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Jackson Wang (GOT7, PANTHEPACK)

Weight: 66kg
Height: 174cm
Real name:
Date of Birth: March 28, 1994

Jackson Wang (GOT7, PANTHEPACK)

About Jackson Wang (GOT7, PANTHEPACK)

Jackson Wang (GOT7, PANTHEPACK) Facts

  • K-Pop Group: GOT7
    • Position: Rapper, Vocalist and Dancer.
  • C-Pop Group: PANTHEPACK
    • Position: Rapper, Vocalist and Dancer
  • Education:
    • American International School (Hong Kong).
  • Training period: Two and a half years.
  • Languages: Cantonese (Mother tongue), Korean (Fluent), Mandarin (Fluent) and English (Fluent)
  • Hobbies: Dancing and rapping, playing basketball and skateboarding.
  • Favorite movie: Miracle in Cell No. 7
  • Specialty: Martial arts, beatboxing and fencing.
  • Favorite artists: Tae Yang and Chris Brown.
  • Favorite food: Dimsum, cheese, carbonara, chicken and pizza.
  • Favorite color: Black.
  • Motto “Health always comes first.”.&
  • Jackson was a nationally representative athlete in Hong Kong in the fencing discipline. In 2011 he won first place in the Asia Junior and Cadet Fencing Championship (National Junior Fencing Competition).
  • He comes from a sporty family: his father was a coach of the national fencing team in Hong Kong, and his mother was a gold medalist in the World Gymnastics Championships. his older brother was also a sportsman when he was young.
  • Jackson was JYP’s first Hong Kong trainee.
  • Jackson joined JYP as the winning participant of the auditions in Hong Kong.
  • He appeared in the first season of “Hitmaker” as part of the band “Big Byung” under the name “Wang Kong”.
  • Jackson and Hani from EXID went to the jungle in Nicaragua in the “Law of the Jungle” program.
  • In the GOT7 reality show “Hard Carry” (2016) produced by Mnet they gave personality tests to the members of GOT7. Jackson’s results were that he was the most extroverted person in the group with a high rating of 13, and that being someone who gets excited quickly, people tended to misinterpret him thinking he was bold or annoying. However, his manner was sincere. The psychologist also indicated that his results marked him as a highly intelligent person, who could perform in various professional fields without problems.
  • In March 2017, Jackson collapsed during a Fanmeeting which led him to be on hiatus during most of the promotions for the album “FLIGHT LOG: ARRIVAL”. His fans turned trending topic the hashtag “#GetWellSoonJackson” on Twitter and Instagram to express their good wishes. Days later, it was confirmed that Jackson’s collapse was due to anemia, and also that he would need more recovery time than expected.
  • A video of Jackson during the GOT7 concert in Chiang Mai on June 4, 2017 went viral. The video shows Jackson kicking a large ball at the end of the concert to throw it off the stage. However, he quickly realizes that his aim was not brilliant and a fan was unfortunately hit by the ball. After seeing this, Jackson without hesitation jumped off the stage to check on the fan, continuously asking his if he was okay while putting his hands on both sides of the fan’s face, stroking his head after confirming that he was not injured.
  • His first solo song, “拜托了冰箱 (Go Fridge Theme Song)”, released in late April 2017, became the #1 single in QQ China.
  • On August 26, 2017, he released his first solo song “Papillon” on his official Youtube account JacksonWangVevo, let’s remember that Pepsi was his first unofficial solo song, since the production, discography and lyrics are officially protected by the aforementioned beverage brand.
  • During August 2017 after releasing his first solo single, “Papillon”, it was rumored that Jackson might leave GOT7 to pursue a solo career, however, Jackson left a short message explaining that he has no plans to leave the group and considers it a big family that transcends in business relationships; When some people asked him to go to China after he left GOT7. He expressed, “Negative comments only make me stronger. I will do my best as Jackson of GOT7 and succeed as Jackson of GOT7.”
  • September 2017, JYP Entertainment revealed through GOT7’s Japanese website, “Due to Jackson’s opinion on the need to adjust his schedule and maintain his health condition, he has decided not to participate in Japanese promotions from now on.” With the exception of special circumstances, GOT7 will promote as six members for its Japanese activities, including album releases and concerts.
  • On December 13, 2017, his youtube channel JacksonWangVEVO has released Jackson Wang – No diggity (Performance Live). which is currently unavailable.
  • Ranked #35 of the 100 most beautiful faces in the world “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2017.”
  • On July 18, 2020, Jackson released his fashion brand Team Wang Design with the first collection “The Original.” The items are not only available in an online store, but there is also a store and concept space in Shanghai, and the products are also available in some stores in the U.S. AND Canada.
  • He signed with “Sublime Artist Agency” in 2021 for his activities in Korea, in conjunction with his label “Team Wang”.
  • He managed to become the KPop male idol who has the highest number of followers in instagram surpassing the previous record of Chan Yeol with more than 23 million followers.
  • Officially became the sponsor of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
  • His music video “Drive You Home”, surpassed one million views just 5 hours after its release.
  • It was confirmed that he would participate in the OST of the next movie of the Marvel movie studio, “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”.


