Jaehyun (N.Flying)


Member of: N.Flying

Stage name: 김재현 / Kim Jae Hyun

Gender: Male

Age: 28 years

Date of birth: July 15, 1994

Place of birth: South Korea

Height: 180cm

Weight: 68kg

Bloodtype: AB

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dog

Kim Jae Hyun Profile

About Jaehyun

Jaehyun (N.Flying) Facts

  • Group: N.Flying
    • Position: Drummer.
    • Role in the band: Spreader of the happy virus.
  • Education:
    • SOPA (School of Performing Arts).
  • Hobbies: Dance, billiards and bowling.
  • Nickname: DR.JAY, Juremi, Jae bbake
  • Specialties: Stick trick, dancing, making facial expressions.
  • Training period: 9 years.
  • Motto:Smile
  • His sister was a member of the Rainbow group.
  • He and Kwon Kwang Jin trained together with CNBLUE when they had not yet made their debut.
  • He is the MC of the group.
  • He mentioned that his role model as a drummer is Usher’s drummer named Aaron Spears.
  • JaeHyun said he wants to form a drumming trio together with FTIsland’s MinHwan and CNBLUE’s MinHyuk. He said the thought of it made him excited.
  • He says his mentor is Jim Carrey and that’s why he often imitates his facial expressions.
  • In an interview in Taipei, it was mentioned that for the scene of Hot Potato MV, where everyone toasts, they had to mix drinks to get a color closer to champagne. Jae Hyun had a few drinks, so he had a “physiological reaction”, this led him straight to the bathroom.
  • He shares a YouTube channel with his partner Cha Hun called “2IDIOTS” where they upload entertainment videos.

Jaehyun (N.Flying) Advertisement

  • Buckaroo Jeans (2014)

Jaehyun (N.Flying) Drama

  • Kimi to Sekai ga Owaru Hi ni (NTV, 2021)
  • Half-Fifty (WAVVE, 2020)
  • Big Picture House (Naver TV/YouTube, 2020)
  • All-Boys High (V-LIVE, 2019)
  • All Kinds of Daughters-in-Law (MBC, 2017).
  • Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (MBC, 2016-2017)
  • 88 Street (Naver TVCast, 2016)
  • Modern Farmer (SBS, 2014)

Jaehyun (N.Flying) Films

  • Oksu Station Ghost (2022)

Jaehyun (N.Flying) TV Programs

  • & Hello Counselor (KBS, 2019) Ep. 410 Next to Hwe Seung
  • & Not The Same Person You Used To Know (Mnet, 2018)

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