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Jaemin (NCT)

Weight: 53 kg
Height: 176 cm
Real name: 나재민 / Na Jae Min
Date of Birth: August 13, 2000

Jaemin (NCT)

About Jaemin (NCT)

Jaemin (NCT) Facts

  • Group K-Pop NCT
  • Education:
    • Incheon High School
    • Seoul School of Performing Arts (SOPA)
  • Languages Korean (Native Language), Chinese (Basic) and English (Intermediate)
  • Hobbies Collecting clothing, shoes or rare items.
  • Instruments: Piano
  • Ability: Badminton
  • Favorite Color: Yellow.
  • He was the seventh and last member of NCT DREAM to be revealed.
  • His favorite drink is coffee.
  • Appears in the official video of SMROOKIES made as a Halloween special dressed as a ghost.
  • He was a speed skater in the past.
  • A headhunter found him while he was volunteering.
  • He was inactive for more than a year due to a back injury from which he has now recovered.
  • Jae Min dropped out of school in 2017 due to his back problems and to focus on his career. In 2018 he took an equivalent exam indicating that he has his high school education completed.
  • In 2019, he traveled for a few days to Indonesia together with Jeno to work on Good Neighbors’ “Global Dreams Come True Project” in the episode “The Best Day” and help children and teenagers who had to give up their dreams to work and help their families



He belonged to the project group of SM Entertainment, SMROOKIES.


August 21, 2016, SM Entertainment revealed that Jae Min would be the seventh and final member of the third sub-unit of NCT, NCT DREAM he made his debut with NCT DREAM with the digital single “Chewing Gum ” on August 24, 2016.

Temporary inactivity

SM Entertainment revealed that Jae Min would not be able to participate in any of the activities of the first ever comeback of NCT Dream, “My First and Last “He is currently on a period of inactivity within the group due to a spinal injury.

On August 13, 2017, for his birthday, Jae Min sent a message for his fans thanking them for all the good wishes they gave him for his day and highlighting how much he missed his fans. He also communicated that he would not be able to participate in the comeback “We Young “but that he was working hard to get back with the group.

End of Hiatus and Return with “Go” and NCT 2018

January 30, 2018 SM Entertainment revealed the “NCT 2018 Yearbook #1 “in which Jae Min appeared along with the other members of NCT the new project, which was part of the new project of NCT.

On February 6, he participated in the VLive “Welcome NCT 2018”, this being his first activity in a year and a half, thus ending his hiatus.

On March 2, Jae Min’s teaser was unveiled along with Jeno for Go, the new song by NCT Dream, being his first comeback with the group.

Debut Actor

February 23, 2019, SM Entertainment announced that Jaemin would make his official acting debut in March, starring in JTBC4’s new drama “너를 싫어하는 방법 (Method to Hate You the drama is based on the webtoon of the same name.

Jaemin (NCT) Music

  • NCT DREAM – Dear Dream (2018)
  • NCT DREAM – 119 (2019)
  • NCT DREAM – 사랑이 좀 어려워 (Bye My First…) (2019).
  • NCT DREAM – Best Friend (2019)
  • NCT DREAM – Puzzle Piece (2020)

Jaemin (NCT) Drama

  • Method to Hate You (JTBC4, 2019)
  • A-TEEN (NAVER TV, 2018) Ep. 20

Jaemin (NCT) Awards

  • 2020 Seoul Webfest Awards Best Korean Actor (Method to Hate You)

Jaemin (NCT) Radio Programs

  • Idol Radio (MBC Radio, 12.08.2019) together with Jeno, Chen Le & Ji Sung
  • Power FM Park Sohyun’s Love Game (SBS Radio, 17.08.2019) besides Jeno
  • Power FM Choi Hwajung’s Power Time (SBS Radio, 13.05.2020) besides Ren Jun & Ji Sung

Jaemin (NCT) TV Programs

  • Battle Trip (KBS2, 10.08.2019) (Ep. 152) besides Jeno
  • Hello Counselor (KBS2, 29.07.2019) (Ep. 304) together with. Jeno
  • Let’s Do It Together? GG (Channel A, 2019)
  • My English Puberty 100 Hours (tvN, 2018-2019)
  • Mickey Mouse Club (Disney Channel Korea, 2015)
  • EXO 90:2014 (Mnet, 10/24/2014) (Ep. 9-10).

Jaemin (NCT) is a member of:

NCT U (Sub-Unit)

NCT U (Sub-Unit)

NCT Dream (Sub-Unit)

NCT Dream (Sub-Unit)



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