Early life

Wang was born in Kowloon Tong, British Hong Kong on March 28, 1994, and grew up in Sha Tin district. His father, Wang Ruiji, was a member of China’s national fencing team and an Asian Games gold medalist. His mother, Sophia Chow, was a former acrobatic gymnast from Shanghai, China. His maternal grandfather, Zhou Yongchang, was the pioneer of ultrasound diagnostic medicine in mainland China, who died in 2017.

Under the guidance of his father and other professional coaches, Wang began his fencing training at the age of ten. He went on to win multiple awards as part of the Hong Kong national fencing team, including first place at the Asian Junior and Cadet Fencing Championships in 2011.

In 2010, while playing basketball at his school, a representative from South Korean talent agency JYP Entertainment noticed him and invited him to participate in auditions in Kowloon, which he passed in December 2010, five or six months later. He was offered a scholarship to Stanford for fencing, but turned it down after passing his audition.

In July 2011, Wang moved to Seoul, South Korea, for his K-pop training. He made an appearance on the survival show, Win: Who Is Next, which aired on Mnet on Sept. 6, 2013. The show was a competition between YG Entertainment trainees (who later debuted as members of WINNER e IKON ), and JYP trainees, Jackson appeared alongside fellow trainees Mark Yu Gyeom and BamBam who were later selected as members of GOT7.

2014: Debut with GOT7

After two and a half years of training, Wang was selected as the final member of JYP Entertainment’s new boy group GOT7 and debuted with the single “Girls Girls Girls Girls Girls Girls,” released on January 16, 2014, from the group’s first EP, “Got It?”.

On April 29, 2016, GOT7 held its first concert in Seoul, where Wang performed his own songs “I Love It” and “WOLO (We Only Live Once)” with his group members Yu Gyeom and BamBam. In November 2017, prior to the release of Got7’s second Japanese extended play “Turn Up”, Wang abandoned all group activities in Japan due to health issues and conflicting schedules.

2017: Solo Debut

On June 26, 2017, JYP Entertainment announced the release of Wang’s first solo album in China, as well as the establishment of a dedicated management team, called Team Wang, for his activities there.Jackson also founded Snake or the Rabbit, which is a distribution company based in the United States.

His first single, an English song titled “Papillon”, was released on August 26 and debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s China V chart in the week of September 16; in addition, on August 30, he released “Novoland: The Castle in the Sky ” (Chinese: 九州 天空 城), the main theme song of the iOS game Novoland: The Castle in the Sky 3D, breaking away from hip-hop and making a first attempt with classical and melodious music.

After establishing his own studio in China, Wang began promoting beverages, clothing brands and electronic products, which include Pepsi, Adidas, Douyin and many more in China, and Hogan in Hong Kong. Wang attended the 2017 MTV Europe Music Awards as an ambassador of Greater China on Nov. 12.

On November 30, he released his second solo single, “Okay”: similar to “Papillon”, he wrote the lyrics and composed and arranged the song together with Boytoy.

Jackson Wang (GOT7, PANTHEPACK) Advertisement

  • GQ (2019)
  • Snow Beer SuperX (2018)
  • Adidas (2018)
  • Vivo Blue X20 (2017-2018)
  • Fendi (2017-2018)
  • Reebook (together with JB) (2017)
  • Calvin Klein (besides Jin Young and Somi) (2017)
  • Pepsi Cola (2017-2018)
  • Midea Fridge (2017)
  • Cass Light (2017)
  • Pizza Hut (2016)

Jackson Wang (GOT7, PANTHEPACK) Collaborations

  • CRAZYBOY – Damn Girl (feat. Jackson Wang) (2022)
  • Afgan – M.I.A. (feat. Jackson Wang) (2021)
  • VaVa – So Bad (feat. Jackson Wang) (2021)
  • Rain – Magnetic (Ft. Jackson Wang) (2021)
  • BOYSTORY – Too Busy (Feat. Jackson Wang) (2019)
  • WOOSEOK X KUANLIN – Hypey (feat. Jackson Wang) (2019).
  • Fei – Hello (feat. Jackson Wang) (2018).
  • Sammi Cheng – I Believe in Me (feat. Jackson Wang) (2018).
  • Eddie Supa – Can’t Breathe (feat. Jackson Wang & Stan Sono) (2018)
  • Al Rocco – Bruce Lee (feat. Jackson Wang) (2018).
  • Tia Ray – Lucky Rain (feat. Jackson Wang) (2018).
  • Meng Jia – MOOD (feat. Jackson Wang) (2017).
  • 15& – Can’t Hide It (feat. Jackson) (2014)
  • Lee Sun Mi – Frozen in Time (feat. Jackson) (2014)

