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Jaehyo (Block B)

Weight: 60 kg
Height: 182 cm
Real name:
Date of Birth: December 23, 1990

Jaehyo (Block B)

About Jaehyo (Block B)

Jaehyo (Block B) Facts

  • Kpop group Block B
    • Position Vocalist and Dancer
  • Education:
    • Seoul School of Art Music Application Major (retired)
  • Religion: Christian
  • Hobbies Basketball and baseball
  • Specialties Singing, negotiating and eating
  • Macotas: Two dogs, a Maltese and a Yorkshire
  • Favorite Artist: Wheesung.
  • He was a trainee of Dsp Media Ent. together with Ki Kwang of B2ST.
  • The company Seven Seasons (the current Block B ) is seeking to file a lawsuit in response to theater actress and blogger Lee Yoo Rin’s one-night stand fantasy with Jaehyo. When news reports of this girl expressing his desire to have a one-night stand with the singer from Block B reached the company’s management, it could be said that the company’s executives were not very happy about it. Seven Seasons’ representatives criticized Yoo Rin for posting his sexual fantasy on his blog, saying that the incident left Jae Hyo very confused. This situation became more important and critical than the actress could even imagine. According to Seven Seasons’ statement, Jae Hyo read the blog and was shocked. Moreover, Jae Hyo said that he felt sorry for Yoo Rin, but he didn’t know who he was at all. The company vowed to pursue legal action to prevent similar incidents, and stated that they are considering filing a sexual harassment lawsuit against Yoo Rin. The statement said “We think about Lee’s blog post as sexual harassment, but we don’t know what action to take. We may take legal action. We think he is using Jae Hyo to gain publicity in the drama.” What Yoo Jinyoung from B1A4 and to Minho from SHINee.
  • Participates in the musical Run To You with his bandmate U-Kwon and together with Soo Hyun and Jun from U-KISS
  • He will make his acting debut in the web drama “Exactly, What’s Going On?” or “What On Earth Is Going?”
  • He posed as a model for Men’s Health magazine.
  • On December 4, 2018, Block B agency Seven Seasons confirmed that Jaehyo would enlist on December 20 to perform his mandatory military service as a public service worker.
  • On December 06, 2019, it was made known that he had been discharged from military service due to a knee injury preventing him from serving his full tour of duty.”Hello, this is Seven Seasons. We are releasing an official statement on the discharge of military member of Block B member Jaehyo. Jaehyo has been suffering from chronic right knee disease along with cartilage damage to the left femoral muscle cartilage and left meniscus. Unfortunately, he relapsed shortly after enlisting in the army and therefore returned home for treatment. After receiving treatment, Jaehyo re-entered public service on March 21 of this year. Unfortunately, his condition again deteriorated and he had to seek treatment. For the past six months, Jaehyo has been resting and receiving a lot of treatment as recommended by the doctor. On September 30, he received a general physical examination at the Human Resources Administration office in Busan. He then had another detailed examination on Nov. 4 at the Daegu Gyeon Province branch office of the Military Manpower Administration. “.



He was a trainee to be a member of B2ST. But after hurting his knee many times due to hard repetitions and accumulated stress, he had to give up that dream and go back home. After a surgery for his knee, Lee Joon encouraged him to get up again and try again.


He became a well-known Ulzzang in Korea, winning the first place in Mnet Pretty Boy, Busan category.


Thanks to the support given to him by Lee Joon of MBLAQ, he was able to join Brand New Stardom and debut on April 15, 2011 alongside the band Block B.

Jaehyo (Block B) Drama

  • Exactly What’s Going On? (Daum TV / Kakao TV, 2015)
  • The Thousandth Man (MBC, 2012) cameo


  • Ranked 1st, in Mnet Pretty Boy in the Busan category.
  • Nine School Ulzzang 3 season.

Jaehyo (Block B) Radio Programs

  • 2012: Younha’s Starry Night Radio (12/02/2012) – besides Zico & Kyung
  • 2013 : MBC Shimshim Lid – besides Block B

Jaehyo (Block B) TV Programs

  • 2011: Flower Boys
  • 2012: Let’s Go Dream Team 2
  • 2012: Oh my School! Special
  • 2013 kBS Super Dog
  • 2014 Idol Star Athletic Championship
  • 2014: 5 Minutes Before Chaos

Jaehyo (Block B) Music Videos

  • Chae Yeon – ‘Video, Even If I Don’t See’ (With Huh In Chang) – (2015)

Jaehyo (Block B) is a member of:


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