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Jang Hye Jin

Real name: 이남미 / Lee Nam Mi
Date of Birth: February 6, 2023

Jang Hye Jin

About Jang Hye Jin


The queen of live music, Jang Hye Jin, is considered as one of the divas of Korean popular music. She originally started out as a member of MBC Chorus, but made her solo debut in 1991 with “Always in My Dreams”, however, the song received a lot of criticism that it had been plagiarized and Jang could not perform the song any longer. In 1993, she released her 2nd album in which she made her name known among pop music listeners. Her husky and attractive voice caught the ears of many and “Short Sky”, the title song of her 2nd album, was placed on the top of the local music charts. With her 3rd album released in 1994, Jang received praise from critics and the general public. Several top musicians including Kim Hyun Cheol participated in the production of the album which became very popular. Jang’s 4th album was released in 1996, but it failed to achieve great success like her 3rd album.

Jang Hye Jin has a considerable following for her good music that spans various genres, taking care to maintain a balance between artistic quality and popular taste. She has had an active and extensive presence in all areas of music and record production, including the discovery and training of new talent. In 2009 she was assigned as a full-time professor at the university where she has taught for seven years, the first female singer with the title of professor. KBS World.

Jang Hye Jin Facts

  • Music Group: Voice One
  • Education:
    • Sangmyung University (Department of Physical Education) – Abandonment
    • Berklee College (Professional Music Department)
    • Kyung Hee University (Department of Performing Arts)
  • Hobbies: Listening to music, reading, watching movies

Jang Hye Jin Collaborations

  • Jung Joon Young – Me and You (Feat. Jang Hye Jin) (2017)
  • The Nod – 떠나버려 (Feat. DinDin & Jang Hye Jin) (2016)
  • Park Myung Ho – Mom (Feat. Jang Hye Jin, Jung In, Heet, Woo Jin (East Light)) (2015)
  • SPACECOWBOY – Luv Party (Feat. Jang Hye Jin) (Album Ver.) (2012)
  • Bizniz – 몰랐어 (Feat. Jang Hye Jin) (2012).
  • SPACECOWBOY – Luv Party (Feat. Jang Hye Jin) (2011)
  • Mazik Flow – 너 없인 못살아 (Feat. Jang Hye Jin) (2010).
  • SPACECOWBOY – 사랑이 끝나면 (Feat. Jang Hye Jin, Crown J) (2009)
  • Tei – 다시 사랑해요 (Feat. Jang Hye Jin) (2008)
  • Brown Eyes – 옛 사랑 (duet with Jang Hye Jin) (2007)
  • Park Dong HWa White Day – 아름다운 선물 (Vocal by Jang Hye Jin) (2007).
  • Crown J – Crystal (Feat. Jang Hye Jin) (2006)
  • Vibe – The Man the Woman (Feat. Jang Hye Jin) (2006)
  • Keep Six – 나를 용서해 (House Mix) (Feat. Jang Hye Jin) (1996).
  • Yoon Jong Shin – Goodbye (Duet with Jang Hye Jin) (1995)
  • Lee Moon Sae – 회전목마 (Duet with Jang Hye Jin) (1991).

Jang Hye Jin Films

  • Yong Soon (2017)
  • Yeouido (2010)

Jang Hye Jin Awards

  • 9th 2019 Gaon Chart Music Awards: Artist of the Year – Digital Music June (for “Drunk on Love” besides Yoon Min Soo )
  • 2011 18th Republic of Korea Entertainment Arts Awards: Best Ballad Singer
  • 1999 4th Asia gayoje: Special Award

Jang Hye Jin TV Programs

  • Top Band 2 (KBS, 2012)
  • Sunday Night (MBC, 2011)

Jang Hye Jin TV Drama’s

  • The Mirror theme for Times (2021)
  • Where Are You theme for Graceful Friends (2020)
  • The Season Like You theme for When My Love Blooms (2020)
  • Water theme for Love Affairs in the Afternoon (2019)
  • One theme for Rascal Sons (2012)
  • Bad Guy theme for Faith (2012)
  • It’s Because Of Love theme for Man of Honor (2011)
  • Tears theme for Royal Family (2011)
  • That’s Life theme for Jejoongwon (2010)
  • Don’t Laugh, Don’t Cry together with 4Men theme for Bad Guy (2010)
  • Painful Breakup (Sad Theme) theme for Cain and Abel (2009)
  • Hidden Sky theme for Time Between Dog And Wolf (2008)
  • Body Temperature theme for White Tower (2007)
  • Tears Falling theme for One Fine Day (2006)
  • Rosy Life theme for My Rosy Life (2005)
  • For Your Love theme for Glass Slippers (2002)

Movie Themes

  • Teongbinson theme for Yeouido (2010)
  • Naneun I.. theme for Final Blow (1997)

Jang Hye Jin is a member of:


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