Jackson Wang (GOT7, PANTHEPACK) Music

  • GOT7 – SPECIAL (2020)
  • GOT7 – Made It (2018)
  • GOT7 – Face (2017)
  • 拜托了冰箱 (Go Fridge Theme Song)”-OTP from the program “Go Fridge.” (2017)
  • GOT7 – Out (2017)
  • GOT7 – No Jam (rap) (2016)
  • GOT7 – Boom x3 (rap) (2016)
  • Encore- Single JYP NATION
  • GOT7 – 고백송 (Confession Song) (rap) (2015).
  • GOT7 – Tic Tic Tok (rap) (2015)
  • GOT7 – GOOD (rap) (2015)
  • GOT7 – 느낌이 좋아 (Feel So Good) (rap) (2015).
  • GOT7 – Back To Me (rap) (2015)
  • GOT7 – 그냥 오늘 밤 (Just Tonight) (2014).

Jackson Wang (GOT7, PANTHEPACK) Drama

  • The Producers (KBS2, 2015) Ep.3
  • Dream Knight (2015)

Jackson Wang (GOT7, PANTHEPACK) Films

  • Bringing Joy Home 2018 (2018)

Jackson Wang (GOT7, PANTHEPACK) Awards

  • SBS Entertainment Awards: Male Newcomer Award (Roommate)
  • SBS Entertainment Awards: Favourite Couple (with Heo Young Ji) (Roommate)
  • Soompi Awards: Best Variety Star
  • Allkpop Awards: Rising Male Star
  • 16th Top Chinese Music Awards: The Most Loved Entertaining Couple with He Jiong (Go Fridge)
  • Tencent Video Star Awards: Annual Variety Star Award (Go Fridge)
  • Weekly Idol Awards: Perfect Match with Park Jin-young
  • Weibo Awards: Popular artist of the year
  • Weibo Awards: Variety Star of the Year in China
  • Weibo Sina: #1 Influencer
  • MTV Special Award: Artist only
  • Tencent Video Star Awards: Breakthrough Singer of the Year
  • 14th Esquire Man At His Best (MAHB) Awards: Fashion Music Man of the Year
  • NetEase Attitude Awards: Most Attitude Hip Hop Singer/Composer of The Year
  • 2018 iQiyi Scream Night: Song of the Year “Papillon
  • Tencent Video Star Awards: Breakthrough Singer of the Year “Papillon
  • Global Chinese Golden Chart Awards The Most Popular Newcomer of The Year
  • Teen Choice Awards: Choice Next Best Thing
  • BreakTudo Awards K-pop Male Artist
  • Teen Choice Awards Weibo Original Musician of the Year
  • Break Tudo Awards: Only K-pop Artist
  • NetEase Cloud Music 2019 Awards: Popular Collab Song (I Love You 3000 ll (Feat.Stephanie Poetri)
  • NetEase Cloud Music 2019 Awards: Popular Album Of The Year (Pop Music)
  • NetEase Cloud Music 2019 Awards: Popular Album of the Year (Chinese Language)
  • Chinese Top Ten Music Award best male singer (hongokong and taiwan region)
  • Chinese Top Ten Music Award…: the most influential male singer
  • Chinese Top Ten Music Award : best pop collaboation “should have let go”.
  • Asian Pop Music Awards: People’s Choice Award chinese

Jackson Wang (GOT7, PANTHEPACK) Radio Programs

  • (DIVE Studios) Get Real (Ep.34) (18.02.2021) (Podcast)
  • (MBC) C-Radio “Idol True Colors” Ep.50 besides Young Ji and BamBam (28.03.15)
  • (MBC) Sunny FM Date Radio besides Young Ji (04.11.14)
  • (Arirang Radio) Music Access with Mark (02.07.2014)
  • (Arirang Radio) Star Date, with Mark and BamBam (10.07.14)
  • (MBC) We Got Married tV together with Mark BamBam (2014)
  • (MBC) Simsimtapa together with BamBam (30.01.2014)
  • (KBS) Cool FM besides Mark, BamBam and Yu Gyeom (28.01.2014)

