during the first half of the year. Jessica remixed her song “Wonderland” into an EDM version for the album, which was released globally.
  • On July 17, 2017, it was confirmed to release her third mini album in August, being an album to commemorate the 10th year since her debut as a singer. The album included a song that was written to show her heart to fans called “Starry Night”.
  • She is ranked #69 in the 2017 “100 Most Beautiful Faces in the World” conducted by TC Candler magazine.
  • On March 7, 2018, Coridel Entertainment reported that Jessica joined one of the top U.S. agencies which handles popular and globally influential artists such as Mariah Carey, Benedict Cumberbatch and model Tyra Banks, United Talent Agency: “Jessica has signed a partnership with the major U.S. agency UTA. We will continue to support her with her efforts in the United States. s, we believe in UTA’s operational tactics and potential, which will help Jessica grow and become popular in the U.S. and the world, so we signed the partnership. “Max Michael, UTA’s Asian market director, was also enthusiastic about Jessica’s addition to management and said in a statement, “I am very excited about Jessica’s appointment.Jessica is a complete talent with great potential. UTA looks forward to this partnership with Jessica and will support her endlessly in her journey to become a global artist. “.
  • She has been known as “Ice Princess” since her debut due to her icy and serious but elegant expressions in front of the cameras, contrary to her honest and straightforward personality. Despite expressing happiness in the past with the nickname as she differentiated herself from her other group mates, she has revealed her discomfort and frustration with it over time. “I don’t really like to talk about it.I can’t take it in well on my own.That’s why I feel uncomfortable appearing on variety show.I’m often described as ‘chic,’ but I think people say that just based on my appearance.Some people even say I’m a heodang (a term used to describe someone who looks perfect, but actually isn’t; it can also mean clumsy and clueless).A lot of people think I don’t have any concerns, but I don’t.I actually think about it a lot.Even though time goes by, there are so many people who judge me based solely on my appearance.There is absolutely nothing I can do about it.That’s my biggest concern nowadays.”
  • On January 11, 2019, Jessica was asked why she left her idol fame behind to venture out on her own and she answered honestly “Actually, I didn’t want to be a solo artist. I just wanted to follow my own path according to the circumstances I was given. No matter what situation I’m in, I’m adapting and finding my way without being afraid.”
  • At the ‘Vogue Market’ event on June 1, Jessica revealed “I’m leaving for the U.S. the day after tomorrow, it’s for a reality show I’m filming with my sister, please wait for it.” fans will now be able to see how their fraternal bond has progressed over the past 5 years

About Jessica

Born in San Francisco, California, U.S.A. she joined SM Entertainment in 2000, was a trainee for 7 years and made her debut as a member of Girls’ Generation after 7 years as part of the group on September 30, 2014 SM Entertainment announced that Jessica will no longer be a member.

She founded her own brand BLANC & ECLARE, “BLANC” was launched when Jessica belonged to the group, and then “ECLARE” was launched after her departure from the group, her first location in New York and the next one in Seoul. She is currently working as a designer & solo artist.

Jessica (Girls’ Generation) Advertisement

  • 2018: LA MER
  • 2017-2018: Shiseido Korea
  • 2016: Adidas Originals
  • 2015: J.ESTINA
  • 2015 Yves Saint Laurent
  • 2013: Banila Co
  • 2013 Stone Henge (besides Krystal)
  • 2013: Pierre Balmain
  • 2013: SOUP
  • 2013: Stonehenge
  • 2012: Cartier
  • 2012: Hyundai PYL
  • 2012: Chanel
  • 2012: Coming Step
  • 2012: Banila Co
  • 2011: Dior
  • 2010: Dior Snow
  • 2008: Samsung Anycall Haptic

Jessica (Girls’ Generation) Collaborations

Compositions (Lyrics)

My Decade (2017)

  • Summer Storm
  • Beautiful Mind
  • Saturday Night
  • Starry Night
  • Because It’s Spring (with Jay Kim)

Wonderland (2016)

  • Wonderland
  • Dancing on the Moon
  • Celebrate
  • World of Dreams

With Love, J (2016)

  • Fly
  • Falling Crazy In Love
  • Love Me the Same
  • Golden Sky


  • Jessica Sweet Day First Official Fan Meeting in Thailand (2015)
    • May 23 – Thailand
  • Jessica Fan Meeting 2016 Asia Tour (2016)
    • 11 November – Singapore, Singapore- Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre
    • November 13 – Tibet, Indonesia – The Kasablanka
  • Jessica 10th Anniversary Live “On Cloud Nine” 2017-2018
    • july 29th – Taipei City, Taiwan – Taipei International Convention Center
    • 13 August – Seoul, South Korea – Blue Square Samsung Card Hall
    • october 15 – Kwun Tong, Hong Kong – China- Star Hall, KITEC
    • January 27 – Bangkok, Thailand – Thunder Dome, Muang Thong Thani
    • march 03 – Cotai, Macau – Studio City Macau
  • “Golden Night” Jessica mini concert in Taiwan (2018).
    • october 21 – Taipei City, Taiwan – Taipei International Convention Center
  • Jessica’s White Night Birthday Fanmeeting in Macau (2019)
    • april 20 – Macau, China – Broadway Place Theater

