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Jangjun (Golden Child)

Weight: ---
Height: 178 cm
Real name: 이장준 / Lee Jang Jun
Date of Birth: March 3, 1997

Jangjun (Golden Child)

About Jangjun (Golden Child)

Jangjun (Golden Child) Facts

  • K-Pop Group Golden Child
    • Position: Vocalist, Rapper and Dancer.
  • Education Seoul of Performing Art School (SOPA) (Graduate)
  • Introduction Woollim Pick: “Animal lover 4-D Jang Jun.”
  • Languages Korean (native language), Indonesian (Basic)
  • Favorite artists: BEAST / HIGHLIGHT and Shinhwa.
  • Skills: Composition, he takes things very seriously, he is very passionate about music.
  • Joining Woollim in 2014, he left the agency in October 2016 due to injury and returned after a few months.
  • He has practiced taekwondo for at least 10 years.
  • Lived in Indonesia for one month.
  • He attended the Freedom dance academy.
  • He was mentioned in the acknowledgments of JIN from LOVELYZ.
  • He was the third member along with Young Taek of the Woollim Boys to be revealed through the W Project.
  • He co-wrote the lyrics of “Drought” with Young Taek and BEE of Rphabet.
  • The members elected him as the member of Golden Child with more talents.

Jangjun (Golden Child) Career

Pre Debut

He joined Woollim Ent. in 2014, before he joined he was part of Modern K Music Academy, was a backdancer for INFINITE during the 2015 GAYO’S along with other of his peers.

On January 9, 2017 Woollim Entertainment revealed through its official Twitter account the first image about “W Project” with the hashtag “Coming Soon.”.

On January 10, Woollim Entertainment reported that it would hold a large-scale project with a large number of trainees to create its new male and female group, which will debut this year 2017.

W Project

On February 5, the first logo teaser video of the second W-Project was revealed, showing the names of the members who would be in charge of it, Jang Jun and Young Taek.

“Woollim Ent. released its second W-PROJECT #2 LOGO TEASER (Jang Jun, Yountaek) through its official Youtube channel and Naver V Live, rhythmic music plays while showing the images with vintage colors and old props, combined with today’s trend, which look like filming a movie, in addition the logo and the names of Jang Jun and Young Taek are shown, raising questions and expectations for this project.” oSEN Article.

On February 8, the first teaser photo was revealed through Woollim Ent.’s official account showing both boys.

“The teaser photo shows us Jang Jun and Young Taek sitting side by side on a vintage armchair, looking towards the camera with a bright gaze and facial expressions, the public agreed on the intense visual that showed and the charm of their eyes, the teaser photo also revealed the title song “Drought (feat. BeE)” provoking us expectations of the song to be realized in the future.” tenasia article.

On February 9, they revealed a second teaser photo, on the same day, hours later they revealed a third individual teaser photo of Young Taek.

On February 10, Jang Jun’s individual teaser photo was released, on February 11, a preview of the song “Drought (Feat BeE)” was released in which it was found out that the song’s genre would be HIP HOP, on February 12 through Woollim Ent.’s official youtube channel, the official video and digital single were released, and it was revealed that Jang Jun and Young Taek would be in charge of rapping in their group.

“Woollim we will be waiting for Jang Jun and Young Taek’s debut, the duet they did carrying the thirsty feeling and atmosphere between a cold couple caught the fans’ attention, this is the second series of Woollim’s new project, HIP HOP was chosen as the main genre this time, Jang Jun and Young Taek also taking part in the rap composition.” tV Report article.

On February 14, a Color-Live of Jang Jun and Young Taek with “Drought” was released through 1theK.

“Jang Jun and Young Taek were part of the rap performance showing their own musical talents by adding their own style and color, as well as their skills, showing a level higher than a rookie, which makes us look forward to their future…”.

Jangjun (Golden Child) Radio Programs

  • Jun Hyosung’s Dreaming Radio (MBC FM4U, 2021) (06.14.2021)

Jangjun (Golden Child) TV Programs

  • Weekly Idol (MBCevery1, 2021) (10.11.2021) (Ep. 536, next to Joo Chan, Moon Bin and San Ha from ASTRO, Yo Han and Dong Han from WEi )
  • King of Masked Singer (MBC, 28.06.2020)
  • Weekly Idol (MBC Every1, 2018). Ep. 363
  • Weekly Idol – Golden Child and Weki Meki (MBC, 2017) Ep. 320
  • Dream Stargram (jTBC, 2017). Ep. 13
  • WoollimPICK (Mnet, 2017).

Jangjun (Golden Child) is a member of:

Golden Child

Golden Child

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