Jackson Wang (GOT7, PANTHEPACK) TV Programs

  • Happy C& (Hunan TV, 18.09.2021)
  • Girls Like Us (Tencent, 2021) (As Mentor)
  • Keep Running (ZJTV, 2021) (Episodes 10 and 11)
  • CHUANG2021 (Tencent, 2021) (Ep. 10)
  • The Late Late Show! (22.04.2021) (USA)
  • Street Dance of China 3 (As captain)
  • We Are Young 2020 (Youku, 2020) (As special mentor)
  • Keep Running (ZJTV, 2020) (Episode 94)
  • Keep Running (ZJTV, 2019) (Episodes 82 and 83)
  • The Late Late Show! (14.08.2019) (USA)
  • Let Go of My Baby: Season 3 (Tencent Video, 2018).
  • Sound Of My Dream 3 (ZJTV, 2018) (As a judge).
  • Hot Blood Dance Crew (iQiyi, 2018).
  • (iQiyi) Idol Producer (2018, as a mentor).
  • (ZJTV) Keep Running (Episodes 56 and 57)
  • KWAVE U (02/14/17)
  • Crime Scene (2016-2017, regular cast).
  • (Jiangsu TV) Fighting Man (2016, regular cast).
  • (Hunan TV) Fresh Sunday (2016)
  • (MBC) Real Men (2016)
  • (MBC) Celebrity Bromance (2016, besides Ahn Hyo Seob )
  • (MBC) Celebrity Bromance (2016, with Joo Heon )
  • (tvN) SNL Korea (04/09/16)
  • (MBC Every1) Weekly Idol (as MC)
  • (JTBC) Where is My Friend’s Home (besides BamBam )
  • (KBS) I Look At Myself (2016)
  • (SBS) Star King (05.01.2016, together with Hani and Hyerin from EXID )
  • (Zhejiang TV) Go Fridge (2015 – present)
  • (KBS) I Look At Myself (23.11.2015)
  • (KBS) Dream Team (11/07/2015)
  • Real Hero (9/10/15)
  • (JTBC) Law of the Jungle (2015, Nicaragua)
  • (KBS) Cool Kiz on the Block (28.07.2015)
  • (Arirang TV) After School Club (07.07.2015, special guest with Mark )
  • (SBS) Inkigayo (2015, as MC)
  • (tvN) Problematic Men (23.04.2015)
  • Comedy Big League (07.03.2015)
  • (MBC) World Changing Quiz Show (07.03.2015)
  • (MBC) Weekly Idol (25.02.2015, together with Big Byung and Hitmaker)
  • (SBS) Einstein (02/21/2015) Ep. 1 and 2
  • (Arirang TV) After School Club (11.02.2015, MC special, with Mark )
  • (JTBC) Dating Alone (31.01.2015)
  • (KBS) Happy Together (Jan 22, 2015)
  • (MBC Every1) Weekly Idol – 4th Awards (31.12.2014, besides Big Byung)
  • (Mnet) M! Countdown Christmas Special – MC Special (25.12.2014, besides JB and Jin Young )
  • (MBC) Radio Star (17.12.2014).
  • (SBS) Star King (13.12.2014, besides Jin Young and Yu Gyeom)
  • (MBC Every1) Hitmaker season 2 (12.12.2014)
  • (KBS) Vitamin (10.12.2014)
  • (SBS) Star King (06.12.2014, with Jin Young and Yu Gyeom)
  • (SBS) Roommate (09.21.2014, season 2)
  • (SBS) Star King (15.02.2014, together with Mark, JB and Young Jae )
  • (SBS) 1000 songs Challenge (09.03.2014, besides JB, Jin Young and Young Jae )
  • (Arirang TV) After School Club (09.04.2014, MC special, together with Mark )
  • (Arirang TV) After School Club (02.07.2014, with Mark )
  • (SBS) Star King (05.07.2014, with JB, Mark, Jin Young )
  • (Arirang TV) After School Club – After Show (16.07.2014, besides Mark )
  • Simply Kpop (25.07.14, as MC special)
  • (MBC Every1) Hitmaker (29.07.14 – 19.08.2014)
  • (MBC) Hello! Stranger (09/08/2014)
  • (MBC Every1) Weekly Idol (20.08.2014, with Hitmaker)
  • (MBC) Quiz to Change the World (14.06/21.06/12.07/19.07/09.08/16.08/16.09 2014, besides. Jin Young )
  • (Mnet/tvN) WIN: WHO IS NEXT? (13.09.2013, together with Mark, BamBam and Yu Gyeom)

Jackson Wang (GOT7, PANTHEPACK) TV Drama’s

  • U & I (next to JB) theme for The Package (2017)

Themes for TV Programs

  • Go Fridge theme for Go Fridge Season 3 (2017)
  • Please (with He Jiong) theme for Go Fridge Season 2 (2016)
  • Through the Fresh Dripping Sunday (besides He Jiong) theme for Fresh Sunday (2016)

Jackson Wang (GOT7, PANTHEPACK) Music Videos

Jackson Wang (GOT7, PANTHEPACK) is a member of:



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