Participatory Concerts and Festivals

  • New Year’s Eve Celebration in Taoyuan (2018)
  • SHINE Festival (2017)
  • K-Pop Sensation (2017)
  • Korea University Campus Festival in (2016)
  • SMTOWN Live World Tour III in Tokyo Special Edition 3D
  • SM Town Live World Tour III (2012-2013)
  • I AM: SM Town Live World Tour in Madison Square Garden (May 10, 2012)
  • SM Town Live ’10 World Tour (2010-2011)
  • 12th Annual Korea-China Song Festival (2010)
  • Olympic Duet Song Festival (2009)

Jessica (Girls’ Generation) Drama

  • Wild Romance (KBS, 2012)
  • Sazae-san 3 (Fuji TV, 2011) cameo
  • Oh! My Lady (SBS, 2010) cameo
  • Tae Hee, Hye Kyo, Ji Hyun (MBC, 2009) cameo
  • Unstoppable Marriage (KBS2, 2008) cameo

Jessica (Girls’ Generation) Musicals

  • Legally Blonde (2009-2010) (2012-2013)

Jessica (Girls’ Generation) Films

  • My Other Home (2017)
  • Two Bellmen 3 (2017)
  • I Love That Crazy Little Thing (2016)
  • I AM (2012)
  • SMTOWN Live in Tokyo Special Edition (2012)

Jessica (Girls’ Generation) TV Programs

  • 2017 MIXNINE (Representative of Coridel Entertainment Ep. 3)
  • 2016: Beauty Bible (MC along with Jae Kyung)
  • 2016: Day Day Up (together with Kris)
  • 2016: Run For Time: Season Two (HBS: Hunan Television)
  • 2015: Chef Nic Season 2 (Ep. 9)
  • 2015: The 5 Show (Ep. 114)
  • 2015: Yes! Coach
  • 2014: Jessica & Krystal (together with Krystal)
  • 2014: Happy Together (Ep. “Jackie Chan and her friends”)
  • 2013: & Running Man (Ep. 141)
  • 2013: Strong Heart (Ep. 165 and 166)
  • 2012 Cab (2012.05.17, Ep. 239)
  • 2010-2012: SPECIAL D-DAY (Y-STAR, 2010-2012)
  • 2011: Strong Heart (Ep. 101 and 102)
  • 2011: & Running Man (Ep. 63 and 64)
  • 2011: Girls’ Generation and the Dangerous Boys (jTBC)
  • 2010: & Running Man (Ep. 4 and 5)
  • 2010: Night Star (Ep. 3, together with Sunny, Hyo Yeon & Soo Young (2010.06.06))
  • 2010: Happy Birthday (Ep. “Permanent Guest”)
  • 2009: We Got Married! (Season 1) (Ep. 42, 45, 47, 49, 51 and 52)
  • 2009: Hello Baby! (KBS Joy, 2009)
  • 2009 Strong Heart (Ep. 7 and 8)
  • 2009: Flower Boy Generation (MBCevery1, besides Sunny, & Hyo Yeon [2009.07.28]
  • 2009: Taehee Hyekyo Jihyun (MBC 2009.08.26, together with Sunny)
  • 2008: Girls’ Generation’s Factory Girl (Mnet)
  • 2007: Cutie Honey, Mini Musical
  • 2007: Girls Generation (MTV)
  • 2007: Girls Goes to School (Mnet)


  • 2017 Instagram Korea Awards: Accounts with the most-watched Instagram Stories
  • 2016 Yinyuetai: Hot Trend Artist of Korea Award
  • 2015 Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards: Asian Popularity Award
  • 2014 Sohu Fashion Awards: Asian Fashion Icon
  • 2014 Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards: Most Searched Korean Celebrity Award
  • 2014 Asian Fashion Icon Award
  • 2013 The Musical Awards: Popularity Award
  • 2012 Barbie & Ken Awards: Korean Barbie

Jessica (Girls’ Generation) TV Drama’s

  • That One Person, You theme for Dating Agency; Cyrano (2013)
  • Heart Road theme for King’s Dream (2012)
  • Butterfly (besides Krystal) theme for To the Beautiful You (2012)
  • Perhaps (besides Kim Jin Pyo) theme for Wild Romance (2012)
  • Overflowing With Tears for Romance Town (2011)
  • Haechi Song (Next to Taeyeon, Sunny Tiffanyy Seo Hyun) subject for& My Friend Haechi (2010)
  • Motion (besides Taeyeon, Sunny Tiffanyy Seo Hyun) subject for Heading to the Ground (2009)
  • Little Boat (besides Taeyeon, Sunny Tiffanyy Seo Hyun) subject for Hong Gil Dong (2008)
  • Touch The Sky & (Next to Taeyeon, Sunny Tiffanyy Seo Hyun) subject for Thirty Thousand Miles in Search of My Son (2007)

Movie Themes

  • Love! Love! Aloha! theme for I Love That Crazy Little Thing (2016, with William Chan)
  • Say Yes theme for Make Your Move (2013, together with Krystal & Kris)
  • Cheap Creeper Theme for Make Your Move (2013, Together with Taeyeon, Sunny Tiffanyy Seo Hyun)

Jessica (Girls’ Generation) Music Videos

  • SHINee – Sherlock (2012)
  • Super Junior M – Super Girl (2009)
  • Kim Jo Han – Love Is Late, I’m Sorry (2007)

Jessica (Girls’ Generation) is a member of:


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