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Jaehyun (NCT)

Weight: 63 kg
Height: 180 cm
Real name: 정윤오 / Jeong Yun Oh
Date of Birth: February 14, 1997

Jaehyun (NCT)

About Jaehyun (NCT)

Jaehyun (NCT) Facts

  • Group K-Pop NCT
    • Subunit NCT U / NCT 127
    • Position: Vocalist, Rapper and Dancer
    • Voice type: Baritone
  • Education: Seoul School of Performing Arts (SOPA) (Graduate)
  • Languages: Korean (native language), English (fluent) and Japanese (intermediate).
  • Specialty: Singing and piano.
  • Hobbies: Playing the piano and playing sports.
  • Motto: Be a big-hearted person.
  • Favorite color: White.
  • Rolemodels: Chris Brown and Choi Si Won from Super Junior.
  • Favorite actor: Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • Religion: Atheism.
  • His birth name is Jaehyun, but he changed it to Yoon Oh / Yuno. Jung Rin, Jung Seon Woo and Jung Jae Hyun were the choices his parents had. They finally chose Jung Jae Hyun
  • Lived in the United States for 4 years.
  • He was elected to SM Entertainment when he was in the eighth grade.
  • Participated along with Ten in the round of 16 Hope Basketball All Star 2015.
  • Appeared in the magazine High Cut in January 2020.
  • He did a solo shoot for the magazine ELLE Korea February 2020 edition.
  • Next to Yuta will appear in the magazine SPUR Magazine Japan March 2020 issue.
  • On May 18, 2020, Dispatch reported that Jungkook of BTS mingyu from SEVENTEEN jaehyun from NCT and Cha Eun Woo of ASTRO according to Dispatch, the four idols were in the Itaewon neighborhood from the night of April 25 until dawn on April 26.Following Dispatch’s report today, the agencies of each idol released official statements claiming that the report is true and that all idols tested negative for COVID-19. Jaehyun’s agency, SM Entertainment, stated the following: “Hello, this is SM Entertainment. We apologize for causing concern during a time when many people are struggling due to COVID-19. On April 25, Jaehyun visited a restaurant and bar in the Itaewon neighborhood, but he did not go to the specific club that became a problem, and [Jaehyun’s visit to the neighborhood] took place seven days before the confirmed case. Jaehyun showed no symptoms, but when COVID-19 broke out at the club in Itaewon and began to spread, he voluntarily received a COVID-19 diagnostic test and tested negative. Jaehyun is reflecting deeply on the fact that he was not careful during the period of social distancing, when everyone should refrain from daily gatherings. We also deeply apologize for not guiding and managing our artist to ensure that he also carefully complies with the social distancing protocols in his personal time. We will work harder on managing our artists to ensure that they also comply with the social distancing protocols in their personal time.
  • On May 19, he posted a letter of apology on his instagram with the following statement:” Hi, this is Jaehyun.I am sorry for causing concern to many people through my actions during a difficult time for everyone.I am deeply reflecting on how I was careless and went to a restaurant and bar in Itaewon, despite it being a period of social distancing.I sincerely apologize to the many people I disappointed with my actions and to the fans who believed in me and supported me.Also, I sincerely apologize to those who were harmed by my actions, including my members, the company and everyone around me that I work with.I will think carefully and be cautious about every action I take in the future.Again, I sincerely apologize for causing concern to many people and my fans during a period when everyone is having difficulties due to COVID-19.

Jaehyun (NCT) Career

Pre Debut

Jaehyun was a member of the project of SM Entertainment, SMROOKIES.


On April 3, 2016, Jaehyun was the second member to be revealed, following Mark along with a trailer for the first sub-unit of the new group of SM Entertainment, NCT known as NCT U.

On July 4, 2016, Jaehyun was the fifth member to be revealed of NCT 127 the second sub-unit of NCT.

Jaehyun (NCT) Drama

  • Dear.M (KBS2, 2021)

Jaehyun (NCT) Radio Programs

  • NCT’s Night Night Night! (SBS Power FM, 2017-2019) Host besides Johnny

Jaehyun (NCT) TV Programs

  • EXO 90:2014 (Mnet, 15-08-2014, episodes 1, 2, and 3)
  • Show Champion (MBC, 2015, as MC with Do Young )
  • M! Count Down Special (Mnet, 2016, as a special MC with DoYoung )
  • Law Of The Jungle (SBS, 2017)
  • Family Discovery (KBS, 04.10.2017) Chuseok Special, besides. Do Young
  • Hello Counselor (KBS2, 26.03.2018) Ep. 358, besides Do Young and Mark
  • Happy Together (KBS, 8-11-2018, Ep. 562 besides Taeyong )
  • M! Count Down (Mnet, 2018) 01.03 besides Tae Yong 29.03 together with Do Young and 24.05 together with Do Young and Yuta
  • The Show (SBS MTV, 04.12.2018) Special MC together with Do Young
  • Inkigayo (SBS, 2020) (20.10.2020) – (28.02.2021) MC together with Min Hyuk and Na Eun

Jaehyun (NCT) TV Drama’s

  • New Love (together with Do Young ) subject for Best Mistake (2019)
  • New Dream (besides Tae Il) theme for Dokgo Rewind (2018)

Jaehyun (NCT) Music Videos

  • Baek A Yeon X Wendy – The Little Match Girl (2017)
  • Lu Han – The Last Game (2014)

Jaehyun (NCT) is a member of:

NCT 127 (Sub-Unit)

NCT 127 (Sub-Unit)



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